Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Hat

 Let's start with a gratuitous Matty photo!  It's difficult to get her to stay still.  She always moves her head when I take a picture and then we get a blurry head. Aren't those bricks nicely focused?   I seem to have my camera sorted though and the following pictures look decent.

                                                 Life is Busy

Although I decided I would be crazy to try to do the painting job myself, there is still enough preparation for it to keep me busy and tired.  Given that I am not a minimalist, removing the books and ornaments and assorted knick-nacks from the living room, and removing the products, plants, and one or two pieces of furniture from the bathroom is keeping my busy as I do it in small doses, between laundry and dishes and feeding myself and other basics of life.  What makes me happy is that I am managing to increase what I do and have recently stopped hiring cleaning help.  I feel currently able to take that on myself, though I have to recognise this is an experiment, and that I must do it slowly and cautiously.  I still do a great deal of sleeping and resting and have not done the painting and writing I would like to be doing, but gradually I am dipping my toes back into the water.  In a couple of weeks I will have a new looking room to share here on the blog, but for now, I'm going to introduce you to my new hat.

                           New Pose Attempt and a New Hat


I love hats but the challenge  of them is twofold.  The difference in the size of my head when I have short hair as opposed to long hair seems to equal a hat size, so my hat collection currently holds a few lids that are too big for me.  When I put them on I feel like a pinhead.  The other challenge is that hats make my head very hot and rarely is it so cold that I actually need the warmth of a hat.  I honestly do not know how all of the teenagers and hipsters manage to live in those knit beanies, the hats we call toques here in Canada (also known as
America's Hat) to our cousins down south.  Anyhow, despite these challenges my love of hats prevails and I recently bought one.  The rational, other than the fact that I love it, is that it is light weight and thus maybe not too hot for actual wearing.

In a shop just up the street from one of my favourite cafés the stock is largely clothing and home wares by Canadian designer April Cornell.  I should mention, for those of you who care, that I am not a monetised blog and any time I link to something I am just trying to be helpful or properly credit sources. ....but now back to the shopping part.  The textiles of this designer are floral and feminine and the clothing leans towards a lacy lagenlook.  While I am attracted to them initially I do not find them wearable for the most part.  They belong in the category of "I like that but it is not me"  as so many things seem to.  Having said that, I often pop in for a peek because sometimes something does appeal and heck, it's always fun to look.  As I walked by recently, I was first drawn to the dress on a mannequin just outside the door.  I paused, decided it was too twee for me and then went inside.  I aimlessly admired a few Fluevog shoes and then it dawned on me that what I really liked was the beret on two of the mannequins and I was looking for these berets within the shop.  I did what any sensible woman does and I asked where they might be.  The only two left were the ones on the mannequins but I was welcome to get one to try it on.  Clever saleswoman!  So I did.

I was drawn to the plum coloured hat, which skews a bit brown and thus is a rather useful colour for me.  The other hat was black.  Both have a colourful applique of flowers and are a thin cotton velvet.  Berets tend to work for me, and the light weight cotton velvet just kept whispering seductively so I bought the hat.  Much more fun than the groceries I was actually supposed to be buying and which I did go and get afterwards.

In a recent chat with Joni, where we talked about wearing our favourite things over and over, such as the same shoes all of the time, I joked that I would make a blog post showing the hat worn with a different outfit every day of the week.  I am still considering the challenge of wearing this hat with a week's worth of outfits, but to begin with, here is the first wearing of the hat.

It was a day spent at home, but in the evening I had an appointment to pop out to.  Popping out is always a good occasion for a beret!

No, I am not dressed in all black, though all of my colours are definitely dark.  The jeans are dark blue and so are my boots.  The tee shirt is plum as is the beret and the cardigan is charcoal grey.  My eyes are heavily made up, or at least the Shawna version of heavily, and my face and lips are bare.  The usual silver jewelry is present, with earrings and finger rings on constantly and only the need to put on my locket (containing a photo of my son, of course) to look like I actually made an effort.  This is easy, Standard Shawna, a look I would have had twenty five years ago.

 The plant next to me is thriving, did you notice?  The stack of books is gone in preparation for the painter.

According to somebody's rules, I am supposed to be wearing a statement necklace that draws attention above my bust.  I'm probably also supposed to make sure my shirt is not sort of rumpled like that in front, but rules were made to be ignored.  I have no idea why my right hand looks so odd and small and deformed.  I just checked and it is still exactly as it has always been and is quite successfully operating the mouse and typing away on the keyboard.

                                               Proof of Colour:

It's really lovely Autumn weather, though we could use rain.  I enjoy the sunshine coming in my windows and stepping out onto the balcony for a bit of fresh air.  I also love watching the clouds.  My geraniums suffered a little in the summer drought, and did not grow much though they did bloom.  Matty likes to perch in this sunny corner.

Clouds move quickly in the wind, changing shape in seconds.  I watch them more than I actually look at the water of the bay.  Usually there are several eagles out there as well.


  1. the wonderful view from your window!!!
    that beret is trés chic and perfect for you! berets are my most worn hats - they´r so easy and versatile and if i get to hot i can shuffle them in my purse....
    lisbeth is hard to photograph too - she´s way to quick for my ancient camera - in most pics is only some white&black&ginger shadow to see!
    i´m glad to hear (read) that you have a flow with doing chores in preparation for the big painting job!!! gorgeous!

  2. A thin cotton velvet in plum tones is a perfect topper for summer-into-fall velours! As for the make-up and jewellery rules, I favor the old magician's maxim: "Don't show all your tricks at once!" Dramatic eyes with the beret are sufficient proof for me that you "made the effort" with grace and style. Statements are for politicians.

  3. Hey, I like your new hat, Shawna. And I bet it will "go" with everything you wear. Why not?!

  4. Kudos to you, Shawna! I can see what a progress you've made, and it's wonderful. Housework exhausts me immensely, and most of the time I just don't care. This look is very harmonious on you, and may I add it is not only "standard Shawna", but also "standard Natasha" prior to In the Writer's Closet. I just recently thought I was done with jeans, but got seduced by bell bottoms lately, and I still wear skinnies, though I reconsidered what tops I wear with them. Boot cut jeans were among my favorites for years, comfy and flattering. This beret is gorgeous on you, and you really look fantastic in this outfit. Very natural, relaxed and like you know who you are. I also bought a new hat recently, and my eyes lit up every time I pass a hat shop. I see lots of new hats in my future. :)

  5. There, now I can see the plum tone in the right lighting. It's a beautiful and versatile shade for a hat. I had a plum toned hat for a while but unfortunately it had wool in it and I'm a scratching fanatic with wool! Especially on my forehead.
    I love your entire outfit. In fact, it looks like what I'm wearing most of the time these days. Go figure!

  6. Those plummy colours are lovely on you, and I like the beret very much. I live in berets and wooly hats as soon as it gets cold!
    Even a blurry Matty is beautiful! xxx

  7. You suit the hat, and the colour is so lovely, very Autumnal. Love your view Shawna.

  8. Would you be able to stand in the kitchen for your shots? It looks like more direct light there which might give better colour representation as the outside shots do.
    Now that's off my chest. Love the beret! So you!
    I have two wool berets one of which I felted with flowers which looks similar. But it itches! Okay in the cold mornings but not in the car.
    I'm so happy you have some energy, even if just for chores. How exciting to do things!
    Can't wait to see the painted room. I am feeling uninspired in my half painted room. I'm not convinced about it and want to change it before it's finished. Hmmm. We have lived in it half finished for four years!
    How do you stop Matty jumping off the deck, or don't you? Your view is stunning! And sunny too :-) hugs Jazzy Jack

  9. What a great hat! I admire the heck out of it on your head because the style seriously doesn't work for mine.

    I really like this look on you and I dig all of the colors. I think we like the same low brightness medium saturation tones. Straight leg jeans look good on us gifted of thigh folks, don't you think?

  10. The hat frames your shorter hair nicely, very flattering! I want to say fetching but that sounds weird - it's a jaunty sort of hat I like it anyway! I like the boots and I love your view and your cat is beautiful (even though I am deathly allergic, gray cats are my favorite to look at anyway!)

  11. Matti is SUCH a pretty pretty!!! I love her- I just want her to sit on my lap and let me stroke her!!! That hat is gorgeous!! Close-up please!?!?! I love hats and I think berets can be done well with all hair lengths and styles. As I walk over 3 miles a day, a hat is a MUST for me- I get so cold otherwise! This morning I had to walk with 2 bags and then a suitcase full of 60 recorders and I was so cold as I took my coat off to avoid the exertion sweat (gross but true!) and wished I'd donned a hat!
    I like your plum shades and are those boots TURQUOISE????X

  12. That beret is gorgeous.....and it looks great on you.


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