Sunday, 28 June 2015

Just Briefly

Thank you to those of you who read my latest story and for the encouraging comments.  It's a bit scary to post something still so rough ( I know there are typos I did not catch )  and I only did one re-write, attempting to tighten and smooth out the story.  Sounds like I need to apply some expensive miracle cream to it.

Poem for the Week

This Morning

A million genius ideas
Profound connections-okay perhaps seven
Wash over me slick like soap
And down the drain
Riding on bubbles.
This one observation left,
My last amusing thought is
Nearly scraped away
By the shaving of my legs.


  1. I think my comment was eaten, so here it is again...
    This is spooky. This morning I wrote my first poem in years and it was about soap and drains....

    1. Clearly we are twins, or psychic and one of us is psychedelic. That explains everything, I think.


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