Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Sun Pierces Through the Clouds

Despite feeling overwhelmed, I persevere.  That's something I'm good at.  Though I am sad to say that cooking more and washing dishes is replacing blog reading and writing.  Still, for me there is a sense of satisfaction in being able to successfully tackle the chores of daily living.  For some reason I have really retreated from people lately, just needing to regroup as they say, to hunker down and breathe and eat and sleep and do a bit of Christmas shopping.  For awhile it was busy with appointments and jobs that needed doing, and having two electricians in my home for a few hours caused the need for at least two days of twelve hour sleep.  I need to call a plumber but am thankful it's not an emergency as I will have to summon up some energy for that now too.

I'm not much good with newsy updates but as my camera is sort of working now (that is it takes clear, focused pictures but now I can't get the timer to work) I will share the new bookshelf and the new haircut.  Posing is limited when you have to stretch your arm out to reach the button.  Lighting is good so colours are accurate.  This is my natural hair colour (no dyes in it) my naturally pale face and my under-eye luggage.  Behind me is the bookshelf I am going to show more of next.

After taking this picture I added a lovely bunch of curly willow branches to the top of the shelf.  Mum brought them from her garden, knowing I have a bit of a branch fetish and that there are branches all over my home.

Now I am going to read blogs and see how my blogger friends are doing.  I miss you all when I retreat to my cave, but as you can see, it's a rather cosy cave and it has books!


  1. I'd love to curl up for a while in your cosy cave ... the bookcases look perfect.

  2. Ooh I like! Haircut and bookcase!!
    So where did the tin bath go?
    Please show us the willow braches. (I have a fetish also ;-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. You're lookin' good, friend. Your hair is very fetching. Oh, do you know about remote shutter-releases? A cheap device to wirelessly click your camera from up to 15 ft. away, eliminating the need to do what you're doing here.

  4. I'm happy to see you, Shawna! :) You look great with this cute pixie, love this portrait. And I really like the bookcase - what a great addition to your cozy home! It really looks just right - you know the feeling, like it was there forever.

    Enjoy your home and holidays. They can be exhausting. Just take it easy. And I hope the electricians were cute. It helps! :)

  5. no stacked books anymore??? will miss it :-)
    cute haircut! i do not have the nerv to get photographed sans makeup....

  6. Love the shorter hair, it really suits you.
    Nothing wrong with retreating to your cave for a while - it looks a cosy and inviting place to be! xxx

  7. The pixie cut frames your blue eyes beautifully, Shawna. It's a big change, but your bravery has been rewarded.

    The bookcase is so neat, so organized, so not-random-stacks-of-books-on-the-floor. I shall miss the stacks, I liked them! However, you now have a new display spot for more branches (I pop mine into a Chinese umbrella basket.).

    I'm fighting a bout of acute stomach flu which has laid me low for a week. I now have a better appreciation for your careful budgeting of energy resources. Peer deeply into my dark cave and you might see a single twinkle of holiday cheer --- nah, more likely a seasick crocodile.

  8. Love your haircut! And the natural face ... Your luggage under your eyes is not even noticeable ... mine jumps out and smacks the camera!!! LOL!!!

    Love the bookshelves.

  9. we all need 12 hours sleep sometimes:) I hope your Christmas shopping was stressfree and that you managed to regroup.


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