Thursday, 17 December 2015

Around My Home

Jazzy Jack asked where I'd put the big aluminum washtub.  Fear not, JJ, I would never abandon it.  I dove head first into a dumpster to get it and I love it no matter what strange looks people give me over it.

Here it is, gloriously leaning against a wall, still in the living room.

JJ also asked for a photo of my latest selection of branches.  Here they are atop the bookshelf, just as branches should be.

I am not a gregarious Christmas decorator and limit myself to what nature provides and my collection of folk art Santas.  Every year Mum provides me with greenery from her bounteous garden and makes a swag for my door with a lovely assortment.  She tends to also buy me poinsettias and scented white carnations to add to the greenery.

                                   Here is the swag for this year.

And I thought I would leave you with my new friend Chester the sheep.  I don't usually fall victim to cute things but I'm happily a fashion victim with a sheep on my chest.


  1. Oooh cute! I'd been tempted to buy the sheep sweater too. And your holiday decor is doing better than me. I guess I better get a move on too, there's company coming!
    Happy Holidays Shawna!

    1. Or you could just have a decorating party when the company arrives! Make it potluck too and they can bring treats to eat as well. ;-) Happy Holidays!

  2. Thankyou! I do love rusty things. And curly branches are the best. Are they tortured willow?
    You look great with this haircut and clothing style I must say!
    Lovely swag :-) (Very Aussie word meaning bundle of wordly goods i.e. Swagman )
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, Salix Tortuosa. Poor tortured willow. Mum and dad have a huge one on the edge of their garden by the beach. I too love rusty things. Tarnished, worn, a little shabby all appeal to me much more than new and shiny. Perhaps I should repeat that mantra every morning when looking in the mirror! lol xoxoxo

  3. Oooh...I adore natural holiday decorations! I used to make my own when we lived in BC.

    That sweater is adorable!


  4. I would buy that sheep sweater in a flash!!! It looks awesome on you ... Loving your haircut as well!!!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your swag and branches.

  5. love that cute! well paired with those jeans...I do like your home.


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