Tuesday, 25 October 2016

New Me- New Makeup, Ramblings about Colour and Photos Where I Actually Smile

                  Love makes bad poets of many but it's also good for the complexion.


So, now I've got my colours  figured out I can't stop drooling over my own Soft Autumn Pinterest board. I am so in love with all of the colours of my palette and have to address the misconception that a colour palette from a seasonal analysis is limiting.

  Slight Digression:  I am so in love with the Sunset Palette from More Alive With Color and I wish I could purchase one but I am fairly certain it cannot be purchased without buying a book and every one of the colour palette fans.


There are so many colours I can and want to wear I feel some despair that I neither truly need a wardrobe large enough to accommodate them all nor am I like to find the right pieces in the right colours tomorrow.  And of course I want them all tomorrow.  Yesterday would be even better.  I feel as though I've missed out on these gorgeous colours for decades and must make up for lost time.

 Speaking of Make Up.....

I've been experimenting with makeup and having more fun than I've ever had because now I now how to find colours that disappear into me and make me look better but not obviously made up.  It's still a bit tricky because makeup companies do tend to assume that the very pale are cool and pink rather than peach but I asked for some help at my local makeup counter during one of my first outings post back injury and was guided towards some products I now really love.

This is what I told the cosmetician:  I am very pale and have recently become aware that it's a warm pale so I need peachy colours not pale pink.  I think I want to play with highlights and contours but I'm a bit scared to do that on pale skin.  I showed her which foundation and concealer brand and colour successfully disappears on my skin ( L'Oreal True Match N1 ) and she took one look at me and kindly said I had beautiful skin and didn't need foundation and also accurately summed up my tendency for a natural look.  Then she showed me products.  Good saleswoman!

I bought two items from GOSH, a brand I've not tried before.

Highlight/Blush/Contour quad called Contour'N Strobe KIT in Light had some pretty warm, brown and peach colours, very soft and earthy and on my face barely reads as colour.  I have no contouring or highlighting skill but some basic knowledge of which parts should get the darker powder and which the lighter and I got nice, subtle but pretty results, if I do say so myself....pictures further down.

There is a picture on the back of the container which I did not follow as I was much more subtle in my application.   Also, since I don't use foundation, my skin soaks the powder and highlighter up more and I get a more subtle look than I would if it is applied on top of a layer of foundation.


In my opinion this photo isn't quite accurate, as it does contain mica but does not look like glitter on my face which is not a look I am seeking, and these images make it look a bit sparkly.  Ever.  It only comes in two versions as far as I know, Light and Med/Dark and they are both warm toned.

In the first photo I am wearing this powder palette and the lighting is warmer and darker.  Here it is in strong daylight.  Subtle and peachy, I think.  As president of the Pale Woman Club I am very cautious with the darker colours, but I am using them.

 Same makeup, same me two minutes later in a darker area and using the flash.  I think this makeup is working for me.

I also bought GOSH LUMI DROPS in Peach which, just as it sounds, is a liquid highlighter that disappears nicely leaving a warm glow.  It looks exactly like a colour I would buy in nail polish.  I'm not wearing it in the above photos but I think I like the idea of using it on a minimal or no other makeup day.  It just gives a bit of a healthy glow.   This is the usual flick of mascara, under-eye concealer, Pink Truffle lippie and the Lumi Drops on my cheeks.  Yeah, the hair looks greasy due to poor application of styling wax.


For me these are expensive makeup products.  I am someone who has always bought the wall hanging drug-store brands and the one and only time I ever had a makeover, I was 14 and it was Bonne Bell products at my local Shoppers Drug Mart.  I still shop there but in the years since then they have certainly expanded and there are more brand choices.

I've mentioned it already but another recent and really happy purchase is Revlon Super Lustrous lip bullet in Pink Truffle, which is like a peachy-nude tinted lip balm.  Because it's sheer it goes on lighter than it looks and I don't have to blot though I do have to reapply if I eat or drink.


I have a new and favourite eye shadow palette too.  I am now really getting into these combo compacts.  It's Physician's Formula Matte Eye Shadow Quad in Canyon Classics and all neutral browns and grey with a base in cream included.  They are very matte and highly pigmented though soft.  It's exactly what I like.  I have deep-set eyes and always loathed them, frustrated that with eyelids that barely show I didn't get to enjoy the effects of pretty eye shadow.  In the early eighties I much admired purple lids.  Recently I have learned that the whole point of the smokey eye is to make it look more deeply set.  A feature I already have with no effort so now I am looking at my eyes in a whole new way.  The usual recommendation of medium colour on lid and highlight on brow bone needs to be tossed out.  Put the lighter colour on the lid and med-dark on brow bone to make it recede a little.

If you want soft matte but colour you can get those too.  There are some gorgeous purples I would be tempted by if I had eyelids that showed.  Below is the palette I am using.


These products give me my new, peachy face.  I already have a peachy face, so this gives me a better one.  The above photos were taken early in the morning, with fresh makeup application and early light. 

 Another change I've made is that I'm wearing more gold jewelry.  I don't have much because I used to think silver was better on me......

but  I can wear both and I like to mix them though I am really enjoying the look of gold at the moment.

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