Friday, 23 October 2015

Mostly Sleeping and Taking Some Dark Photos

 Well, there has been more crashing and sleeping and resting and not doing much than there has been anything creative or productive going on here.  I may have to concede and hire cleaning help again as other than that one day where I managed to vacuum, I have not actually been able to tackle the cleaning.  A few good days have happened though, and I've been able to dress for pleasure and go to the grocery store or have lunch with my parents.  Earlier this week was election day and getting out to vote was tiring.  I had dinner with my parents that night and then rested all week so I could go out again on Friday and meet them for lunch at a café.  I slept twelve hours and woke 20 minutes before I was due to meet them.  Such an event is a reminder of the advantage to having  my closet full of things which mainly all go together and of very short hair.  Later in the day there was a lipstick event which remarkably involved my skirt and not this white sweater.

The skirt is denim blue coloured heavy-weight linen and the sweater is winter white, though as usual the photos are not particularly accurate.  Considering that in 20 minutes I showered, dressed, did hair and a very quick dab of makeup then was out the door, I think I did rather well.  I would have carried a different bag (not shown here) but there was not time for changing it.  I don't usually pair such contrasting tones as this sweater and skirt but nobody can say it doesn't go.

Last weekend I shortened and hemmed a dress, a very old dress which I've had at least 15 years. It's what we call a jumper here, and needs a layer underneath it or a jacket over it to cover the arms.  It wouldn't if it were a summer dress but since it's dark plum corduroy it does.  I wore this on election day. I have a charcoal grey thin mohair sweater under it (or a jumper under my jumper to get confusing) and a cerise-red mohair cardigan over it.  The tights are navy blue so I have four different colours but the photo makes it all look mainly black.  The boots I wore out to vote this morning are the only actual black here.  I might win an award for worst personal style blogger photos but fortunately I don't call myself a personal style blogger.

I kept trying, determined to show some colours somehow......

Later in the day I had put on different boots and had the brilliant idea to stand in the tiny sunbeam by the sliding glass door and get some close up photos.  Of course they are a bit blurry.

            The velvet beret and my jumper are the same dark plum colour.

And here I am showing off not only my grey sweater and cerise cardigan(which is not quite as bright in reality as in this photo-can't win with the colours), but also a necklace I assembled with two gold circles from inside a gold locket I inherited but don't wear.  The circles are the removable bits that clamp down the photo inside the locket.  I like the delicate shape and the combination of the gold with a silver chain .  It looks like one thicker circle here but it is actually two thin ones.

 By late afternoon there was a snag in the tights made by Miss Matty's claws.  Guess I should have left the dress as a long one for leg protection.  Or I could just spray paint my legs instead.


  1. I adore your beret!
    That jumper looks great shortened. And I always love your boots!
    Glad you had a moment of energy to go to ...the grocery store?!
    The new necklace is a classic.
    Hi naughty more claws!
    Love you! Jazzy Jack

  2. that blue and white combination is a very classic one - can´t go wrong with this! and with your high its no problem with the dividing issue :-) i would like to wear the blue skirt too - ya´know its my cup of tea! the subtile coloring of the second outfits sound chic - even if the camera is not able to capture it. all in all you look much better then you sound! take the rest and sleep you need, cleaning is much overrated ;-)
    warm hugs! xxxxx

  3. First things first. Get the help of the cleaning woman without any quilts.Secondly, I like your haircut and darker color of hair. It suits you. And thirdly, the colors you played with in your outfits are all favorite colors for mine and they are what I call dramatic colors and make for special outfits. Get as much rest as your body needs!!! You will be back more energised soon.

  4. Your last comment reminds me of a true fact -- during WWII when rations (and stockings) were scarce, women spray-painted stockings on their legs. Including the back-seams. I did a post about it once. Not sure if cats were involved... :-)

  5. During my last closet clean-up-and-out, I not only sorted items by season and color, but also hung ensembles en toto (skirt/slacks w/shirt and jacket, belt, etc.). Even took the time to pin broaches to lapels and tuck earrings into pockets. I've since blessed the efforts made on my "high energy" days, because those gotta get it together and go mornings do happen, usually when I've slept in...

    And, yes, I'll confess that during the clean-up-and-out I did discover items I'd bought and forgotten, usually evening bags, but one corduroy jumper that I'll wear with boots. It would be much more wearable with a matching beret!

  6. You look lovely in both outfits but the second one is more to my personal liking. This dress (that is called jumper where you from? I had no idea about that) looks very flattering on you and paired with those high boots it is a kickass combo. I also really like the blue tights and the cap you have shown to us.

  7. I love the smile! Both outfits are great and the second is my favorite. I love a shirt with a little slouch in it. xo



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