Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mediocrity Is Elevated With Lipstick

Since I am a glass half full sort of person, and tend to annoy people by looking on the bright side, I like to believe that two thirds of the time I am doing okay.  Okay is defined as not totally crashed.  Previously I described my days as either good, bad or mediocre, nicely organising my life in thirds.  Being the Pollyanna that I am, I have decided to consign mediocre into the realm of good or at least not bad.

The state of my bed, the dishes and whether or not I had the energy to shower are all consistently tied to how where the day falls on the good-mediocre-bad scale.  What always helps is a good hair day and a dab of lipstick.

Lipstick is my new toy.  I am now the proud owner of five different shades from the Revlon Super Lustrous bullet line, three of which I purchased all for the sale price of one due to a fortuitous coupon.  I used to avoid lipstick or stick to plae shades because I never liked my lips and didn't think them a feature I wanted to enhance.  Now, I don't care.  Sure they are not going to win the Ideal Lips of the Year award, but once I stopped caring about that I noticed that I liked that little bit of colour on my face and what it did to make me look healthy, awake and make me feel pretty. 

While part of me likes the idea of one signature lip colour, I am currently having fun with these ones and would not be able to choose only one.  If you can survive you poor quality photos (still struggling with the camera even after resetting it) I will inflict upon you an excess of selfies to demonstrate the different lip colours.

Rose and Shine is nearly a nude on me.  I can apply it straight from the tube and liberally like a lip balm.

                                          Rose and Shine

Mauvy Nights and Plumalicious are nearly identical, with the latter being just slightly deeper.  It's a colour that has been my go to for decades when in it's lightest form.  They are each applied straight from the tube in these photos below.

                                               Mauvy Nights


Rum Raisin was my first attempt at finding my red.  It's a bit warm but I think it still works for me and the warmth makes it more subtle than a cool red is.  I apply this one straight from the tube as well.

                                                 Rum Raisin

My most recent experiment, stepping out of my comfort zone is Wine With Everything which reads a a very true red on me. It's the only one of the bunch that requires lip liner.  I use a clear wax liner called No Bleeding Lip, given to me by my mother who thought the name of it was cheekily hilarious.

Wine With Everything

I find I like this true red best when I am wearing blue or grey, which I generally am quite often.  Being so intensely pigmented it is the one that stays on longest too and there are still traces of it after I eat or drink.  In the above photo I blotted it with tissue after applying.

Do you have a favourite?  I took all of these photos within a few minutes of each other and am wearing one coat of mascara and a bit of chocolate brown eye pencil.   Lately I really love the minimal eye, focus on the lip look.

More than anything, I find that a good haircut and a bit of makeup goes a long way to making me feel good about myself even on the plethora of mediocre days.   This is what I look like even if I am sitting on the sofa writing all day and nobody will see me.  I do it for myself and it makes a difference.


  1. Good for you! Nothing is easier to apply and supplies more bang than lipstick. Have fun playing with colors.

  2. All so pretty on you! I think you have a lovely mouth, even if it's not the big poufy lips that are fashionable nowadays.

    I love lipsticks as well as nail polish. A cheap and fun way to brighten up a little.

  3. They all look great! I really like the plummy one. Lipstick is so much fun to experiment with and you got a great deal on yours.

  4. The plums suit your coloring for daytime wear, Shawna! However, I do believe Wine With Everything is an excellent recipe for looking and feeling better on drab grey days. Ally is right: have fun playing with colors!

    Went out on a school night with friends to see the Addams Family musical, and to honor this rare treat I decided to go as Great-aunt Euthanasia (host's wife was to be Great-aunt Septacemia, but she chickened out). Take a peek at my new profile pix and you'll see the almost-permanent lip color effected by using a true-red lipliner to completely color the lips, then applying a blue red wax lipstick.

    And where did my lips go, anyway? Did they retire to Vancouver? I do know what you mean about "what I used to think about my face...and now." One doesn't really look on a daily basis: it's those rare paint-for-the-public and bright-lights occasions that make one face reality -- and realize it's time to rethink colors, contours and whether false eyelashes are worth the bother.

  5. All pretty colors on you ... Making yourself look pretty to sit on the couch and write is perfect! I really like your hair cut as well!

  6. Whine with everything. Oops. That might be my colour. Heh. I like all the colours on you but I'm drawn to the drama of the Wine with Everything. It accents all your colouring. I love bright, bright pink, MAC, Candy Yum Yum, and I have something from Christian Dior, maybe #200, such an inspiring name! And a couple others, I forget. I just started regular-lipstick-wearing a couple years ago.

    If you are feeling adventurous, you can explore what it's like to put a slightly darker liner just outside your natural lip line. That's fun. I do it now all the time, hahaha, and I don't care if I look smooshy or like Crawford after one too many.

  7. Wine with everything is a brilliant idea : )

    I think Plumalicious is my fav though. Not too dark, not too light, Goldilocks approved.


  8. Wine with everything is my fav! I think bold red is the right choice for you.

    Wearing a lipstick always makes me feel better.


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