Thursday, 14 January 2016

This Post Has No Title

            Are you surprised that I have only three books on colour?

 Hanging out with me is loads of fun.  I do things like draw lipstick on my arm and blob paint on paper to make colour comparisons.   Here I was testing my primary colours for a good balance of warm and cool selections.

I make piles of scarves on the floor to look for colour harmony.

I am good at sorting laundry too!  I take lots of photos of coloured things, making comparisons, looking for why certain colours belong together or work together or if any types of discord are appealing.  I take photos to illustrate points I want to make in a blog post and then the photos don't turn out well so I abandon the blog post idea and you don't know how lucky you are!

Here's one such picture, a pink sweater that looks bright on me (in a nice way) but in comparison with a faded denim shirt you can see how it's not one of the brightest pinks out there.  

 I am endlessly frustrated by my own limited skills with photography and with the limitations of my equipment and environment.

Lighting problems drive me bananas when taking photos for the blog because colour accuracy is so elusive and I am so often talking about colour and wanting to illustrate my point.

I feel that photos often make me look a little clearer, brighter and of flawless skin than I really am.  There is a sort of whitening/brightening effect that happens which I certainly don't see when I look in the mirror.  I have lots of faint freckles, my hair is medium ash brown but can look almost black or it can look auburn in photos.  The light changes within minutes.  As in these two photos taken beside the same window and consecutively.

This is why photos are tricky for personal colour analysis and it helps to have taken and looked at lots of them to get a sense of the trues colours and of contrast levels.  In photos I look darker of hair and paler of skin than I really am and even more so if the coolness level is accurate.  You can also see that the green of my coat changes with the lighting.  Most of the time it's a grey-green that is cool but in some lighting it takes on a warm tint which bothers me.  I suspect that when the light is such that it adds a yellow tint to the coat, it is probably adding a yellow tint to me as well and thus there is harmony.

I am obsessed with figuring out the 'true' colour of this coat.  I get tons of compliments when I wear it, which is surprising as it's not one of the brighter colours my blog friends tend to prefer.  But in offline-real world people like this coat on me. 

Anyhow, I am very fond of greys, green-grey, blue-grey, grey-browns and neutral grey and they seem to suit me.  I should stop over thinking this coat and just enjoy the compliments I get, but lots of thinking is what I do.

Now, speaking of colour, I am off to paint some blobs which will hopefully resemble something other than blobs.  I'm working on a birthday card for my Mum.

Look at the risks I take!  The mug on the left is my paint water and the mug on the right is my tea.

.......birthday card looks like this


  1. I enjoyed stopping by your cozy space, Shawna! :) Lovely photos of everything and everyone - you, mostly. I also love neutral coats like this one, they go with everything. Lovely BD card! And those mugs are so cozy. :)

  2. Lovely card! Not blobs at all!
    Those greyed greens can be so elusive. I suit a version of khaki too which surprises the Winter me.
    I would love to sort laundry and paint blobs with you.
    I can't be bothered restricting my wardrobe but I love to chat about the intricacies of colour with others.
    I am surprised book loving you has only three books on colour, but of course there is the infinite webiverse...!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. Not only is color hard to reproduce in photos but showing it on computer monitors makes it even harder. I'm happy you're blogging again with more frequency. You seem happy.

    1. Thank you, Ally. I am happiest when I am thinking and writing my thoughts. Believe it or not I keep the vast majority of my thoughts to myself! LOL I feel guilty when I blog more than I comment on blogs, so I hold back on the blogging if I am struggling to visit. xo

  4. Photography in the depths of winter in Scotland presents a similar challenge. You do look good in khaki/whatever shade the coat really is! I really do not do primary colors at all, they just don't work for me. My hair also photographs red with a flash. Cameras aren't much use for colir typing are they? :-)

  5. Wow, you are addicted to colour. Hahaha! Which is a good thing. I love your bravado putting your painting water next to your tea. A drunk guy once took my ink water (I was painting outside) and drank it and then fell into the pool. He got out and I left.
    Keep having fun with colour - it's so elusive and mysterious.

  6. I'm very surprised you only have two colour books!!! Ha, I would SO have drunk paint water if I were you! The card is beautiful and I love the beautiful colour of you coat too- not surprised you receive compliments!

  7. Ha, I say just accept the compliments and never mind the analysis! You would be appalled at my slapdash approach, I think so little about the nuances of colour. As long as it isn't too beige or too grey, I'll wear it! That's a lovely card you painted for your mum. xxx


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