Friday, 7 October 2016

Just practicing!

 I actually have some of the Soft Autumn palette in my closet already, since it's what I am attracted to but I am keen to try some of the colours I would previously have avoided.  Blues and teals and pinks with a brown undertone are easily found.

 This blue blouse is covered in tiny white dots which tend to give it a muted effect or a bit of visual texture. Normally I look ridiculous in a tiny animated print but I think this does not qualify as animated.

The further away from the camera I am the darker colours get.  So this is a typical at home outfit-complete with grimace and bare feet.  I prefer faded denim so these jeans, which are new, are a bit dark for my liking.  I am not bothering to wash them inside out.

This outfit also took me on an outing, a very exhausting trip for some groceries with the assistance of my mother. I am not in pain, the morphine makes sure of that, but I am so exhausted and I move like a snail with a limp.

My minimal going out in public look involves always wearing earrings ( I become sort of psychologically paralysed if I don't have earrings on ) a dab of subtle makeup and often a scarf.  That's how I make the plain jeans and top I am likely wearing around the house look a little better.
A serendipitous find, the drugstore had silk scarves and I spotted one in this lovely muted gold.  Previously, when I thought I couldn't wear this colour, I would have picked up a different colour such as the muted pink or blue that was there but I pounced ( as well as a snail can pounce ) on this one today.

I look at this photos and wonder how I could not have known this.  How did it take 50 years for me to realise these are the right colours for me?  This muted gold is my current colour obsession.

I decided to embrace the gingery highlights that are natural in my hair and I bought a temporary rinse in a light auburn tone.  It's a bit more intense than I'd intended but I think it still suits me-just not quite a natural look.  Being temporary it will fade and I won't mind.  That's kind of an evil glare.  I was just beginning a hot flash.  I'm not wearing any makeup as I wanted to see how this worked with my natural colouring. 

I removed the scarf as the beads of sweat began to roll.  Some of the photos are pretty funny and include bright red cheeks.

I think that in the warmer tones I am still fair skinned but now I am peachy instead of pasty. 
Oh that darn bra strap is always showing!

Haircolour courtesy of Clairol Natural Instincts, LIght Auburn 16
Blush courtesy of peri-menopause

In the mirror, the red is not quite as intense, so I suspect the camera flash enhances it, just as it picked out similar looking natural highlights in my hair.  I've got an effect fairly similar to the box picture when I look in the mirror.  I'm not sure if I will repeat this or continue to try to find something a little more subtle.  Time will tell.  I'm a bit nervous that it might clash with my clothing.  In these photos you wouldn't call it soft and muted hair.  However, my son has not noticed or said anything so I am guessing that in real life it's more muted looking.

I also bought some dyes at the fabric store for a few very light coloured items that are too pale and cool to really flatter me.  Dyeing works well if you are aiming for soft muted colours but can be trickier if you want bright or dark, very saturated hues.  Fortunately most of my dyeing experiments work out to my liking eventually.

I dyed this blouse green for a change.  I think I'd call it lettuce green.  As usual my camera is cooling all of the colours slightly but I presume it cools me as well as the blouse.  I don't think this is one of my wow colours but I think I'm pulling it off.  This is a very new colour for me so I'm experimenting with an inexpensive cotton blouse that is usually wrinkled.  It was originally white with pale blue stripes and did nothing for me but it's comfortable.

 My attempt to resurrect second-day hair with a little product has left it a little greasy looking.  I had the choice of soft and fluffy and sticking straight up or slightly greasy and tamed.  Which would you choose?

So, as always colour accuracy is tricky to achieve and I get redder hair with a flash and cooler colours without one and neither seem to be quite the same as reality.   Still, I am pleasantly surprised at how I like warming up my colours.  I thought this blouse would be a disaster and it's not.

Other dye projects are in the works.  I have limited energy, cannot get to a store to purchase dye without someone else driving me and often one or two attempts are required before I get it right.   I'm currently working on a red blouse which I hopefully have not ruined, but $10 cotton blouses are a good way to experiment with colour.


  1. Love the blue shirt and navy denim jeans - you look great!

    1. Might you be a little biased? Thank you. xxxx

  2. I like you with reddish hair - you look cute. :)

  3. You have those chameleon eyes. You match the blue, grey and green clothes! Lucky you! ( Basic dark brown over here :-) xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks, Jack. My eyes have a thing called heterochromia, so essentially they are a teal colour with a ring of amber in the middle. The teal can look more blue or more green or grey and the amber can mix with the blue and make a green look as well. It used to drive me nuts because I just wanted a colour name for my eyes. Learning to love them though. Dark brown eyes are like chocolate. Chocolate is delicious! xoxo


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