Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What I Wore In a Week

 A Week in May

There's no Fashun Here!  This is regular person clothing, comfort is key and the lifestyle is very casual.  Some of these outfits were not seen in public.   In no way do I believe that I am sharing actual outfit inspiration.  This is not glamour, this is not fun, this is not unique.  This is comfort, simplicity and this is me figuring out that is all I want and need.  Oh yes, I want to look nice (and 'nice' is just fine with me as opposed to amazing or stunning or stylish)  I want to look recognizably Shawna.  I want to get dressed and forget about it.

I've got the body I've got, the budget I've got, the time, interest and abilities that I've got.  Profound, isn't it?  No outfit is going to give me a tiny waist or a J-Lo booty and happiness doesn't come of it even if it did.  Happiness comes from being myself, doing what I love, being with the people I love.  If I look like a busty rectangle in a pretty blouse or a slouchy pair of jeans, that's just fine.

brown cotton skirt + ivory cotton sweater + mary-janes + large silver locket

boyfriend jeans + silk woven sweater + birks sandals

boyfriend jeans + rose-pink tee + white denim jacket + birks sandals + purple pearl earrings

boyfriend jeans + striped grey/ivory tee + taupe cardigan + big multi-circle earrings

mauve cotton dress + mary-janes + white denim jacket + purple pearl earrings

boyfriend jeans + lacy taupe and ivory blouse + birks sandals + white denim jacket + large earrings

Loose grey cropped jeans + striped grey/ivory tee + pearl earrings + taupe cardigan

 This tunic sweater was too long and I shortened it to this length which gets me closer to a 1/3 2/3 proportion, usually more flattering.

                              A stay home, sit on the sofa, knit and read sort of outfit.
rejected this week:  3 inches above the knee denim skirt- try with tights in autumn/winter

Activities outside of being home alone were grocery shopping, a couple hours at a café alone, an hour at a café with my parents, son over for dinner and hanging out, Mother's Day visit to my Mum at her house, dinner out at pub with son and parents.

Accessories used this week were mainly earrings, as it's been warm and I've not wanted to wear a scarf.  For going out to dinner I used the small leather bag instead of my usual big cross body satchel style bag.  My regular cardigan is a very fine merino wool, in a taupe colour and gets worn often.  Here I am wearing it and looking glum.  Tired would be the accurate assumption. 

                           What looks black is dark brown. I'd like to replace the watch strap.

            The earrings top, right, are my default and I sometimes wear them for days on end including while I sleep.

I have clothing items still unworn and different combinations as yet unused.  I'm guessing I would not have to repeat an outfit in less than three weeks, though wanting to is entirely possible.  I could live in the mauve dress.

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  1. I think it's all that really matters to each of us, to figure out what we want/need. What sounds like an easy task, isn't actually so simple when we dig deeper, go within. So it's great that you're on your way figuring this out in terms of your wardrobe. I loved the white jacket and skirt outfit, and the jeans with artist's top looks so relaxed, comfy and pretty.

    I am still at the stage of having fun experimenting and creating outfits, not really just for "looking nice", but rather for the fun of it. When I look back at the photos, I don't always like what I see. But I sure enjoy the process.

    I haven't figured out what to wear when I am not interested in creating outfits - so-called casual style bores me, so I wear just whatever I see immediately. It's horrible, I know! :)) But there it is. Having lots of fun writing though. And for that, I don't need much, really. Just my notebook will do!


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