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Lipstick Adventures -A Post No Shorter Than Any Others

You know how when something becomes so obvious you can't figure out why you didn't see it before and it's truly one of those moments when you want to slap your forehead and shout WTF was I thinking?  Or maybe you don't know because you are much less likely to get confused.  I do wonder why nobody told me.  Why did nobody say, something?  I am breathing down the neck of 50 years old and nobody has ever said to me. 'It's not that you are a hideous yellow colour and must try to camouflage it with pink and blue.  Put on some orange, darling. You will look marvelous.'  Of course, all my closest peeps are cool toned, blue- favouring, non-interfering types.

                                                         Warm and Bland

 I've been in bed with a migraine recently so this was venturing tentatively into the land of showered, dressed and trying to feel pretty.  Wearing teal is always a good idea. 

I thought I might be particularly pale looking so I was cautious with the makeup colours and the application but for the most part achieved a nude look.  The eye shadow is copper and brown though you'd not know it unless I blink at you. I could wear a bit more colour in my face but actually it did look more colourful i person than it does in a photo.  Or at least my face did.  Not so much the lips.  That's about the same.

I wasn't sure about this lipstick and after I  bought it I thought it had turned out to be a disastrous choice.  It's not awful though, it's just not great.  I am not generally a fan of blanked out lips but I think this is more soft and subtle than blanked out.  The lips aren't the exact colour of the rest of my face but they are still so subtle I am not sure there is any point to wearing this lip colour.

Does it improve my look?  I doubt it.  I was trying to get something that reads soft peach but most that look peach in the tube are not right  on me.  I am limited, (self inflicted) by finding certain brands unappealing due to taste, smell or texture.  Generally I like the Revlon Superlustrous lipsticks so I stick with those and rarely even look at any of the others now.

Brazilian Tan (which I am wearing in the above photo) is so-so but even worse  is Champagne on Ice -  beige chalk on my lips, though it looked like nice soft peach on other people. So awful I didn't even want to take a picture.

Here are some things I've learned about myself so far: 

I need a bit of colour on my lips.  Face coloured lips are blah on me.

Lipsticks pinkify easily so even when it looks soft peach in the tube it gets yucky pink on me.

I like sheer formulas and they seem to suit me best. 

In order to celebrate a headache free day I popped out to the nearest drugstore to buy a celebration lipstick.  That's what you do when you've wasted money already on colours that are wrong.

Knowing the names of several colours suggested for True Autumn types I cautiously explored them and swatched them on my hand.  Two of them swatched essentially the same colour on my hand though they did not appear so in the tube- Abstract Orange and Sandalwood Beige.  In the tube Abstract Orange looks darker and more bronzed and on my hand, it also seemed more sheer.

I flagged down the cosmetician and asked her to sanitise them so I could try them out because I have learned my lesson:  Back of the hand tests only lead to a 50% success rate.    

The winner was Abstract Orange and believe me never in a bazillion years would my previously deluded self have selected that one to try.  As I purchased it I chatted with the cosmetician, telling her about how I'd only recently learned that I am warm and how I am so happy to be peachy and golden when in the past I was either grey or yellow.  She said 'Oh I could have told you that you are an Autumn. You are so an Autumn.'  I must have been doing a lot of enthusiastic bubbling because she told me I am so sweet.

I don't think there is any light peach lipstick in my future.    Essentially, Abstract Orange is sort of burnt peach, at least on me. Frost looks horrid on me, because of course it's cool,  but the slight gold metallic glitter in this lipstick only enhances the colour and does not read as glitter or sparkle. It gives a subtle metallic look which apparently suits True Autumn.


I'm pretty good at finding the browned pinks and reds that work for me, but as I experiment with a shift from the more neutral Soft Autumn to the fully warm True Autumn, I was pretty nervous about orange lipstick.  I'm not the type of person who does fun lipstick colours.  I am always aiming for something that looks believable.

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  1. Gorgeous! New profile pic? :-D
    I might try this lipstick. Really yummy.
    Now I want to see it with the teal! xo Jazzy Jack


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