Monday, 31 October 2016

Ending The Month

This month there has been a lot of illness and bed rest and one step forward, one back-which is like standing still but takes more energy- and here we are at the end of October and I'm not sure how we got here.  Or at least not sure how I got here.  You may be more aware than I am.

Here are some toadstools to enjoy before you proceed.  These are larger than my fist and there are several clusters of them in the garden.  Something has been happily nibbling at them.  Slugs, I expect.  For reference, those catkins are quite large ones, the size of my fingers -but my fingers are not that fat and bent.  Or at least I don't think they are.  You can see them in a photo if you keep scrolling.

Accomplishments this month are:

-started back to some writing other than poorly written blog posts

-dabbled in art

-figured out how to adjust my photos to get the proper temp-the warmth that was missing and confused me into thinking my own colouring was cool.  ( The aha moment came when I took a picture of something yellow and it came out white in the photo )
(confession:  all I've figured out so far is how to adjust this in iphoto, not with the actual camera and prior to picture taking if that is even possible)

-had a bath ( not that I have been unclean for a long time but after my ruptured disc it was bed-baths and then careful showers. )

-bought clothing and accessories I didn't technically need but which supported my new life as a warmer toned person.

- won more games of Scrabble than usual

-had two coffee dates ( one each ) with two different friends who live locally.

- spent far too much time ( confession:  I enjoyed it ) reading and writing about different style systems.

-played around with putting my own photo and the photos of family members into this programme to find colour palettes for everyone.  This was especially appealing to me after figuring out how to adjust my photo temperatures.  The palettes are only samples and don't include every potential colour, rather they give an idea of the kind of colours.

Hopefully my son won't be mad at me for this...I love this old photo of him.  I think it's at least three years old.  He's looking like an Autumn type.

 I did my Mum's photo too.  She is definitely cooler than I am and is either a Dark Winter or a Summer.  She mostly dresses in Dark Winter colours but dips into Cool Summer at times too.  Mainly she just goes by two rules -i"s it cool toned?"  and "do I like it?"

                                                            Mum as a Summer

                                                       Mum as Dark Winter

Of course I did myself too but those pictures are part of a different post.

  On the day of the second coffee date I was feeling rather hastily slapped together so I greatly improved my outfit when I bought these paper bead necklaces which anyone who knows me on Facebook has already seen.  I love the colours and like wearing the three necklaces together.  I have doubled them here and they could also be worn long or as bracelets since they are on elastic thread.

This photo turned out better than the photo of my colourful outerwear-marine blue coat, green scarf, pink-beige hat and russet boots.

I was also wearing the ring made by Natalia's brother, Andrei Lialin.  I tend to forget to photograph it when I wear it because I have no desire to photograph my hands.  They look like lumps of dough!

If I were not quite so lazy I mighty have attempted to find their best angle and pose.  But it's more important to look at the ring.  I can wear it on any finger because of it's expandable nature.  I feel that the bark ring and the paper beads belong together.  They are soft and yet strong, natural materials and created in the spirit of recycling or using materials that might otherwise be neglected or overlooked.

This photo is a little fuzzy as I cropped it to show the ring better. I love the design carved into it.  

And the beads close up.

That's the end of my post and the end of October.  Wishing everyone a lovely November which in my part of the world can be rather tricky.

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  1. Your hands are beautiful Shawna ... they certainly do not look like lumps of dough!!!! Although I am reading this post towards the end of November ... I am saddened to hear that October was a tough month for you. I hope December treats you well.


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