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Boho My Way-What Looks LIke Part One of Three

 This turned into a very long post and I've still got a few others on this boho topic as my current bedridden amusement is pondering personal style.  Colour is sorted.

Someone has recently and kindly commented on an older post of mine about the mori style of dressing, a style which I love though have decided I cannot pull off myself.  It has something to do with my overall look not being  child-like enough.  I look a bit silly in very youthful clothing lines-like a mother playing dress up in her five year old daughter's clothes.  I do, however, enjoy images of mori style and really admire the middle-aged and older women who embrace it.  I've struggled with all of costume-like styles which I love but can't seem to feel comfortable in.  I want to be all of them and non of them.  Playing with them has certainly helped me to learn about myself and one thing I've learned is that I can love many styles that don't work for me for a variety of reasons.  The mori and lagenlook styles are too difficult for me to accomplish with the limitations of my health, no-sewing abilities, and small town location.  I've also discovered that comfort is very important to me and while I am inclined to think it surely must be to everyone, we are all comfortable in different types of clothing.  Hooray for variety and the opportunity to admire and appreciate the creative style of others.  

  I find this wet climate a bit of a challenge for style.  The wind is howling and the rain is battering us so that it feels like being at sea and the need to be dressed for it.  Umbrellas are for Spring rain only.  At this time of year your umbrella will be turned inside out and likely destroyed.  This is a climate and environment were people tend to wear what is called 'active wear' year round on their days off.  This is a climate for rain slickers and wellies.

I spend most of my days at home.  While I don't like to wear pyjamas or sweatpants unless I am actually ill or sleeping, I do wear casual, comfortable, low-key clothing.  I have some tee shirts for really low key days, but I like blouses and have developed a reasonable collection of them, with some trial and error going too far in the direction of stiff, classic shirt-style.  When I go clothes shopping now I am typically keeping an eye out for blouses which fit all of my requirements, and if I'm willing to pick through a hundred of them, I will often find one or two.

A recent shopping trip -oh how golorious to drive my own car again after two months and go off on my own to browse in a shop- resulted in three blouses, though one is definitely a summer blouse.  A fourth, in a beautiful blush pink was only available in a size medium and I have to buy large.    Soft, draping rayon is my preference.  Peasant style, collarless, a bit of lace, a flowing line are the features of a blouse that please me. It can have a full button front or not, I often like rolled up and tabbed sleeves.  It can mimic shirt styling so long as the fabric is so soft it drapes and the collar sits flat.  Oh yes, I love blouses but I must admit I often require cardigans to wear with them and that does get tricky.

If the cardigan is too oversized I look like a wooly blob, but too small and fitted and I can't keep the blouse lines smooth underneath it.  I am not one of those people who can don a cardigan casually and end up neatly attired.  I must spend time fussing and adjusting all the bits that get humped and lumped and pushed askew.

The challenge with boho style as we usually see it, is that it's California inspired so it's not really about being warm.  I Googled 'boho style sweaters' and got images of oversized cardigans and crocheted sweaters that slide off one shoulder.  Of course I love that, and I am crazy about crocheted sweaters ( which are not easily found at the moment and are seriously lacking in my wardrobe ) but warmth, I was aiming for some of that too.   There are caveats on the sweaters just as with the blouses.  Bulky, thick, heavily textured sweaters don't do me any favours. 

So boho-style blouses-check!  Doing well in that department and I have attempted to photograph my blouses but have reached that time of year when I cannot get accurately coloured indoor photos as it all comes out too dark and brightening it in photo editing alters the colour.  If I venture towards a shirt-style, it's quite loose and I might tie it at the waist or do a partial tuck, probably wear it a bit wrinkled too.  I never look crisp and classic.

Case in point:  Exhibit A  is a muted olive green, which I think is very appealing and all I can get out of a photo is this mud grey colour-definitely muted but sort of normal looking on me where it would look drab on someone else.  It definitely is that colour delightfully named olive drab.

 And in a similar style, though without the front buttons, this one is in a light navy, a colour that is my safe colour the way black is for some people. 

 And you have seen me wearing this teal blouse.  Teal is perhaps one of the most flattering colours for me, but then there is a version of teal or aqua for everyone.

The teal and navy blouses were thrifted, the olive blouse was discount retail ( Winners ).

I have a collection of off-whites in very romantic styles.  All are also from Winners.

This blouse reads as pure white on me but isn't pure white in comparison with white paper.  It's not a cool blue white but is a bit softer.  Whereas the two blouses above would be obviously off white, the one below reads as white on me and I'd only wear it in summer.

The red cotton blouse, which appears in another post I may or may not have already published, was a sale rack find at Mark's Work Wearhouse.  I get many basics there and it's right next door to Winners!

Yes, it is rather wrinkled, though clean.  As I mentioned, crisp is not my style.  This blue summer blouse is also from Mark's Work Wearhouse.  It's just the sort of pattern I love, muted, subtle, and with a scrolling suggestion of paisley or plants.

This soft butter yellow  ( a colour my camera tends to turn white ) draped shirt-style blouse was white and I dyed it.  I have not worn this one out of the house, though I won't rule out the possibility.  It does get rumpled and wrinkled pretty quickly.

I think this is a good selection of boho-style blouses to be getting on with, though I will be looking for more sleeveless summery ones next year.

Boho-style sweaters or tunic tops are still on the wish list for winter.  I have cotton sweaters that work for cooler days in Spring and Summer.   Also on the wish list are silk camisoles and soft, wool socks.  I've got two pair of delightfully soft and warm socks, which I found recently while shopping for brown tights.  No luck there-a huge wall of black tights and nothing else.  Wouldn't mustard or teal be wonderful?  If I do find them in some little local boutique they are going to cost me an arm plus the two legs I want to wear them on.

I wonder if I will ever get brave and try shopping online from an American retailer, pay double, plus shipping and customs and then worry about what happens if I need to return it.   Somehow I don't see this happening. 

I usually like the looks of Free People clothing but my experiences with it are that it's cheap in quality but not in price tag.  I like this sweater very much, though that's not my colour.  I would end up trimming half of the fringe off though.

                                                          Sweater Fantasies


Also cute, but I know that extra long shirt-tail hems drive me nuts and this one is too long.


Also on my Winter Wish List is a belt.  It has to be leather of course, mid-brown and with an interesting but not too ornate buckle.  I can easily acquire one with a plain buckle so that may have to do in the meantime.

Final note:  I have mentioned in this one post both being bedridden and suddenly enjoying the freedom of shopping.  A brief explanation is this-I am in morphine withdrawl and it feels like the flu.  It won't last but for awhile I have been knocked back into bed.  The freedom was shortlived but it's coming back.  I know it!

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