Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Beyond Week One- Spring Outfits and Thoughts

I'm keen to be authentic, to prove that I wore what I said I wore, thus the previous post had photos of nearly every outfit.  But I don't enjoy modelling, I quickly get tired of photos of myself and I feel as though showing a photo of myself in an outfit implies that the outfit is special in some way that should be admired or copied.  I'm just trying to demonstrate what is working for me and document what I actually wear in order to be sure I'm not holding onto things pointlessly. 

So this time I'm just photographing the clothing and you will have to trust and believe that I wore what I say I wore.  Why would I make this up?  If I show you a clown suit, then you can be sure I'm lying about having worn that.  Or a bikini.  However, I do not own a clown suit or a bikini  so that problem is solved!

The look starts something like this and if I'm not leaving home it doesn't progress much further.  There will be some jewelry and possibly a belt.

If I leave home selections are made from these shoes-the Spring and Summer Options

And if it's below 18 degrees in temperature I will add a scarf but warmer than that and I get too hot wearing one, which means in April I probably wear one but by May and June it's less likely. 

Any given day in May can be as hot as summer (say, 25 degrees) or several degrees cooler.  It can warm up significantly as the day progresses too.  I need to be able to add a cardigan for warmth, or change from jeans to a pair of shorts part way through the day and not have to change the rest of the outfit.

This Week's Combinations

white sweater + grey jeans + birks sandals + default earrings

cropped jeans + beige linen tee shirt + taupe cardigan -no makeup, bare feet + default earrings + one silver chain necklace

cropped  jeans + light green tee shirt + taupe cardigan + silver and green earrings + silver chain + taupe mary-janes

cropped jeans + taupe/brown linen tee shirt + ivory-white cardigan + copper earrings

cropped jeans + teal cowl top +silver and green earrings + taupe cardigan + sandals

cropped jeans + white tee shirt + default earrings + birks sandals

cropped jeans + blush silk sweater + taupe cardigan + hammered silver circle earrings + no makeup and bare feet

Below is what has been worn in the past two-three weeks with no repeated outfit but individual pieces repeated.

                                  I have two identical pairs of faded, cropped Levis

Colours here are fairly accurate.  The grey tee shirt is more blue-grey than shows here.
Colours are fairly accurate here-the top shirt is teal and a bit lighter, the bottom right is sage green, and not as grey as it looks here.

                                               The casual cardigans

                         The formal cardigans-I'd wear the navy blue one year round.

I wore this leather jacket in April but probably won't put it on again until late September.

I wear the skirts less often than the jeans so don't pair as many different tops with them.

I should perhaps be ashamed of photographing this dress before it went into the laundry.  I am not.

                                         These pieces were worn this past week.

There's clearly a uniform here:  jeans and top to suit the season, a casual skirt or dress sometimes.  I resisted this jeans look for a couple of years, thinking it would be boring, that it would identify me immediately as a non-creative person.  But comfort, lifestyle, a disinterest in shopping or sewing and my preference for natural fibres, lead me in that direction and it all looks very much like what I wore when I was a 22 year old student.


The rejected denim skirt (last week) went into the donate/sell pile after another try on.  There is something about it being a bit of an A-line shape that I don't like. A stiff A-line doesn't work on me. I also put a blouse in the donate pile as the sleeves were a bit odd and unflattering on me and I gave up the grey jeans I've worn last week and this week.  They stretch quickly and end up more droopy and shapeless than I have a tolerance for.  I'm disappointed as I really want a pair of grey jeans but these are not keepers.

Three  items out means it was totally appropriate to find a great pair of shorts and a cardigan at the consignment shop this week when I took in three pairs of high heeled sandals to sell.  I had a pair of shorts on my shopping/wish list and since I live in cardigans adding another to my wardrobe is quite appropriate.  I have two formal/dressier cardigans one in navy and one in ivory which don't get regular wear and now two casual cardigans, ivory and taupe, which are worn almost daily.

Still In

What hasn't yet been worn, from my Spring/Summer grouping are the three pairs of shorts and three sun dresses which typically I wouldn't wear until the temperatures are a little warmer, either of my dressy cardigans and one white peasant style blouse.  I love the blouse but consider it more of a semi-dressed up look so am less likely to wear it just hanging around home.  I do expect to wear it more than once over the next four months though and anticipate wearing it the next time I have a coffee date. So it stays.   The same tops I've paired with jeans can be paired with the shorts though the cotton sweaters will not likely be worn in mid summer and possibly not the two skirts, but those will reappear in early autumn.  This is why I don't do a seasonal capsule.  I'm focusing on what I wear seasonally right now, to assist in keeping only what I truly wear but most of my clothing is good for at least two seasons but some items are more Spring/Summer and some are Spring/Autumn.  I am not interested in packing things away and making seasonal capsules, just in having only the clothing pieces I actually wear.

Minimalist gurus and capsule wardrobe experts sometimes toss out a recommended number-33 items total or 37 not including accessories.  If that works for some people, great.  I didn't follow that.  Interestingly perhaps, I'm not far off those guidelines and if I don't count scarves, handbags and jewelry I'm at about 32 pieces of clothing.  When counting, minimalists tend to count everything and capsule wardrobe makers are less likely to count their socks, underwear and pyjamas.  Without trying to follow any number rules, I ended up in the ballpark so something in the 30-40 range is probably comfortable for most people.  I don't want clutter but I don't want to have to wash everything twice a week either.  I'm wearing 14 pieces most often-jeans, tee shirts, cardigan, birkenstocks and Matty has not complained once that I look the same every day.


  1. I LOVE the colours and cut of those short sleeve tee shirts Shawna, are they all the same make/who are they by? I can relate to not wanting to model, why must all bloggers interested in fashion be comfortable models? Blech, I loathe it. I had a pretty major clear out, then yesterday the re-aquiring began after a few weeks of being zen and minimal ;-0 Steff x

    1. Hi Steff! The tee shirts are from local sources, not expensive. We have a franchise in Canada called Mark's Workwear House so some are from there, a few are from a discount store that sells department store cast-offs. I usually go for slouchy fit and a softness in both colour and fabric. I don't pay more than $20 for a tee shirt and usually around $10. Target makes great tee shirts but we don't have a Target anymore. I have settled into buying the same sorts of things-cardigans, tee shirts and jeans, so if I do buy something new it has to be better than something I already have and then I replace that item with the new and better one. xoxo


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