Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Transitional Dressing

 Before I launch into my serious clothing discussion and musings on leg shaving, I want to take a moment to thank the people who give me +1s with Google plus and leave a comment for the  Google Plus men in case you actually read here. I am signed up with Google plus but tend to forget to use it in any way.  I should probably abandon it.

Dear Men:  I thank you for your interest and applaud you on your strategy for meeting women.  It never occurred to me that this would be one of them.  I am not interested in chatting with you but if you have a genuine interest in my blog and wish to read and leave comments appropriate to the topic in the comment section then that is cool. 

In all photos assume brighter colours.  In some photos there is freshly washed hair that I can't do anything with.  Does anyone else have that problem? Mine is so fluffy and silky when washed.

Randomly inserted gratuitous Matty photos:

Dressing myself is always a bit of a challenge as the seasons transition.  It's not that I am clueless about how to adapt my clothing, or at least it's not that I haven't seen and read about plenty of suggestions, such as add tights or a chic leather jacket to your summer dress.   I find that not only does the ambient temperature seem to fluctuate throughout the day or significantly from day to day, my own personal temperature seems to as well.  With the M.E. I've got a poor ability to adjust to temperature and often feel cold when I should not or over-heated when I should not.  I don and shed cardigans constantly and my home is sometimes strewn with them, but the greater challenge is that my legs and feet get cold and there is not much one can do about that in a chic way.

I can wear thick fluffy socks to bed and not concern myself with the un-sexiness of it, but the hot pink thermal socks I posses in multiples do not elevate my outfits much.  I sometimes use leggings, as they are even warmer than tights, though also not a high-brow look.  While it's easy enough and socially acceptable to remove my cardigan as I sit in a cafe and get over-heated, it is not quite as acceptable to peel of my leggings.  Or at least, I should duck into the Ladies' Room in order to do so.  Then I find myself bemoaning the fact that I neglected to shave my legs that morning.  Just so you know, I also feel peeved if I've gone to the trouble of shaving my legs and then end up piling on the layers.

Getting dressed can be such a challenge when I am aiming for Je ne sais quoi and not WTF!    Here are some of my attempts to be warm enough, comfortable and stylish.  These are practise runs and I only left home in one of these outfits.

Grainy photo is probably the result of my experimenting with a higher ISO to deal with my lighting issues.


Possibly cute in a preppy-teacher sort of way.
Comfortable skirt in neutral/useful taupe
Tights are cream coloured fishnet but on me they are 'nude'-is that a pro or a con?


Denim vest is not flattering me (which has me pouting because I love it)-hits wrong spot on my body.  Possibly have it tailored or just live with it as is?

Felt a bit teacherish - I took this outfit off because it felt too formal for the environment. 


More figure flattering in a draping sort of way-I look slimmer
Quite comfortable being all jersey
Love these boots.
Love this scarf


The jersey feels a bit thin and cheap
I don't like the high contrast of dark dress and light skirt colours
Although a skirt this long seems to suit me I find it a bit awkward moving around.

 Another dark and grainy photo....
I went out in this outfit because I ran out of time for playing and it felt like the best of the three.  I was so cold I had to wear the leggings but at the bistro for lunch I was too warm.  I suppose if I have to choose I'd rather be slightly too warm than too cold.


The skirt is a dark red jersey, a nice thick jersey and has an appealing shape with a bit of swish.  You're going to have to take my word for it.


The top and leggings are charcoal grey.  Although the top is a bit boxy, it drapes softly and moves with me so it seems more flattering than stiff boxy tops.  Or else I am delusional.

I love these shoes though they are not as comfortable as some others I have.  That means they are going to have to prove themselves to me this Autumn and I will threaten them with the consignment pile if they don't behave.

I threw on a scarf which I forgot to take a photo of, grabbed my enormous cross body satchel and went out for mulligatawny.

 While there is some improvement with light in the next photos I am still not getting colour accuracy.  The cardigan is a lovely deep plum colour, not black as it appears and I have not dyed my hair darker.  This is the Val skirt and it got a compliment when I wore it out to do the shopping.

                              I do like my hand-on-the-hip pose don't I?

As  usually I grabbed a scarf and my favourite handbag on my way out the door.  The scarf in blue-greys and with a plummy stripe that matched the colour of the cardigan that you can't see.  It's a good thing nobody pays me to do this!

And the final outfit of the week that was not sloppy lounging stuff-not that I wouldn't and haven't shown you that too....

There is green in the embroidery of this skirt and it matched the green tee shirt.  Both are brighter than they appear in this photo. 

Post Script:
I had to go outside just to prove to you that I am not lying.  Unfortunately my wee balcony is too crowded with plants for me to actually take my photos out there.  And when we hit the rainy season it will be too wet.


  1. It's nice to see you posting outfit shots again. I enjoyed seeing your skirt outfits. I agree about the second one. I really like the top part. I think a dark skirt that is a bit shorter would be more flattering. The top garments look great. I love the scarf with the skirt. I can see why you got compliments on the Val skirt. I'd love to have one like it.

  2. Nice outfits. And your poses have become more model-esque.

  3. Good to see you, Shawna :) I actually like the 2nd outfit very much, though you are probably right about the contrast, but I still like it. You look great in it! And the stripy skirt is cool on you! Hugses!

  4. I dig the contrast between skirts! But to each of us our own. (:

    If you're fond of the vest, I don't think it hits *you* in the wrong place so much as the top. Have you tried it over a more slim fitting dress?

  5. you should´t have postet the bikini shoots ;-P
    ts. men.
    thankfully my feet are always warm - even in the cold. and when not then i know i´m ill. did you try thin woolen socks (from the menswear department?) in a decent color? pushed down around the ankle it would look cool with your lagenlook.
    the first outfit makes your shoulders narrow, your hips wide and your beautiful legs look stumpy - all by that hitting in the wrong place lines...
    all the others look great - i guess even more in movement. i like clothes that are able to do some swish around a body!
    i wore a turtleneck sweater with bare feet in open clogs today! talk transitional :-)

    1. No bikini photos!
      I do not like my ankles so I don't wear visible socks pushed down around them but yes, thin wool socks can make a difference even in my boots.
      The first outfit photo is also an unflattering angle and I have my shoulders turned away somehow and hips angled forward so I think it is in part the outfit and part the way I am standing. I think heels would look better for my legs but I don't want to wear heels. Anyhow I am not going to give up on that skirt yet but the denim vest will never go. It does work with some outfits.

      Your turtleneck and bare feet in clogs makes me laugh. It's like those street fashion photos I see of women wearing big heavy sweaters and scarves and then rolled up jeans and high heels with their bare ankles all exposed. Brrrrr on the bottom and suffocating on top! xoxo

  6. I'd like to see the cropped, boxy jumper in photo number three with that lovely embroidered skirt in the penultimate photo with the fringed scarf in photo number 2 knotted around your neck and the boots in photo number two (I hope that doesn't sound like one of those pervy requests from a Google+ oddball).
    Lovely to see gorgeous Matty, she doesn't have to bother with transitional dressing, does she? Although Polly Piglet has burrowed into a vintage crochet blanket and is currently lounging on the settee like a wannabe festival hipster. xxxxx

  7. I do like that second outfit, probably the best.

    I get guys like that on Facebook too.


  8. Love the layering and the scarves. Very flowy. Very pretty. Yep. I have a few "interesting" male followers on Instagram.

  9. If I had to pick (I know no one's asking me to, I'm just doing it!) I would say Outfit Number 2 is my favourite. Each of the following looks are very you too, so I guess it's the first one that seems less Shawna-esque to me (although that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it and ring the changes!) I think the paler colours and pencil skirt seem further away from your usual style aesthetic.
    Matty is such a beauty.
    PS. I'm now wondering why I never get any strange men contacting me via the blog, Google+ or Facebook? Must be my Fuck Off face - I've honed it to perfection over the years! xxx

  10. Hi Shawna, well, I love all of the drapey layered outfits the most. You do look very slender and the berry colors and perfect. My favorite here is #2, 3, 4, & 5

  11. I like the burgundy and grey one! For me, the longer under skirt in #2 looks like a summer item is hiding underneath everything because it's so much lighter. The silhouette combination is great. My least favorite is #1, it too boxy looking.
    Longer skirts look good on you, but I know what you mean about maneuvering in them. I can't wear full maxi skirts at work because I roll my chair onto them. All my long Indian hippie skirts are in the "convert into dresses" pile.

  12. Didn't notice your hand on hip until you pointed it out!
    Love Vix's suggestion. You can tell she is used to dressing people!
    No pervs over here, although how would I know. I do have a lot of male followers, but put it down to my name!
    Boots are a great way to warm the legs, but a bit harder to strip off. We need to invent something! Xo Jazzy Jack

  13. There is something I really like about the first one, it may be the denim vest for I sure love them, but maybe it is just the whole look. I love those outfits with maxi skirt (and the one with midi skirt) but I already know you wear maxi skirts well, so maybe that is why the first one is my fav.


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