Wednesday, 2 November 2016

It's November and Wet

November is a wet and windy month where I live though this year the storms started up in October.  For some people this time of year and this weather is very dreary and depressing but those of us who have the west coast in our blood tend to delight in greeting each other with our rain wet faces and wind blown hair, beaming gleefully and exclaiming at how awful it is.  It is not a time of year conducive to being stylish.  Especially not with hair.  You will either have to expose your hairstyle to the elements or squash it into a generous hood.  I bundled up today for a trip to the grocery store with my Mum.  Our favourite local store is in an old building with a very faulty heating systems.  There seems to be no heat, basically and often it is colder inside than out.  The cashiers all have electric heaters at their feet.  By January they will have moved into a new building which is not only larger but but has a good heating system-an abandoned Safeway.  I think customers and employees alike are looking forward to this move.

So, here I am bundled up for grocery shopping.  This is a new Irish Wool sweater which I love but has given me some trouble by smelling very much like a barnyard.  Possibly why it was on sale.  I washed it by hand in cold water and even used scented fabric softener but while wet it was a monstrous odor and even dry it is a bit funky.  I doused it in perfume and left it for a week.  By wearing it all day today I am hoping to somehow impart a more human scent to it.

I normally do not wear such a closed-up neckline but for the sake of warmth I forgo such rules.  The addition of the Joni Scarf helps it to look deliberate and not just like the sweater is trying to kill me by choking.  It was utterly brilliant of Joni to send me this scarf.  I wear it all the time.

However, the woolly sweater and a pretty scarf were not going to be enough for the cold so I added my green parka.

It's a risky outfit for a woman having regular hot flashes but the last time I went to the grocery store I got so chilled it was difficult to warm up again.

Speaking of warming up, my life is getting very warm despite encroaching winter.  My natural attraction to the colours of the Soft Autumn palette mean I already had some by accident, though usually  at the cooler end of the spectrum, typically blues, greens and browns but now when I shop I am looking for and successfully adding warmer pinks, creams, muted golds and camel.  I'm so anxious and excited to add new, warmer colours to my wardrobe I really have to steel myself not to make poor purchasing choices just because the colour is right.  I'm currently dying to add some muted rusts, corals and yellows.

I have also been experimenting with warmer toned jewelry, buying costume jewelry in thrift shops.  I've bought warm things in the past but tended to buy them in too dark versions.  I have learned that although my hair is medium brown and in photos reads fairly dark, the lighter and medium colours work better for me.  I keep the darker colours to small accents, footwear and bags or wear them on the bottom half such as jeans or skirts.  I do like to mix colour values- usually medium with light and then adding darker accents but sometimes medium with dark and light accents.  Never any high contrast.

I have always loved the look of antique brass ( real or faked ) and although I used to associate costume jewelry with plastic and bright colours, it has dawned on me that the non-precious metals, beads and wood that I really like are also costume jewelry in the sense that they are not fine jewelry.  I like antique-looking metals in general and prefer silver to be a bit tarnished and love pewter and copper.

Here are some recent purchases from the thrift shop.  The necklace of wooden beads hasn't got a clasp so I have to slip it over my head and it just barely fits but once it is on I like its length.  That is another newly learned thing- too long necklaces get in my way and annoy me.  This one almost has the presence of a 'statement necklace' but feels light.

I don't know if the earrings are a non-allergenic metal but it's likely they aren't.  I have not worn them yet so I am hoping they don't irritate but if they do I could replace the hooks and keep the beaded hoops.

There are three bracelets made of beads and I like wearing all three together.  The brass cuff appealed to me for its tarnished look and the raised texture.  The circles necklace I am not sure about because I feel it looks a bit cheap on close inspection.  I like the idea of it so will road-test it for awhile.  I like it doubled, giving a shorter and chunkier look and typically sitting just above the neckline of my tops.

Some people would and could wear all of these pieces together but that's always a bit too much on me.  I generally do big earrings or big necklace but not both.

I am not sure if I've ever shared a picture of these boots on my blog, but they are a good example of how I use a darker colour away from my face.   I've had them about a year and love wearing them.  The original colour was a little more rust-orange but they darkened a bit because I had to use a warm-orange brown polish on them.  They're made by Fly London, so yes, that is an engraved image of a fly on each tongue flap.


  1. "For some people this time of year and this weather is very dreary and depressing but those of us who have the west coast in our blood tend to delight in greeting each other with our rain wet faces and wind blown hair, beaming gleefully and exclaiming at how awful it is."

    You sound like you live or have lived in Scotland! However there is a certain irony here as the weather in Scotland is the absolute antithesis of what it should be - dead calm and blue sky and unbroken sunshine. Passers by are beaming gleefully about how wonderful it is ... "Isn't it a beautiful day?" ... and "Not bad at all for November!" and so on. But don't worry - we will be back to our usual moans and groans once the winter begins properly! ;-)

  2. November has dawned bright and windy but warmish over here. Low 20s at the moment. We have had such a wet year. Can't remember when it was last this wet. All the gardens are looking amazingly green for Canberra. But it has been so wet we haven't been able to get into Heartwoods. Just can't climb the slope from our ford over the stream even with the 4WD! Miles is halfway through digging his Anderson shelter and it's bugging him.
    It's funny how once you found your Autumn colouring it seems so obvious now. And you passed it on to your son!
    Loooove those boots...but then again your boots were one of the first things I admired about you :-) So I always enjoy this time of year when we get to see them again and have what is called in Tok Pisin ( from PNG) a "mungel". Meaning covet :-)
    Love, Jazzy Jack

    1. Low 20s is my favourite sort of weather. I don't tolerate much heat which is apparently a-typical for warm-toned people. But I don't buy into the whole your looks = your personality thing. Sorry you can't get to Heartwoods. I feel for Miles. When I want to do something I want to do it yesterday! My autumn colouring seeming so obvious may be a bit of a cheat, since I also realised my selfies were too cool looking, cooler than what I actually am so I edit them now. I doubt it's perfect but it does look more accurate. I LOVE boots. I sometimes think I should now own any shoes because I hardly wear them. I go from boots to summer sandals and back to boots with maybe only one transition shoe-wearing month between each boot-sandal shift. I am "mungelling" many pairs of boots but trying to restrain myself. xoxo


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