Friday, 24 April 2015

Sometimes I Paint and Sometimes I Wear Nice Clothes but Not At The Same Time

Up and dressed for a bit of getting out -going on the bi-monthly lunch date I have with my parents-  and I decided to try an old trend, a trend I hope is dying because I hate to be trendy: socks with dressy shoes.  I remembered to smile in the first picture but apparently that was so exhausting I didn't in the second picture.

The teal blue back-pack is my new pride and joy.  It carries my lap top and a lot of other stuff-notebooks etc for outings and day trips and writing time at the cafe.  I read somewhere that women my age are not supposed to wear socks with their shoes or carry backpacks but it is too late; I had never known this so I am continuing to ignore this ridiculous rule. I did other rebellious things here too like ignore my leg stubble.

Here, I've cropped out my RBF to model my home-made necklace. It doesn't really show up well but the pendant is attached to the beads with a funky safety pin.

And of course I saved the best person for last.  This is my dear friend, Sheila.  My writing partner and a woman who may look very gentle (and she is) but her hobbies are fierce- Muay Thai (similar to kick boxing) dragon boat racing and outrigger canoeing!

             The usual disclaimer: she is more gorgeous than I made her!


  1. I rather like socks with nice shoes!! What lovely soft colours you are wearing and I like that you are rebelling. Tis good for the soul to rebel from time to time.

  2. That portrait is remarkable...I really have a feeling I can sense her personality shine trough and that is what portraits are supposed to do so well done! You painted Sheila beautifully...and how brave you painted her smiling. That's the hardest thing for paint people while they're smiling...and look at your painting she is smiling with her eyes as well!

    As for the outfit, it is charming...I really like the maxi and I've always loved the combo of socks and dressy shoes. The necklace really caught my eye...all in all, a lovely look.

    thank you for your comment...It is perfectly fine to buy what fits and is in one's colour, really it is not possible to run away from toxins and mass production but it is good that we're at least aware of it.

    btw I was a vegan (shortly) and a vegetarian (since early childhood) and when I said somewhere how I started eating chicken because of health problems, you would not believe the hate mail I got! I really don't like meat and eat only a bit of it, but nevertheless I can't believe how fanatic people can be sometimes...about just about, diet, etc...I think that it just escaping from reality that is let's face it terribly complicated and grim...against it we are often powerless and I don't see any sense in violent and exclusive campaigns that are being run for just about anything today. Nothing is ever that simple.

  3. That is a wonderful outfit, love the two colours together and I think socks make harder shoes more bearable. Ha, RBF! The necklace is great, we can see it clearly!
    Amazing painting, you did a great job x

  4. Hope you enjoyed your bi-monthly outing with your parents.

    Rules are made to be broken ... and if it feels comfortable no matter whether it is supposedly "age appropriate" or not then go for it ... I think the socks and dressy shoes look great. Love the necklace and also the portrait of Sheila.

  5. sheila sounds like a tough woman! gorgeous smile!
    love the color combo of your outfit! that grey and rosewood (?) together is fab!
    is it a trend if we both wear socks in dressy shoes? because i like it too :-)
    wish you a wonderful sunday!! xxxxx

  6. I have a feeling the "don't use a backpack or wear socks with dress shoes" thing was meant in a much more dumpy way. You did both of the "no no's" in a much more dressed up and artsy way. I love those dress shoes too. Are they maroon leather? Gorgeous, okay even so if they're dark brown. The backpack is gorgeous and now I need one. The fabric looks like it has a bit of a sheen.
    Beautiful portrait and I like seeing it up close so we can see the brush strokes, etc...Your friend will love it!

  7. You look beautiful, peaceful and artistic here, Shawna - though it's true about pretty much all of your outfits. :) I'm just so happy to see you blogging! Bloglandia just isn't the same without you. I like the simple feminine feel of this look very much. Socks with dresses is very 1930-40s to me, and a feminine dress with a distinctive cardi also reminds of that era which I like a lot, and inspired by lately. There was a time when I wore a backpack/rucksack every day - when we lived in a beach house and had to climb 200 steps up and down every day a few times a day. So I learned to really appreciate backpacks. :) And in this bright color - even better!

    The portrait is wonderful and very impressive - again, very alive face. You are growing as an artist, my friend!

    Have a restful weekend! Hugses! xxxxx

  8. It's sunny off and on over here so I hope it's sunny for you there today too. No matter, as long as we have cafes and pens and paints and computers we'll be just fine. And I hope you had a great lunch date with your parents.
    I love this outfit, especially with the socks. What a hooey rule about socks. Your painting of Sheila is beautiful.

  9. A lovely soft and feminine outfit, Shawna - I know what Natalia means about the 1930s look. And your portrait of Sheila is beautiful. xxx

  10. Love how pretty you look in this outfit and your amazing art but I'm mostly fascinated by how your cafes are open at night. That really is a revelation. No wonder we're a nation of drunkards, we only have pub culture not cafe society. xxx

  11. Another great portrait … keep them coming :0)

  12. I find this look quite daunting, but you make it work! Plus I had freezing feet this weekend from going sock-less on a night out! I would love to go to a cafe at night also, as Vix says there isn't much to do where I live either other than go out for a meal/drinking at a pub. I miss that about NY and even my college town, the availability of things to do that don't involve alcohol (esp. coming off a two day hangover!) ;-0 The painting is lovely, her smile looks very natural and if I were Sheila I'd love it! :-)


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