Sunday, 14 June 2015

Poems on Love and Love Ended


You replaced me very quickly,
Though at first you didn’t want me to go and insisted
You would take me back, lucky me, if I changed my mind.

You spent a few months devastated and then
Jumped into online mate searching.
After about a year of false starts you found someone.

I can’t help but notice how desperately you
Did not want to live alone and needed to
Quickly fix that state

And I wonder if it is because
when you are alone
There is no one else to blame for anything.

Because You Exist

Because you exist the sun shines brighter
The sky is bluer, the roses small sweeter
And it’s not that it all didn’t delight
My senses before,
In those days when you were not mine
And I was not yours.
It’s the way I appreciate them more
Because they are making the world a beautiful place
For you, just as you make it a beautiful place for me.

The Real Reason

I am not sexy but he thinks I am
And why would I argue?
I am not conventionally pretty
But he thinks I am beautiful so
I shall not complain.
But the real reason I am in love?
It is because he sees more,
Beyond that, above that,
And I display all my flaws,
Throw them in his face
And say-Look see!  Not lovable.
He laughs and says,
Try again.


  1. Last one speaks to my heart. Is poetry an aquired taste? What do you think?

    1. I think all art forms will or won't appeal based on an individual's tastes and under a broad category like poetry there may be some types that would appeal to someone who thinks she doesn't like poetry at all. I generally don't like Country Music but there are some country music songs which I like. I suspect it tends to work that way for most people. Thanks for reading and commenting, Angie. xoxo

  2. I relate to the first one very much. <3 These are all beautiful.

  3. gorgeous! simply gorgeous!
    tons of hugses! xxxxxx

  4. Love all of them ~ The last one is my hubby! He sees something that I fail to see but am hugely grateful for.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us dear Shawna.


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