Monday, 18 April 2016

Holding up Doorways

The happy face on this woman is the face of someone who decided she didn't want or need online dating.

My photography skills being limited, I am still frustrated by inaccuracy but at least the lighting is better at this time of year.  Lightening the photo makes the darker colours even darker, so the sweater, shoes and my hair are not actually this dark.  My skirt is less contrasting in reality, with ivory and grey-denim stripe.  The sweater is more steel-grey-blue than the bright navy it looks in the photo....I know, I know, I get a bit obsessed about colour inaccuracy.

Like this....

 I love this maxi skirt but it nearly killed me.  I should know better as it has happened before with maxi skirts.

I live in a third floor walk-up.  Sometimes I make the mistake of wearing a maxi skirt on grocery shopping day.  Usually I make the mistake of buying my skirts a little too loose in the waist so they slip down and sit on my hips and are thus even longer on me than they might be.  Waling up stairs, carrying six bags of groceries, long skirt getting caught in my feet is dangerous.  I nearly fell today and it would have been an acrobatic, catastrophic head first backwards sort of fall.

So I MUST take the waist in so the skirt doesn't slip down.
And I MUST NOT wear maxi skirts on grocery days. 


  1. Whoops!
    I remember a pair of widelegged pants regularly catching on a lever under my car seat and nearly launching me head first into the street as I exited.
    I used to curse the car manufacturers...not the lovely pants! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  2. wouu, maxi skirts and grocery shopping are a catastrophic combo (particularly when there're stairs involved), I had also some problems with maxi skirts and palazzo pants when catching a bus!
    You look comfy&cool and love that breeze fresh skirt and those colors, so summery!
    Glad you feel more relaxed about dating, even if your witty comments on the subject were very funny to read and I'm going to miss them!

  3. What a gorgeous skirt. And I go along with JJ's logic: it's the stairs fault.

  4. The skirt is wonderful but not good if it is trying to kill you.

    So interesting you gave up on the online thing.


  5. All for the best!

    This is a GORGEOUS skirt, and I love the whole outfit - beautiful subtle shades, stripes, beautiful textures. Stairs can be so tricky. Stay safe, dear friend! We need you well and alive. :)

    Much love!

  6. Gorgeous outfit Shawna ... However please do not let your clothes try and kill you!!!!!

  7. who knew that wearing a maxi skirt on grocery day can be so dangerous! I must be careful not to do that, but I don't wear maxis often, I'm more a midi type.

    I do like that maxi on you! great look<3


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