Monday, 26 October 2015

Blue Goes With.....Me

There is lots of blue in my closet.  (Gripping opening sentence, isn't it?) I consider it a neutral and in fact blue is my black whereas brown, grey and even touches of black are my bits of colour.  When in doubt buy it in blue.  Nearly everything is offered in at least one shade of blue, typically navy, and that is often what I will buy, especially if it's a wardrobe basic.  If I don't like any of the other colours offered I usually like the blue.

                                      Sometimes my blues are cobalt.
I managed to smile for this photo.  If I can just remember to do that more often you'd be seeing something truer to the real me.  I am either very self conscious in front of a camera or I am concentrating so hard on getting the photo I forget that I am in it.  This photo was taken in a rare moment of really good lighting where the true colours are actually showing.  In photos below, darker blues turn to black and I suddenly have a sun tan.

Denim, navy and teal blues are also typical in my wardrobe.  The vest is navy but the pants are black and in real life, quite distinguishable from each other, unlike in this photo.  The boots are also blue.

And I wear blue with black, blue with brown, blue with purple, red and navy is exhilarating, blue and white is fresh.....I wear blue with everything.  Wearing it with grey or brown is a definite comfort zone.

Digression:  I keep going into the local shoe store looking for blue shoes.  Is it too much to ask that somebody make a comfortable T strap or Mary Jane shoe with a stacked heel somewhere around 2.5 inches and make it in a nice bright navy or denim blue colour?  Apparently it is too much to ask.  And don't get me started on my attempts to buy a good quality oxford shoe in brown.   I can't even get a poor quality one.  The joys of small town  living!

                 But back to the blues.....I really do like blue with brown. 

The solution to a bad hair day is to cut off my head.    I do like the soft taupe and denim blue together though.

This is a man's silk shirt .  Since it's a rather loose and slouchy top I like it with a skirt that skims over me.  Something with a bit of flare at the bottom seems to be more flattering than a straight skirt. This skirt is a lovely dark chocolate brown.  I do love chocolate and I have always, ALWAYS loved the colour brown.

I cannot think of any colour I would typically wear that I do not love to pair with blue  and I can think of some I don't wear (any sort of yellow) that also look great with it.  I happen to really love blue with brown, black or gray and it's probably what I am wearing right now.


  1. I'm also a big fan of blue. It certainly brings out your eyes. I wish the lighting were better in a few of your photos. It's hard to see the blue colour.

    You need an app to help lighten your images.


  2. Except for the pants I wore to a wedding I don't have any blue in my closet. But I think shades of green for me is my blue that you describe. Probably because of our eye color. Oh, and jeans of course....and you know which ones!

  3. I want to move you through the doorway into that light I can see! Would there be enough room to pose there? Surely you would see better colours then. Or is it your camera on the decline I wonder?
    Anyway, if I peer through the gloom I see a gorgeously clad sexy posing person. Oh hello there! ;-) xo Jazzy Jack

  4. the colors of the heaven and the earth!
    when i traveled the lybian desert in egypt that colors were everywhere! except of the greenery in the oasis gardens of cause. even the beduin men wore it - jellabas in washed out blues and kashmir scarves in matte browns.....
    but on me look the colors of the beduin woman better:'s+clothing&biw=1435&bih=684&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMInpCLl5DiyAIVR2kUCh3QHgtA

  5. I do so like blue!! It is pretty and yes, goes well with lots. Your outfits are soft and lovely here. The smile is very pretty too!! Have you tried UK brands Clarks or Hotter for those elusive navy shoes, I'm pretty sure I've week something of that ilk in both.x

  6. Oh, your photos are pretty amazing in this post, Shawna! All of them.
    I love my blues, too. Beate's statement, the colours of heaven and earth, is powerful, I never thought of it like like. As far as apps go for lighting, there is a online editing tool, free, easy, called pixlr, at If I had blue shoes I'd keep repeating that line from Twin Peaks, if you know the series, you'll know the line I'm talking about. Pfffft.

  7. You look stunning in blue so I am not surprised it is your 'black' ... Love your smiling photo special lady!!!

  8. I love blue....I tend to prefer lighter shades but I like dark blue, cobalt blue and naby blue...I much prefer it to other dark colours...lovely outfits!


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