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A Pre-quel or a Se-quel, either way it's more about Soft Autumn

Reasons for thinking I have warm skintone:

I am very fair but I can tan.  Or at least I did in my youth, and when I tan it is a golden brown and not a red-brown.

I look very yellow next to my ex-husband who looked very brown/red next to me, although we would both be considered fair to medium-fair complexions.

In some lighting I look more golden beige with tawny rose in blush and lip tones.

Reasons for thinking I have cool skintone:

Pink and blue look good on me.

My cheeks flush more pink looking than peach-but then I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone flushed peach naturally.  Or maybe I just don't know the difference between pale pink and pale peach.

In some lighting I look ivory skinned with mauve-pink lips.

Images Online that supported my considering Soft Autumn...

This woman was draped as a Soft Autumn in Sci/Art.  Looking at her I would have guessed Soft Summer.  She looks cool to me.  The hair and eyes certainly do though they aren't supposed to be taken into consideration in the Sci/Art system, which says any skin can have any hair and eyes and that whatever you have is right.  Other systems like to offer up stereotypes of hair and eye colours for different seasons.  If you follow the link you will see that this woman tried many hair colours and she does indeed look best with her natural colour.  Sure someone could convince her it's mousy, but it looks right.  See if you don't breathe a sigh of relief when you get to it.


Here is another woman, draped as Soft Autumn, though I must say that those drapes look very bright to me.  Perhaps that is because they are vibrant on her.  I Doubt I would select any clothing in all of those colours, definitely not the bright green or pink.  These also do not have the russety warmth that you associate with autumn.

                                                   Source: Pinterest, dead link.

This woman is also draped a Soft Autumn.  I would look at her also and guess a cool season.   She is shown in her very best drapes and they differ slightly from the woman above but are all from the same palette.


Given the pink tones in this womans skin I would have been mislead.  I doubt I am the only one but somewhere along the way I grasped that the main issue was a pink vs peach kind of process.  If you look good in pink you are cool and if you look good in peach (or coral or salmon) you are warm.  The differences seem to be a little more subtle in the muted palettes.

The woman in the middle does have a sort of golden looking skin colouring but the other two women look very neutral to me, making me wonder, as I am wondering in my own case, if it's necessary to choose between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn.  I would like to know what the deciding factors were.


This woman wears Soft Summer drapes.  The differences between these and the drapes above seem quite subtle. 

This woman is also draped as Soft Summer. I might have predicted she was a Winter.  She definitely looks cool to me but it could be the hair and eyes misleading.  I don't think I can pull off a red lip like that, but do I think that because it's too dark, or have I been trying reds that are too cool.  This is the point where I again remember how much I love Revlon's Rum Raisin.


Most celebrities who are typed as Soft Autumn have a noticeably golden look.  But then, the celebrity ideal is blonde and tan, so even  if they aren't that naturally they tend to enhance in that direction.

The stunning Rosie Huntington-Whitley is typed as a Soft Autumn.  While she often has a golden look I think it is enhanced.  She is fair skinned, with cool blue eyes and naturally light brown hair.  The mauve-pink of the lipstick is pretty and not the peach I would expect a Soft Autumn to wear.  She seems to have bronzer on and a warm toned blush.  I think the key to Soft Autumn might be warm pink and muted gold, rather than the bright gold and orange of True Autumn.  There are photos of her aplenty wearing a variety of colours to varying degrees of success but it's difficult to make this woman look bad.

With light brown hair and a golden suntan, this colouring looks more like my childhood colouring.  my hair was slightly redder but this tan colour is familiar.  I haven't seen it in a couple of decades.


The experts cannot decide whether Angelina Jolie is Soft Summer of Soft Autumn.  She is sometimes typed as a Winter, particularly by those who tend to go with the brunette is Winter, blonde is Summer approach.  I think she definitely does look best in soft and muted colours, but it's a tough call whether warmer or cooler is best and photography and makeup tricks don't help in making that all.  She isn't as golden looking as Rosie but she isn't obviously cool either.

She looks amazing here in this warm muted green, and soft earthy makeup.

                                                Source: Pinterest dead link

Natasha McElhone is also typed as  Soft Autumn.  In this photo she looks lovely in some very cool and soft pinks and blues that I would have thought were Summer colours.  Perhaps the photo is manipulated.  In most photos I find of her she looks tanned and hair a bit brassy, and thus sort of golden all over, the Hollywood requirements.


This image is usually cited as evidence for Natasha being a Soft Autumn.  The lighting is brassy but the colour seems to work and I note that the lip colour is a medium warm-red which also seems to work.


I love the makeup colours here, though they eye is rather heavy for a daytime I.  the colours of lips and cheeks don't strike me as obviously warm or cool, but that sort of dusty brown-pink tone I love.  I got hung up on thinking Soft Autumns had to wear peach or coral, but pinks warmed with brown seem to be really good.

In trying to find photos of these Soft Autumn celebrities where they aren't suntanned is tricky but when I do find them I am beginning to get a sense of the peachy-golden fairness that typically makes the fair-skinned Soft Autumn.   

I am no longer convinced that someone with soft, muted colouring is limited to only the Soft Summer palette or the Soft Autumn palette, though some colours will be better than others.  I don't necessarily buy into these deal-breaker colours, whereby if you can't choose between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn you check to see if you are better in dusty rose or a dusty topaz yellow colour.  I suspect there are women who look great in both, or if one is marginally better I am not sure it matters.  

The Soft Autumn deal-breaker colour is something like this, though I do not know that this model is a Soft Autumn. The idea is that only a Soft Autumn looks amazing in this colour.  I am distracted by the fact that it looks a bit like she just wrapped herself in a bedsheet and went off to the party.


I think that for the soft and muted people it's best to select from the whole range of soft and muted colours, with varying degrees of warmth or coolness, instead of accepting the warmth and coolness divisions created for the two separate palettes and limiting yourself to one of them.  In someone who's neutrality of colouring allows for warmth and coolness to be present, it just makes sense that the potential for a variety of very personalised palettes exists when drawing from both the Soft Autumn and Soft Summer selections. 

Other Soft Autumn celebrities are Giselle Bundchen, Drew Barrymore, The Olsen twins and Beyonce, Melissa McCarthy, Adele

These images are from Pinterest and a dead link.  The top one is a close up of a Soft Autumn swatch fan and the bottom one is a Soft Summer swatch fan. Not all the colours are visible but the differences seem quite subtle and I would wear colours from each.  I don't think the warm and cool differences are even enough to induce any apparent colour clashing when combining these colours.   The Soft Autumn colours seem to be slightly brighter though my favourites are the most muted of them, just as it is with the Soft Summer palette.  I'd never wear that bright pink in 5.3 or 6.3

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  1. That pale gold would do me no favors, and I think the top two of those models look draped all wrong! In online analysis (computerized) my skin tone is always judged cool/pink but I do have light golden tones and freckles that don't show up in photos that make me question it. I think you do have a hint of warmth in your eyes and hair more so than your skin from what I have seen. But I know what you mean, compared to a "true" cool toned person, I can look peachy, almost warm. I think soft charts do flow together nicely and see no reason why you couldn't pick your favorites from the warmer season. :-)


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