Thursday, 29 October 2015

Smiles in the Mail

One of the loveliest things that ever happened to me was becoming friends with a mermaid.  I am a loyal friend, but I do tend to drop out of sight frequently.  I think mermaids know how to handle that.  They too sometimes spend their time in the depths of the ocean as opposed to combing their long beautiful hair while sitting on a rock.  Mermaids are iridescent, shimmering in the light but they are shy too.

My mermaid friend sends cards in the mail, which make me feel loved.  It's nice to feel loved, to be remembered.  Some of my friends don't really know how best to deal with my illness and my retreating.  They are afraid of disturbing me, interrupting my sleep, bothering me in some way so they leave it up to me to make contact when I feel okay.  But it's nice to be interrupted sometimes.  I need it actually.  I need people to check on me because I tend not to ask for help and sometimes, often actually, I would happily be woken up just to be reminded that I am loved.

I am probably not a perfect friend, probably not getting it right.  I have high standards which I cannot meet myself so I don't hold anyone else to them.  I'm too busy worrying that I am not a good enough friend to be criticising anyone's way of being friends with me.  But, I do want to thank my mermaid friend for sending cards in the mail.  It's such a treat to get anything in the mail that isn't junk or a bank statement.  I only check my mailbox once a week because that is how uninteresting my mail usually is.  What a joy, a novelty, a long forgotten thing it is to find something in the mail that is there simply to tell me that my friendship is appreciated.  I am old enough to remember when that kind of thing used to happen more often. Now, it is the kind of thing that makes me smile to myself, a small tear forming in one eye.  Salt water.  Reminding me of a mermaid.

                                             Isn't she beautiful?


  1. Allie! Absolutely fabulous Allie!

  2. What a lovely post! Yes, Shawna, you are a good friend. And mermaids see that. We reward you with love that's independent of what you're able to do in return which, of course, varies over time. We know and accept that. Big hug!

  3. Ally is great for making little surprises appear in the mail. I'm like you, dreading going to the mail only to find some junk mail or bills. Ally has turned that around for me.

    It's nice to make a difference in someone's day.


  4. We are lucky to have this mermaid friend ... I have that very same mermaid smiling at me at my scrapbook table every day.

  5. A vert sensitive post. I find it hard to have friendships and keep them.I like to meet people though and and when our paths don't cross anymore I let it be and move on to the next person. I'm having my family people always close though. From your commenting pattern I bet you make a caring loyal friend. So sweet your mermeid friend contacted you. We all want to feel loved ...and then feel guilty we don't show our love very often.

  6. She is indeed, inside and out. xo


  7. A sweet story Shawna, and yes she is beautiful. Beautiful inside and out. Oh darn, I just looked up and realized that Patti wrote the same thing. haha!

  8. beautifully written:)
    I'm sure having a mermaid friend is wonderful...
    receiving letters makes me feel loved too:)


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