Monday, 10 October 2016

Boho Redux

Currently I've decided to call my style Boho Redux.  I don't really like that name but that is essentially the style.  I love the boho look although most images of it I see in magazines, pinterest and blogs usually get a little too theatrical for me.  While I like the look of all the accessories I find wearing them bothers me.  They get in the way or feel like props.  I love an armful of bracelets but they are annoying if I am actually doing something.  Hats are too hot for a woman in perimenopause.  Even the scarf is pushing it.

I like the look of multiple necklaces but I always get them in a terrible tangle.

I like long skirts but I tend to trip on them and having recently suffered too much from a fall down the stairs I don't want to repeat that any time soon.

Such are all of the impediments to my boho style,  and thus I usually end up with fewer accessories than is typically boho  and the fact that most boho style is associated with sunny California weather and thus not with cold weather clothing.

Then there is the matter of my short hair and lack of long loose waves.  I do have the urge for more hair again as always happens to me.  Typically I grow it out to a bob and someone convinces me to get a pixie cut again.  I am fairly easily convinced the moment someone bluntly tells me I look better that way.  And yet, I often feel that my larger body needs a larger head of hair to go with it. 

So basically  my taste is boho but whether or not I achieve anything recognisable as such is another matter.  I suppose I veer in that direction more than I do classic or retro and I already know I am not comfortable if I feel too costumey and my outfit feels too contrived.

While bedridden and drugged, there is no better time to study the Kibbe categories and attempt to place myself in one of the archetypes.  It's not easy and requires the realisation that although he asserts certain characteristics of body and face for each type, a person isn't going to have all of them and it's more about the general impression in the end.   I struggle with it because height to him seems to mean drama and there is nothing dramatic about me.  His dramatic categories require strong colours, dramatic makeup, large, chunky accessories and broad shoulders which I do not have.  He asserts that someone over 5'7" is a dramatic.  He asserts many things and yet has also been known to say not to take

Initially I put myself in the Soft Natural category but I can see how I might fit Flamboyant Natural.  I am definitely not flamboyant but this is the category he gives to taller women, with the basic assertion that taller bodies need more drama.  I find that difficult to cope with, as big bold accessories, bright colours and strong geometric patterns are definitely not suited to me.   I look better with a natural look, something a little softer but I can see how the lines of flamboyant natural would work for me and it's not much different from Soft Natural.  It's a kind of boho look, really, with a downwardly draping trend and it's this image of the softly draping, downward moving clothing that makes me realise why I am not quite happy with the blue blouse of the previous posts.  The blouse is too stiff, too shirt-like and I think I am just trying to convince myself it works for me because I love the colour.  It doesn't quite look or feel like me, and I don't think having it tailored to a snugger fit would remedy that at all.

My Thanksgiving Dinner outfit was softly flowing downward, easy to move in and felt right.   I did take some photos but I'm looking rather tired and and the photos turned out too dark so they really aren't worth sharing here.   I wore a calf length slightly flared, gored skirt in a medium brown colour with a hip-bone length pink-brown cotton sweater and my newly purchased muted gold raw silk scarf.  I added an inherited antique brooch and a favourite pair of hammered copper earrings made from old pennies.  I began with bare legs and shoes but changed to a warmly lined pair of brown suede western style boots. 

In order to capture the skirt colour accurately I photographed everything in a large sunny patch on the living room floor. Matty obligingly vacated it for me.  The sweater colour is browner than this, though definitely a pink brown.  I dyed it as it was originally white.

Hanging on my bedroom door, the sweater colour is a little more accurate but the skirt reads as nearly black.

The boots are so comfortable I could live in them.  They are meant for cold weather wear and feel warm and soft.

The rings shown here are on my hands all the time, the earrings are a favourite pair bought at a local craft fair.  They are hammered pennies and the silver piece over the copper is from dimes.  The brooch is an inherited antique and comes from Scotland.

The skirt, sweater and boots were all purchased at thrift shops and represent some of my best finds ever.

My every day cross body/shoulder bag by Alberta's Adrian Klis is just fine with this outfit and occasion.

This ensemble is something I would put together if asked to wear the clothes that best represent me.  Earthy, simple, comfortable, with a touch of elegance.  I don't own abundant replicas of this outfit because I don't need that.  I have other sweaters and blouses that could be worn with the skirt as well as a pair of shoes. 

Yes, the outfit is very subdued earthy and that is so very much my comfort zone.  I'm so happy to have spotted enough warmth in my colouring to support my beloved brown tones.

In thinking about my style, both the choices I make and what just suits my shape, colouring and energy, I remembered some descriptions I'd read on Christine Scaman's blog, 12 Blueprints.  She describes the Soft Autumn person as casual and relaxed, mellow, and somewhat uncluttered.  Appearance with and without makeup is not much different.  The mood is organic and earthy, 'more homespun than hippie'.  Looking like she made an effort doesn't really right, nor does drama and flash.   This description is something that really resonates with me.  It sounds a bit like my boho redux.  She describes an outfit she imagines is the epitome of the Soft Autumn person and it's not far from what I would wear.  Not far, in fact, from this outfit above. 


  1. I think it's fab that you've created your own 'boho' style, as that kind of cathegories are just for guidance (and for fun too!). You rock earthy tones, you look beautiful wearing them and your ensemble looks really lovely!
    I'm more into a Dark Autumn-Bright Winter mood actually!

    1. I Love your colours so much and I know I am quite attracted to Dark Autumn but it overwhelms me. You look perfect in it and I am always excited to see your outfits. Big hugs for you, you sweetie pie. xo


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