Saturday, 12 September 2015

Doin' Stuff and Sharing it With You

I cooked up a big batch of Mulligatawny, and a tray of pecan brownies.  This made a huge mess in the kitchen which I had to leave overnight to deal with the next day.  I cannot manage cooking and cleaning all in one day.  I'm attempting a small compost bin on my balcony so the soup making resulted in many peels to be composted.  In another life I would have considered saving much of it for simmering into a vegetable stock but I've only got a tiny fridge top freezer. 

I 'borrowed' a cup of red wiggler worms from my ex husband, who has a spectacular compost in our old garden.  The worms do all the work of good composting and I hope they like their new home.  I briefly thought about naming them but there were too many and I didn't get past Huey, Dewey and Louie before giving up.  Besides, I am hoping they breed and I'd never get all the worm children named.  And what if I chop some of them in half when I dig in the peels?  Naming the worms is clearly problematic.

A coffee date with a friend involved this conversation.

Shawna:  I like your blouse.  The green and plum colours are really pretty.

Pam:  Thanks.  I thought they were good Fall colours.  And you-you aren't wearing all your usual layers.  You look cute and normal, not all bohemian.

I looked like this.....

Another lousy photo-this time there is a shadow effect from the flash but I still had to brighten it in iphoto.  Something is definitely on the wrong setting with my camera but I have not yet figured it out.

The vest is navy, the shoes are red, the scarf is silk and a lovely french navy blue with lighter coloured flowers.  My hair is not this dark  and I am not tanned.
So here I am looking cute and normal.

On the wall behind me I have tested out a paint sample.  It's Benjamin Moore Ballet White, applied rather roughly and the white below it is Behr Spun Cotton.  The Spun Cotton is too bright white for what I wanted in my living room but I like the taupe/stone colour of the Ballet White.  In some light it just reads as a soft warm white and in others as a soft taupe.  The switches and electrical outlets are those ancient and ugly beige plastic which I would really like to replace with something newer and cleaner looking.  I don't love the carpet I inherited but it could be much worse and at least it is neutral.  Those dark speckles are dead leaves or something but you can be certain I am managing to cause assorted stains and marks on this carpet. I am not the sort of person who should have light coloured carpet.  Or any carpet.

More dates on the following day-lunch with my parents and dinner with my son, and the painter coming around to give me an estimate.  No food with him.  I'm wearing a new-to-me linen skirt, one of two swishy linen skirts I recently found thrifting.  This time I actually did dye my hair.  It's supposed to be purple but in photos, as usual, it just looks black.  It is plum on the box and I do get plum in certain light.  I used L'Oreal Casting 'Darkest Plum'  and I'm sure I'd have gone with lightest plum if it existed.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Mum was not crazy about my hair but Dad liked it.  Mum has a very classic look.  She does not do things to her hair or body or clothes for fun.  She always looks lovely and I do not so there is that to consider. 

Non affiliate link to the hair dye here.

And more terrible photos.  I really need to figure out how I screwed up my camera settings......and why do my eyebrows look red here?

           I like dark hair on myself.  I won't be going blonde any time soon.

The geese are practising for their flight south.  They fly over my home several times a day with their goosey cacaphony.  They, along with the first fallen leaves, are always the sign of Autumn.  Considering the drought we've had, things are rather brown and crispy around here.  There are dead trees and rhododendrons around town, and in general many trees have looked autumnal for awhile.  Today, the day of the brown linen skirt, is to be one of our last hot days. Bare legs are easy on a day like this but when it gets damp I get cold. 

So, I'm staying warm so far and I hope you are too, whichever season you are currently in or transitioning to.  


  1. I love the dark hair too Shawna!

    I had to laugh at your friend's back handed compliment.

    Good luck with the renos. You should be able to change out those electrical plates yourself. I did about 20 of them in my house so far. Just make sure you shut off the main breaker switch before starting : )


  2. Was that a compliment from your friend, or?? ;-D I think I have the same vest, which I love. And, I recently discovered Mulligatawny soup in Port Townsend and love love love it.
    Wish I could help you out with your camera but I'm terrible with those kind of things. I took a camera learning class for dummies at my local senior center and it only made me more confused and I ended up altering the settings too, making the photos worse. I gave up as my camera really only works outside.
    I love your hair short and dark like that Shawna. It's a little edgy too.
    Can I come over for soup and brownies???

  3. Cute and normal. I'm still mulling it over. "Bohemian" sounds like code for "odd" used by someone who does not wear/understand vintage. I'd call your look chic and unique, classic basics accessorized with flare from a variety of new and vintage venues. So there!

  4. Like the others, I perceive that comment to be a veiled insult. Are you sure she isn't a frenemy?

  5. I think you look lovely no matter whether classed as "normal" or "bohemian" ... not sure how to differentiate between the two!!! LOL!!!!

    Love your hair!!!

  6. Cute linen skirt! Nice closeup. Can see your nose stud.
    Wormies! Hope you get millions of nameless babies and they poo copiously! :-D
    Your friend is just being a normal unimaginative type. Doesn't mean she is evil.
    Not everyone understands my shaved hair either! Your hair looks pretty cool at the mo ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  7. The soup sounds great and the pecans Mmmmm. I particularly like your second look-lovely coloured top and the new hair colour is sensational!!! X
    My mum doesn't like it when I cut my hair, she likes it long so I suspect she wouldn't like it if I dye it either.x

  8. P.s. Bohemian is Good!!! Not sure how I'd feel about that comment.x

  9. The hair looks great … plum or not ;0)

  10. Shawna, you always look lovely - always! Love the vest and the skirt, and your hair is awesome. I too prefer darker hair on me. I experimented getting back to my natural brown, and nope - I still prefer red! Plum is great for you!

    I love that soup with a very long name. I read in my Indian cooing book that it is actually not an authentic soup, but a brilliant improvisation. I'm sure yours was amazing! I also cooked Indian this week - chicken pilaf, so yummy.

    Hope you'll have your walls painted in the hue that satisfies you! Much love.

  11. Also... Email me a couple of photos that reflect the problems you have with your camera, with a brief description. I will ask Justin - he might figure out what's wrong with your settings and how to correct it.

  12. I see the hints of plum in the light, it's brightening up your eyes, really pretty! I wish I could go so bold but it would wash me out! I also prefer the ballet white. Jeans and a top are my go to's and I'm bored to death of them, it's too cold here for skirts 90% of the time though! SO I vote skirts but you do suit the jeans too :-) Can we have your recipe for pecan brownies?! ;-)


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