Sunday, 27 December 2015

Ink-But Not the Tattoo Kind

Subtitle:    A Post In Which I Ramble A Bit With a Vague Ink Theme

I love ink blue, though having said that when it comes to the actual ink in pens I always choose black.  Amongst blues though, it is anything that looks inky, indigo or denim that really appeals to me, rivaled perhaps by anything in the greyed aqua range. 

In addition to the fact that I always receive books for Christmas and have happily had my nose buried in some for the past few days (ink=books, get it?), ink blue is one of my favourite colours, from the darkest ink, to a medium indigo and a faded denim blue, and as a Christmas gift I also received a beautiful pashmina in these colours.  I wrap myself up in it while reading.  I am tired from the Christmas events but I look significantly better (and thus less tired) in these inky tones than I would in black (Blue is my new Black).  They are soft and muted.  This looks rather like someone doodled designs in blue ink, shading some spots more heavily and thus darker. (It's looking slightly more teal on my screen at the moment but I've got a post sunset dimming feature on my screen which gives everything a yellowish-greenish tint so that could be why.  It's definitely blue like pen ink, and indigo dye)

Some more ink I received for Christmas, admittedly it is black:

Source               Fifteen Dogs (Just finished this last night and loved it)

Source               The Heart Goes Last

Source               Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Decoded


  1. Have you ever tried painting with real ink? I mean the kind that goes into pens...I did and my husband said I was crazy because that ink he had is quite pricy but I honestly didn't know that at the, that bottle of supposedly very expenssive ink was stored somewhere and he didn't even know he had it until I digged it out (or was it the other way around? our memory is a funny thinf).

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your pixie. You look great with even shorter hair (maybe you had this hairstyle for a while but I haven't visited you lately, sorry for have you been?) you eyes look really pretty in that selfie...that is one shade of blue I really love.

    I haven't read The Heart goes Last by Atwood yet! but as yourself, I love this writer. Alice's Adventures is Wonderland is a novel that always inspires me and I like to take my copy everywhere with me. Fifteen dogs...I have to check that one out.

  2. Oh, lovely new books! I've been tearing through free ebooks, not a satisfying experience, doubly unsatisfying because they are digital. Sigh. And I'm glad you made it through the holidays intact. Your pashmina shawl is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful inky pashmina! People would ask me if I inked it in...maybe I have a reputation?
    So nice you can photograph colours again!
    Happy Christmas. Glad you came through OK :-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. So happy to hear that you are feeling OK after Christmas ~ My son also LOVES getting books as gifts ... I got him 2 Stephen King books he wanted and then we did another trip on the 26th where he got another 16 books (half paid by him the other half by his ever loving mother!LOL!).

    Your pashmina looks absolutely awesome!!! Those are colours I also love. And it suits your eyes so beautifully.

    Enjoy your time with your nose in your novels!

  5. Love the inky pashmina wrap! And anything by Margaret Atwood has to go on my list asap. Happy new year, xox


  6. When I did my teacher training course, the deputy head teacher was the art coordinator and he got every child to do a black ink repeated pattern on thick tracing paper (using ink and paint-brushes- HORRENDOUSLY hard to clean!) and then we coloured the gaps using coloured inks-then I had to stick them all together into a massive cylinder and we made an enormous light cover for the school hall- they looked amazing!!! xx


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