Saturday, 26 September 2015

This One is Photo Heavy

The Red Lip....

What amazes me is the power lipstick has to transform my face.  I have no makeup on at all other than lipstick but I look as though I do. That's quite low maintenance and I like that!  That weird streak in my hair on the side is not really there.  Or at least I don't think it is because it was not deliberately put there.  It is some sort of lighting freak thing.

The weird flips in my hair is just what it does if I don't pay attention when it's wet.  Sometimes I like them and sometimes I don't.  I also decided I didn't like all of these necklaces.  Too much.  It doesn't take much to look like too much on me.

The whole outfit features a new-to-me skirt.  The skirt is a really heavy linen and it's very well made.  The colour is a denim blue for faded indigo that I love.  With the cardigan on I can get away with my shirt tucked in, but without it I look a bit lumpy and thick. I like the shirt untucked better but it got wrinkled when I tried it tucked in and I didn't want to steam out the wrinkles, I just wanted to get out the door and get one with things.

Here is what untucked looks like.  Which is your preference?  I must admit I find untucked much more comfortable.  This is a better necklace too. 

My lips, shoes and bag all match which was not actually deliberate.  They just happen to be colours I love.  It's not the done thing right now to match shoes and bag.  Apparently it looks dated and I suppose it does since it is what I was taught to do way back when dinosaurs roamed the streets.  Now only people under thirty can get away with it.  On those under thirty it looks young and fresh because on those under thirty everything looks young and fresh.  I say FUDGSICLE to that.  I need your eye to be distracted from the monoliths of matronly boobage and look at my shoes, bag and lips instead.

The weather is gorgeous and sunny, though it's still cold in the mornings.  I am better acclimated to autumn weather now and can manage bare legs, whereas a couple of weeks ago I was putting on tights.

Okay, we are finished with me now and will admire Miss Matty as she lolls about with her toys and her favourite hair brush.

It's a very inexpensive cotton rug and I can never get that lump smoothed out.
That's okay though.  Matty and I like imperfections.  Unless they are the wrong colour on the walls and then we are intolerant.

My home is nearly put back together after the paint job, though most of my books are still stored in the spare bedroom and I've not hung any art yet.  I am aiming to get some actual bookshelves but here is a wee tour of what was newly painted.  I also had the bathroom done, but no pictures of that at the moment.  It is much better now that it is not bright yellow. 

                                      Grow little plant, grow.

                     Looking a bit bare here at the moment.  No books or art!

               This nook beside the fireplace is crying out for a bookshelf.  It's home to my galvanised wash tub and a large tree branch.  I hauled the tub out of dumpster and the branch out of a park, the latter probably an illegal move the former merely inelegant.  It required jumping up, squashing my stomach against the edge and tipping forward head first into the dumpster.  It was a mostly empty dumpster which actually made the job much trickier.

Cat toys make it look like I have a toddler living here.

That hideous kitchen floor even seems more tolerable with the new neutral walls.  It's downgraded from hideous to ugly.

                          I need a curtain rod but I'm not in a hurry.

It seems to me that the colours inside my home now tie in perfectly with the colours I see through the windows.  This harmony is pleasing and soothing to me. Okay-maybe not the purple, but most colours, anyhow.

Here's a little peek at a corner of my balcony showing a bit of autumnal colour in a potted Japanese Maple.

For those who wish to know...

The lips are Revlon Super Lustrous in Rum Raisin
The walls are Cloverdale Paint doing Benjamin Moore's Ballet White

I made it to some blogs today before I was occupied by a chatting stranger in the cafe.  New cafe, more blogs tomorrow.  I'm living it up while I have a few days of feeling okay.


  1. Thanks for inviting us into your home Shawna! Your space is lovely! The layout looks unique and a real fireplace is awesome. Best of all is the sunshine streaming in.

    I vote untucked.

    You can certainly get away with just lipstick! I have really pale lashes and brows, so even if I go minimal, they get the paint job.

  2. Your house looks great … the neutral walls will make displaying your stuff way more satisfying … love it :0)

  3. You have a lovely home and I do think the color is great. Lipstick hmmmm I am going to have to try that because I never wear makeup anymore either. You are tall and that skirt is great on you. I think tucked is somehow cutting you in half so I vote for untucked.

  4. What a lovely home you have. Books and cats make a house a home! And a bit of lipstick makes all the difference if you want to look more "done" than usual - that shade really does suit you. xxx

  5. Lipstick looks good on you, and wear the top however you like best. Personally, I can't stand lipstick or makeup on my face or tops tucked in. But that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. And your sunny space looks lovely as does kitty.

  6. Your home looks lovely, there's so many lovely pieces to admire and those restful walls make for the perfect backdrop. Matty is gorgeous, she looks so content.
    Lippie makes a huge difference. I wore one I hadn't tried in years to detract from today's tired eyes and pasty time of the month skin and I look completely different. xxx

  7. Your home is so serene. And I love the way you look with just lipstick. I notice that in a lot of old photos from the 40's and 50's women wore just lipstick and they looked so fresh. Just like you. In fact that skirt has a bit of a 40's vibe going on. Yep. I vote untucked, too.

  8. Your house looks very peaceful, I am thinking of more neutral walls in our home, I can add splashes of colour with THINGS! You definitely suit the lippy. With fair hair bright lippy made me look like a hooker, an old one, but still a hooker. Might have to give lippy another go now that I am dark.

  9. These are fun peeks into your interesting home. I love the photo of the chair and the dark pillow. It looks very comfortable and I love the contrast.
    Thanks for mentioning that lipstick color. I have tons of tubes of Revlon because it's very moisturizing. I've worn Rum Raisin before and forgot how much I love it!

  10. You've got a beautiful home Shawna. Looks so peaceful. Love your red lippie. xo

  11. I'm all turned around in my head. I had your house very differently organised!
    I love the glass brick wall. How much light that brings in.
    You would hate my house with its extreme yellow walls.
    I love your look, but just can't do it myself. The closest I get is my all white bathroom, and even that has light blue upper walls.
    Love Matty mu and all her scattered toys. She looks like she suits you!
    Enjoy the energy and don't waste it on us!! Xo Jazzy Jack

  12. You look GORGEOUS in red lipstick, do wear it more often! Great shade on you! I agree about the low maintenance part.

    Beautiful job on painting! The room looks light, cozy, inviting, and the addition of books and art will make it even more charming. You are right about the toddler feel too... oh Matty! :)

  13. I would vote for tucked in...even if you have to sacrifice a bit on the comfy factor...the first combination (tucked in) looks better to my eyes, but as everyone you should wear what you want...

    and red lip looks fantastic on you!!!!!!!!!!


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