Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Fake it Till You Make It

I am giving off the impression that I've got more energy lately.  I think perhaps I do but that always means I do more and then that is more tiring.  You know how it goes, right?  I've been able to increase what I do so I'm doing my own housework, my own shopping, I've been painting again, and cooking a little more.  I still sleep and rest a great deal and still feel constantly behind in paperwork, social commitments and I am not writing as much as I wish to.  So, normal life just like most people with some extra sleep thrown into the mix.

Do normal people trip over their dishwasher doors and go flying headlong across the kitchen and fall in a heap face down on the floor?  If so, then I've got that covered too.  And speaking of covered...oh the bruises I am sporting!  They are all yellow now and I look terrible in yellow.

So I am chipping away doing more but also less.  I enthusiastically replied to half the comments on my last blog post.  I am struggling to comment on other blogs.  Imagine me running out of things to say?  It's a kind of brain fog, not unlike the fog that is out on the bay today.

Latest endeavours.....

Books are making their way back into my living room.  In stacks and piles of course. 

A friend asked me why I have a washtub in my living room.  Or perhaps the question was meant to be why do I have one at all.  Imagine asking that?  Who doesn't want a washtub?  Yes, this is the nook that is supposed to get a book shelf.  There's no hurry.  Piles work.

The posing spot got some books too.   This is from a selection of blurry photos I achieved by crawling around on the floor.  Matty was thrilled with this adventure.

                                              Here she is, helping.

And...I got a bit of my painting mojo back by dabbing at some of my not quite finished pieces and considering them possibly, maybe finished now.

                        And hung them on the wall in my writing nook.

Then I painted a new one, which will of course have to sit around for months until I declare it a finished piece and I will periodically decide that it needs a dab of yellow here or a stoke of pink there.

I've had lots of cuddles with Matty, who is always especially happy if I am on the floor.

And I baked chocolate cupcakes  for my son's birthday, using an amazing recipe that replaces the flour with cooked quinoa.  I will share this recipe soon.  Trust me it's good.

I was asked to share the brownie recipe I used when I mentioned a few posts back having baked brownies.  Because I have to eat gluten free, I have been experimenting with brownie recipes and have not yet found one I think is worth sharing.  But for those of you who do not eat gluten free I will offer up my regular recipe which is an excellent one and very popular and not really mine.
It comes from the box of Baker's Chocolate and is reproduced here.  I have never lined my pan with foil as this recipe says.  It is definitely important not to over bake them and you can mix in anything you like-nuts, dried fruit, chocolate chips-or make them without. 


  1. Love the painting in front of your fireplace there. I love the activity in working on a piece and then sitting back examining it for a while and letting it tell you if it's complete or not. Your home is so cozy. I'd like to sit and sip some tea and eat brownies there with you. ;) Okay, a cocktail.

  2. Cannot wait to see that cupcake recipe.

    Yikes on the fall. Good thing you are only bruised and didn't break anything.


  3. Sorry 'bout the fall. Heal quickly.

  4. Oh the fall sounds so painful! Your art looks wonderful in your nook, and I also love the look of well-loved books any and everywhere. xox


  5. Oh how do you like Gluten free? I know so many people swear by it. Your paintings are lovely and add so much colour to your home. I like your wash basin, having old bits and bobs around reminds me of New England style decor, my Mom used to have washboards and other random flotsam she picked up, they do make a place feel long as you're not minimalist,which we (Mom and I and I suspect you!) are not! Hope your bruises heal soon, pesky things are always trying to trip me too - please take extra care of yourself :-) xo

    1. Hi Steff-just quickly want to say that I eat gluten free because I was diagnosed as Celiac so I have to avoid gluten and yes it does improve my health but I do not buy into the idea that gluten free is a health move for everyone if they don't have a gluten intolerance or allergy. Some of the best things-like pizza-just cannot be replicated as well so why torture yourself if you don't have to? ;-)

  6. Oh dear, I hope the bruises are fading and you aren't feeling too sore.
    Gorgeous paintings - there must be an immense satisfaction about having your own artwork on your walls, I am deeply impressed! xxx

  7. I sometimes wander where my bruises come from, I seem to be crashing into things from time to time but on regular basis...there is at least one bruise at my knee at all times...sorry to hear about that fall. Those accidents are mighty annoying..I had my fair share, strange things always seem to be happening to woud think one would get injured by doing daredevil stunts but it seems home is where most of the falls and accidents happen.

    Finding a balance when one has an immune disease isn't easy...we want to do as much as we can while we feel that we can, there is always this panic...what if I can't do it we end up tiring ourselves...been there, done that.

    On brighter note, your home is beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than to see piles of books everywhere....I love your piles! Piles of books next to the wall are possibly my favourite....Those painting are stunning and they look fantastic hanging one next to another, it is like they complement one another....superb!

    p.s. I love your cat! I should try lying next to 'almost' my pet, that is a stray cat I feed...I wonder what she would do. Cats seems to be enjoying when we get to their level, I think they read that as an invitation to play.

  8. Oh no, poor you! I hope you are ok. Sending you many hugs. Your house looks lovely! I like piles of books. Your paintings are pretty cool too!x

  9. OUCH!! You've got to look out for those sneaky dishwasher doors ... though it does sound like something I'd do.
    Love your paintings, as always, and they look fabulous up on the wall. I get you on the not sure when it's finished thing ... sometimes you just have to stop looking ... cause it's never finished :0)

  10. Love you paintings ... as always. Hope the bruises are healing really quickly ... please take care of yourself Shawna!!!!

  11. is this the patched ikea rug i want too???
    your paintings are just gorgeous - and the white walls let them shine wonderfully!
    if i´m normal then bruises are normal - i hit myself daily on doors, chairs, with tools. last week i had a "horn" on my forehead from hitting the iron oven door.....

    1. I hope your horn has healed! The rug is several years old and I bought it in Portland Oregon while visiting a friend. I think it was one of those big American stores like Wilson Sonoma but I was just stumbling around a city looking in shops I do not normally have access to-lol- and fell in love with it. xoxo

  12. You sound nicely busy and inspired. paintings are great against the white wall. I also love the book piles. Get rid as much as you can. it will simplify your life. Glad to hear you are having more energy these days!


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