Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Adventures In Online Dating

I signed up on two dating websites and have had a few hours worth of chatting time with about twenty men.  Oh my goodness it's quite an experience.  Of course, I am too nice and no matter how nice I am some get all pissy and accuse me of being mean.  One got jealous of my talking to someone else.  They all send a message with a horrible, cringe-worthy greeting like that is some sort of icky compliment to my appearance or else they simply send the word 'hi' or 'hey'.  English does not appear to be their first language even when it is.  Eventually, after some time chatting they want my e-mail address or to be on Facebook with me and are offended, to say the least, if I decline.  I'm just thankful I am not meeting these men in a bar.  Not that I go to bars alone.  Or not alone for that matter.

Note to self: take time to notice when red flags go up and weirdo alarms go off and don't just think you have to be nice to everyone who says hi.

I should probably not be allowed to date unsupervised. 

Note to self: don't get sucked in by broken men who are needy, you cannot heal them.

Local prospects are not good.  I live in a town full of loggers and fishermen with whom I have little in common.  Long distance relationships are hard and I cannot travel nor am I willing to re-locate.  This may all be pointless but it will at least be amusing for awhile. 


  1. Yeesh...I've heard the pickings are slim. I don't envy you.

    I've heard that you need to have loads of patience when trying to find someone online.

    Good luck!


  2. Good for you! I'm sure not all the men on the internet are freaks. After all, how many women have we met on-line who have become real-life friends? Quite a few in my case.
    Keep going but do share your adventures! xxx

  3. Keep your sense of humor. You'll need it. And consider writing an article about your experiences later on. Your experiences are of interest to other women.

  4. I think you can meet your true love anywhere, and online is no different than off line, really. All the very best, Shawna! Lots of love.

  5. Most importantly ... Have fun!!!!


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