Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I'm In the Pink

Every year, without fail, right around the end of March, I crave two things.  I want pink and I want to get my hair off my face.  I can be certain that anything pink will flatter me, but the hair, well let's just say it's obvious I am less concerned about that.

I like dusty rose pinks and mauve pinks best of all, and this tee shirt is certainly a mauve-pink. Getting the colour accurate in the photo meant some compromise regarding my face.  I look a bit like I've got an orange spray tan in some of the photos I took.  In the photo below everything, hair, skin and shirt, all look a touch darker than reality but it's the closest I could get.    This tee shirt colour is pretty much identical to my natural lip colour.

Slight Digression:
Awhile back I was sorting out my best colours according to PCA (personal colour analysis) and determined I am Summer, most like Cool Summer.  This is working quite well for me though I notice I am still quite drawn to many of the Soft Summer colours.  As long as they remain obviously cool they seem to work for me.  The Soft Summer palette does include colours that veer towards something a bit more neutral, adding just a bit more yellow/warmth to many of the colours and so I stay away from those ones.  I look for cool, soft, slightly greyed or muted looking and I feel my best in the colours that are present in my own body colouring, which leads me to mauve-pinks, taupes, off whites, greys, blue-greys and green-greys, with a little bit of brown making sure it's not too yellow.  Sticking to these colours makes shopping and dressing easy and makes me feel my best no matter what I'm wearing. 

Wearing a slouchy, soft tee shirt  (this beautiful mauve- pink -let me just gush over it again) and my men's Levi's, and I've got comfort and a sense of something pretty.  I'm content, feel like me in my clothes and can get on with other things. 

I bought some scarves at the Thrift shop recently and they feature my Spring Pink as well.

The scarf on the left has a neutral stone coloured background and then a widely spaced and lose pattern of pink roses and green leaves.  I love pink and green together and although the pink in the scarf is a bit brighter than what I'd wear in clothing, it works in smaller doses and with this sort of sumdgey look.  The green is also a bit bright but in small doses it's fine.  In patterned fabric it's rare to find exactly all of the colours I'm looking for but the overall effect can still work.  Overall the scarf reads as cool and soft,  The pashmina on the right is wide stripes of various pink tones and in the mix are pinks I wouldn't look my best in, however the pink that ends up closest to my face is a good one and that allows the scarf to work well.

Many of my scarves are blue so it's nice to have added these pretty pink ones to my collection and scarves are the best way for me to add pattern too.


  1. What a beautiful portrait of you! And yes, pinks look wonderful with your complexion. I also prefer dusty rose and mauve, by the way, though I don't have many pinks in my wardrobe or interior. But I do have some pinkish scarves and recently bought a pink dress. :) Your scarves feature very pretty pinks!

  2. Pink is beautiful. A natural color.

  3. You look so pretty in pink, it's a winner for you!

  4. Pretty in pink for sure. I am pleased to say I have recently added a pink t shirt to my very black , grey & white wardrobe. It is the only pink garment I own but does make me feel ultra feminine when wearing it.

  5. This pink top looks great on you, it is such a pretty shade!


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