Thursday, 16 July 2015

Accessories and Layering In Summer Weather

We are getting cooler days mixed in with hot ones now.  Sometimes the range is as much as ten degrees.  I confess to liking the cooler ones better and something akin to room temperature is my favourite. When it gets too hot for me I tend not to want anything to do with accessories.  I think I must get a bit grumpy about this because I will even ignore reasonable ones as though just the effort of putting anything on is too much.

Here is some ladylike doorway posing.  I am becoming a master.  It looks like I am completely without accessories, however I am never without three pairs of earrings per ear, which you cannot see given my current hair style.  I am also never without at least three rings on my fingers.  I wear these to bed, in the bath and basically all of the time. There is a small nose stud which I generally forget exists.  Necklaces and scarves are usually too much for me in summer and I save bracelets for when going out.  I apply pins and homemade fabric flowers if I think of it.  Makeup?  Not likely.  Glasses?  Yes, I had better go and find those.

                               Thank you for that bum view, Matty.

This getup was for a day which was significiantly cooler and damp.  I am also in that phase of my cycle (cue the ominous music) where I get twice as exhausted as normal and feel what is best summed up as "icky".  I'm just glad to be getting that over with before the Vancouver Blogger Meet Up.  So, yesterday I was chilled and exhausted and went into my closet and began piling on layers of pretty much whatever I found first.

The result was this.  Do not try this at home.  Definitely do not try this in public. This is my super comfortable, keep me warm, too big for me, not flattering sweater.  I love it.  It could fit two people which I think is rather romantic.

Shortly after I took this picture I crawled into bed wearing all of this, pulled up the big thick quilt and had a three hour nap.  I look so sad here but I am just tired.

Three days later I got out of bed, showered and dressed again.  Not feeling tip top but feeling better.  Allergies are awful though.  My dear friend Sheila is picking me up and we are going out for a nice coffee and chat.  So glad I am clean today!

I was already wearing this doubtful outfit consisting of a jersey skirt and a shirt dress which I keep putting into my donation pile and pulling out again.  But somebody has to rescue me because I am never happy wearing it.  Can't explain it.  And they are about to come off now.  No idea why my hair looks so weird.  Must do something about that.  And look...a flick of grey eye shadow and I practically look goth. 

So we move on to a new-to-me dress.  It needs ironing so after this quick and dirty modelling session I will whip it off my carcass and iron it right here in the living room.  I'm fairly certain the neighbours can't see me and if they can well then they are most fortunate.  I'm not the best at ironing so it will be a quick hot dab at the worst spots.  That sounds like much more fun that it really is.  I don't iron much.  I stupidly left my favourite ironing board behind in my divorce and this new one, well, I use it so rarely it takes me a minute or two to remember how to work the lever that releases the legs.  And my iron is a smart iron apparently.  It turns itself off when not in use.  It also seems to stand in judgement of my ironing skills and turns itself off when I am in the middle of using it......

Okay, task accomplished and the dress is ironed but in the pics I'm about to give you it's not.  I'm continuing with my theme of looking pregnant to look youthful.  And I don't know what the feck is  going on with my hair today.  I don't actually have much control over it; I only pretend that I do.  I like it in the first picture but that is slept on hair and sleeping on my hair doesn't usually result in that look. My skills with a hairdryer are only slightly better than my skills with a clothes iron.

I wiped off the smokey eye with a tissue but it's still smouldering there a bit.  Time to get serious about looking half decent for going out in public so I've drugged myself with every medication I have for allergies but I am still a sniffling mess.  But isn't my new dress cute!  The pattern vaguely looks like palm trees and the dress like a cut off Mumu.  You might say, but Shawna this outfit is no more or less flattering than the one above that you rejected and perhaps you would be right.  The difference is the way I feel when I wear it.  I feel like me.  The difference is also that there is no collar.  For some reason collars make me insane  unless they are on coats and then they are okay..... OMG why am I now looking at this dress and thinking there are two big coconuts on this palm tree?

Feck feck feckity feck.... I am wearing it anyway. 
An empire waistline, while also making me look pregnant, tend to make my legs look longer.  I know you are about to say I have long legs anyhow, but hear me out.  Yes, I am taller than average, but proportionately my legs are not long.  My height tends to be in my torso and I am long in the rise which makes getting pants to fit a bit hellish.  Of course, we are never happy with our body shapes. My mum has legs that go right up to her armpits and she hates this.  I tell her that long legs and a shorter torso is actually the 'in' look and is more like models and she just looks at me like I am crazy.  Mum and I are the same height but our body shapes are completely different.  We can, however agree on the challenges of sleeve length.

Okay, surely there is something else I should be doing right now.  Oh yes...I need to put the iron and ironing board away.  TTFN


  1. "Feck feck feckity feck" I can see you are already practising for the meet-up! LOL Bigger boobs AND long legs? Win win if you ask me.


  2. Glad to see that you're practising the swearing.I reckon you're going to be the one everyone wants to hang around with at the meet. i just wish I was there, too.
    Loth both blue outfits and the smoky eyes are soooo sexy. xxx

  3. The dress you don't like is not stretch fabric and has tightish sleeves. Could that be it? Pretty turquoise dress! Feeling your tiredness and cosiness in the white jumper pic. Thanks for good wishes. My visit with my friend went really well and I battled through my body! She is going home today :-( All my energetic thoughts coming your way for the blogger meetup!!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. LOL ... we are physically complete opposites. I am shorter than average and the little height I have is in my legs. I have been bemoaning my short waistedness my entire life. It's so hard to look elegant when your waistband sits an inch below your boobs ;0)

  5. actually you have to much time for thinking about your clothes and hair :-)
    but i love to read your posts - there is always some black humor hidden between the lines (must be you english heritage)! so please keep up to muse about almost nothing!
    i´m in boxers and cami and topknot the whole week - only to bike to town for some food i did trow over a blouse and skirt.....

    1. LOL There are many things I think about which are more complex, darker, heavier, more controversial or more significant perhaps than my hair and clothes but I don't share all of those things on this blog. Self deprecating humour is a Canadian trait, I'm told, and I employ it quite a bit. I muse about nothing and everything but only a small fraction of it arrives here on the blog. :-) Okay, now I'm off to not care about my hair or my wrinkled sundress. xoxoxo

  6. I think you are perfectly gorgeous whatever your body type is!

    Glad you are feeling better dear Shawna!

  7. J'adore the first long blue dress - it speaks French to me! Oui, oui! (That's pretty much all I know in French.) The look # last-one is the winner too - j'adore, j'adore! Love the fabric flowers. Do you make them yourself?

    I never iron anything. OK, maybe I iron 1 thing per calendar year, but not even every year. In Russia, we iron everything after every wash (even undies and bed linens), or before every wearing. As if wrinkles are offensive and forbidden by government in Russia. Some people find ironing relaxing, but I've never been one of those people. Here in America I so enjoy the freedom to look as wrinkly as I please. The government doesn't seem to mind. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Wrinkles. :)

    Hope you enjoy the cooler temps and getting ready for your Big Date with the thousands of fab women!! xxxxx

    1. Yes, I do make the fabric flowers myself and I wear them often. I have decided they are my signature accessory. I usually don't iron either, though I have a little hand held steamer that I love as it is good for touch ups and easier than ironing. The dress I had to iron has pockets and the pockets were all scrunched up after the wash and I really really had to flatten out the pockets or I would go crazy. :-)
      I am not one to spend much time getting ready for dates but I do have a packing list. xoxo

  8. Feeling confident/comfortable is half the battle. I think the shirt dress is cute but I'm partial to a shirt dress. I have my own pile of "to charity shop or not to charity shop?!" clothes, so I relate! The palm trees are more summery I think, and I love the pockets! Pockets instantly make a dress better I think.

  9. Sleeve lenght is a challange for me as well. Usually I just roll up the sleeves or I pretent they are supposed to be that know 3/4 sleeves are trendy sometimes and I pretend they're trendy all the time.

    I can never find pants that fit me properly either! I have only a few pair of jeans and all of them were given to me by my sister in law who got them from her relative for Germany years ago. I do have two jeans by one Croatian brand, but they're capri and bermuda so the lenght really wasn't a factor there.

    My sister in law says, and my husband, confirms that there are stores in Germany where you can buy pants according to your own body type. My husband was lead away by the saleslady to 'tall and skinny' department. Apparently, they have all kinds of departments there. So, what do you say? Should we try to find some low cost tickets and fly to Germany to solve our problems with clothes that fit properly?

    I must say, I really admire your layering skills. I'm pretty good at it in wintertime but I never can get it right in summertime. That last blue dress is really adorable....

    I like empire waist because it is really comfy. I wish more such dresses were adorable.

    ...and Matty really photobombed the first photo in style. One of these days, I will present a cat that is sort of mine (half a stray, half domesticated).

    1. Yes let's go to Germany together! I need the long rise, no bum department. I love 3/4 length sleeves. They are my favourite and I don't care if they are in or out although when they are out they are harder to find so there is that. The only thing with 3/4 sleeves is that they are hellish to keep pulled down when slipping on a cardigan with longer sleeves.
      Layering in summer is really difficult and if the temperature goes above 24 I usually can't do it. If the layers are both really flimsy cotton then I can. I have a particularly difficult time with bare legs-just don't really like them if the dress or skirt is above the knee. I do find dressing stylishly the most difficult in summer.
      I would love to see your 'sort of mine' cat.


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