Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sitting and Knitting

My knitting skills are best described as rustic.  No Aran sweaters, no Fair Isle, no sweaters at all.  Knitting is a form of meditation for me so I knit simple things.  My winter project stretched into spring but I've completed this blanket throw just in time for summer!

It's randomly created stripes of colour in 100% wool Roving.  The ivory colour was particularly prone to random breakage so whenever it broke I would just change colours.  No fancy stitches involved, as that would impede the meditative process. I used  large circular needles without knitting in the round and just changed colours whenever I felt like it or ran out.

My current project is a fine alpaca shawl in bands of neutral fawn, beige and grey.  I'm aiming to complete it in time to take on a flight to Nova Scotia this summer.  And after that I'm considering knitting or crocheting two placemats.  I don't have any at the moment and I am in need of two.  Sewing them is also a possibility.  For five minutes-no probably two minutes-I considered weaving some.  Hah! 


  1. Perhaps summer is the time to consider imposing a blanket ban?

    1. LOL-I needed a blanket last night so you just never know when I will get chilly. Blankets are even useful in summer. xxx


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