Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mein Lieblings

 There were some more so-so photos on my camera which I have decided to share, because the world does not have enough mediocre photos of an ordinary woman in non-fashionable clothing.  The top layer of this outfit is a nightgown. Actually the layer under that might be one too.  The floral layer has completely non-funtioning boob coverage so I only use it as a top layer.  I've cinched it up with one of my fabric scrap flowers.

I refuse to be bullied into not wearing capri pants  And I am determined to embrace my right to bare arms. Also my right to look pregnant.  I figure that at this point looking pregnant would make me look younger.  ;-)

I love this little green cardi so much. Here it is with my maxi-dress improvisation a few days ago.

 Well I managed a smile in two out of three photos.  I smile all the time, but not so much when I am taking pictures of myself.  I need people to smile at.

 I have been nominated twice this week for the Liebster award from two very lovely, stylish, colourful ladies I am honoured to have met through blogging. 
These questions come from Elsie of The Cooking Wardrobe

1. Are you a morning person?
2. What's your best form of exercise?
3. What's your favorite food?
4. Are you a dog or cat person?
5. What is an item you cannot live without?
6. What is the best advise you've been given?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. Do you plan to fight aging or age gracefully?
9. Why did you start blogging?
10. Introvert or Extrovert?
11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

And these questions come from Natalia of In The Writer's Closet

1. Favorite color of the rainbow.
2. Favorite time of day.
3. Three favorite things to do when you don't have to do anything.
4. Three favorite TV shows.
5. What was your biggest childhood dream?
6. What's more inspiring - being in the mountains or by the sea?
7. In a difficult situation, who is your hero? (Do you ever think "What would ... do?")
8. If you only had to choose one book to bring with you to a desert isle, what would it be? 
9. First thing you do in the morning is ... (OK, of non-embarrassing things :) ) 
10. Are you a ritual person or a spontaneous person?
11. If you had to describe the meaning of life in just one word, it would be ...

 My Answers to five semi-randomly selected questions:

*I am am morning person by nature, but my illness messes with this by messing my sleep patterns up regularly.  When in remission I awake naturally perky before coffee.  I tend to go to bed early.  To be  awake with the dawn, sipping a cup of tea, watching the sunrise, is one of my favourite things. 

*In trying to decided if I am more ritual or spontaneous, I come up with random.  I am spontaneous but do not like outwardly imposed non-routine.  I hated working on call.  Loathed it.  I have a general idea of what I may want to accomplish each day and then I may do those things or I may do something else.  In the end, I have limitations which mean I will probably spend most of my day reading and writing because I need to be sedentary, so that is a sort of routine.

*I love all animals but am instinctively a cat person.  Also a guinea pig person though that was not asked.

*Introversion and extroversion are on a sliding scale and I am on the introverted side of centre (ambivert).  I am in my own head so much I am one of those people you would say has her head in the clouds.  You would say this as you witness me inflict a bruise, a burn and a cut on myself all before noon, because I am not paying attention to what my body is doing.

*The meaning of life is what you make it (I am an existentialist), and for me it is connection.  Connection involves love and compassion, tolerance, empathy, kindness, understanding, care and concern. 

If I played this properly, I would have 22 question to answer and must nominate people for this award as well.  The intent is for the award to go to new or relatively new bloggers, helping to make us better known and gain a wider audience.  Great idea!  But I will end up nominating many of the same people, since there is undoubtedly a blogging clique here, or social circle, shall we say.
Liebster is a term of endearment based on the word liebe, German for love. If I am to offer an award of affection to any bloggers it is to all of you whose blogs I enjoy reading regularly, and with whom I try to maintain a connection and engage in some dialogue. Blogging is about connecting for most of us, and if I find anyone worth connecting with, I will develop some affection for her.  So there you are, you are all my liebsters.  I am going to nominate three people from my own blog roll who are relatively new (I still had to go back three years) because the rest of my nominee list would mimic Natalia's and Elsie's.

Here are three who are delightful women and fun bloggers.

Eleven questions that have not been asked before....?  I need food and coffee, neither of which I've had yet and it's past eleven am.  I have only come up with five questions so I say, mix and match, borrow from all of the question lists and answer any eleven you choose!

1. Do you prefer art to shock, be beautiful or both?

2.  What genre of music makes you want to pull your hair out?

3.  What is your favourite fragrance? (brand names or maybe you just like vanilla)

4.  What is your most frequently occurring dream?

5.  Green thumb or black?


  1. I love your description of the meaning of life. I couldn't have said it better myself. If you had pinned that quote I'd have known it was you!
    You crack me up with the looking younger if you look pregnant idea. I think you just may be on to something. Perhaps the fountain of youth is to stay pregnant!? ew...not for me, again, ever!

  2. love your smile!!!
    and great looks too! why should we not wear capris and bare arms?? (as long we don´t visit a mosque) oh yes - there are "rules"! i always forget this :-)
    i´m too a fan of your meaning-of-life-is-what-you-make-it quote - my wise friend!!!
    hugs! xxxxx

  3. You chose some interesting questions. I like your responses too, esp the guinea pig reference! Mwa ha ha!
    That outfit like good esp with the floral overlay. I like the campris, keep them!!!x

  4. HA ... I'm going to keep the pregnancy look as a way of looking younger in mind ... may come in handy next time I go out for a big lunch :0)

  5. I'm tickled to see some outfit shots. I found your blog just as you stopped showing them. I went back through all of the outfits. It's hard to find photos of real people wearing this layered style of clothes that I truly enjoy. I particularly liked seeing how you remixed different garments through the seasons. Love that last outfit in today's post.

    1. Hi Dawn, nice to meet you! I think the stoppage of outfit photos is probably temporary. Taking photos of myself is really not something I enjoy, and I guess I needed a break. I agree, it is difficult to find real people waying layers like this. Pinterest is full of models for the various lagenlook designers but my focus is to mix and match my own pieces, not buy a designer set. If I had the money I probably would be tempted by those but I haven't. Thanks for leaving a comment. :-) xo

  6. Bwa-ha-ha, pregnancy making you look young. And the runway announcer saying, "And here comes Shawna with her non-functioning-boob-coverage top help up with a scrap flower." Heh. I hope you get tons of new followers. They can't miss this.

  7. The layers, the soft earthy, natural shades and textures, all quintessential Shawna. And that's the best way to dress, to reflect our real selves. xxx

  8. Aw, thanks for the nom/link! I will get right on it...in a few days ;-) I like capri pants too, they are cooler than pants and don't have the thigh reveal stress, hooray for them I say! And I always find cute pyjama t-shirts and think "Can I just wear this as a normal top?" So bravo for breaking the mold!

    I like your answer about spontaneity, I think I'm kind of the same...

  9. Yay to layers! Love the green cardigan, and I'm like you - I don't throw away my capris. I don't seem to wear jeans/pants these days, but I still keep a few pairs of capris - they are comfy for Summer, and I really think they are cute. You look adorable in yours!

    There is a little Korean family restaurant where we go for years, and not too long ago I was actually asked by the owner, the nicest lady, whether I was pregnant. Bless her heart! :)

    I'm the same with animals, randomness, no call jobs for me please, and you are so right about the meaning of life. Much love xxxxx

  10. Great answers and questions. Will check out the two I don't know.
    I get the having a break from photographing yourself. I am too.
    Love capris peeping out from a dress, like cute bloomers! Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Hi Shawna, I got my Liebster post up thanks again for nominating me! Steff xo



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