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By Request

My last post is not an example of my best writing but then I never did promise that on this blog.  I have just re-read it and cringed a little but I will leave it alone.  Jazzy Jack said she'd like to see some photos so I am obliging.  I don't take too many photos these days as I'm not experimenting as much and am mainly living in my jeans/top/scarf/boots formula.  If I don't go out it's just jeans and top so I figured that's not very exciting or inspirational.  However because I want to see the effect of new colours and there is something about photos that is different from mirrors I have snapped a few.  Having said that, the frustration of colour accuracy still exists with photography even though I have gotten a better understanding of how to adjust my white balance.

In very bright light my skin looks quite fair and paler than what I normally see in the mirror or even if I just glance down at my arms and hands as they type this.  In normal daylight I can see how I am fair but rather golden, even a bit of an orange tone though not Trumpian orange. 

This photo is in bright  early morning sunlight which always seems to give me a paler, cooler looking complexion.  I'm wearing my ubiquitous rust coloured cardigan. a favourite gold scarf and a coral pink knit top which feels bright to me but I like it when it's mixed with other colour layers like this.    I untied the scarf so the top would show in this photo.  While the clothing colours are quite accurate, my skin tone is not.

Let's see what happens in bright light, midday.....

                                   The queen of awkward poses has returned!

The photo above is bright daylight but taken in the centre of the room whereas the one below is taken with the camera parallel with a sunny window.

There is a degree if brightness to these photos which is enhanced and which I did not do on purpose and cannot alter, though I tried.  Colour accuracy is good but the shirt has a more muted appearance in reality and the brightness shown here would be more suited to the Spring palette.  I am wearing a nearly matching lipstick in one of the photos, heavily blotted.  The tone of my skin here is pretty much what it looks like to me in daylight and the way my hands on the keyboard appear right now.  This is the golden, slightly orange tone I keep mentioning.  My hair looks this red in some lighting and definitely brown in others.  In some photos when no light hits my hair at all I have seen it looking very dark brown, nearly black.  That always startles me a little.  That is not the hair I am used to seeing.  Take the skin from the photos above and give it the hair of the first photo in early morning light and you get how I generally see myself in mirrors. 

I have studied the few celebrity examples of True Autumn who are fair skinned like I am and observed how they also look different in various photos and different lighting.  Paparazzi photos of Julianne Moore or Marcia Cross give us very pale and pinkish looking women, a bit more like how I appear in the first photo.  Other lighting makes them look more golden and warm.  My red headed son is also like this sometimes looking pale and pink and other times quite warm and golden, depending on the strength of the light.  

Later in the same day, still the orange shirt and colours just slightly more saturated than normal, the lipstick has worn off and I'm exhausted from grocery shopping but I really love my recently purchased earthy-toned scarf.

Here is an old photo I recently shared on Facebook.  It's a professional portrait, obviously, so I think there is some enhancing going on.  I really doubt that I look that tanned in November.  My first thought is that they probably warm everybody up, but then I have looked at other professional portraits and they don't give warm skin to people who don't naturally have it.  I find the  sweater I am wearing a little jarring next to my face. The background colours they gave me harmonise with my colouring much better and I think this woman looks like she would suit an outfit in rust, teal and gold.

 I think the sweater is almost right but not quite.  It's not warm enough but it could be worse. My memory of that sweater is that it was a little brighter and I wonder if the photo-refinishers toned it down a little.  My eye is drawn to the sweater and not the face, which isn't an effect you really want and I can see how the silver earrings I am wearing also don't really relate to my face although it does look like I have a silver tooth and I can assure you I do not. 

I know I am fussing about colour accuracy and lighting. I am a fusser.  I like accuracy. I want good evidence to back up what I am saying and I want to be able to present that evidence here.  If I wasn't worried about that this would be a much shorter post that says, here I am wearing some clothes in colours I like.  These colours suit me because I say so.  The End.

A Brief Study of Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross outdoors and looking very pale...


                                   Source:  Daily Mail, I refuse to link to them


The white shirt doesn't seem to be doing her any favours either.  Her character in Desperate Housewives was usually dressed in Autumn colours but paparazzi photos indicate that Ms Cross is either unaware of or indifferent to what colours suit her best and she tends to wear black, white or very pale beige colours.

Golds and warm greens are stunning on her and a Pinterest Site I found dedicated to Marcia really shows the colours that are hits and misses.  I'm not sure about those earrings and I want to warm them up.  They appear to be pearls but I'd like them to be more golden.

Although looking obviously warm and golden is a good sign of being a Spring or Autumn, it isn't the only way to judge. Putting the colours on is the only way to tell and sometimes there are surprises.  Sometimes a person you might think of as looking pale, pink and cool still looks best in the warm colours.  That's why draping is the ultimate method of colour analysis as opposed to trying to fit your skin, hair and eye colours into a pre-determined set of norms.  We don't all fit the normal range.

Enforced Stop.  Abruptly perhaps but if I don't make myself stop I will just keep typing my thoughts.


  1. Thankyou!! <3
    I find the shot with the new scarf most balanced lightwise. I think you do too because you put it last. Am I right?
    I also find my skin veers from pinky to golden in photos depending on lighting which I suspect is due to pale skin. I also flush more easily and can appear quite different when cool and warm.
    I will be interested to see how I go in Winter with these new colours, and which ones appeal. I'm quite looking forward to it for once! I spent last Winter in blacks, whites and greys as a minimalist experiment...quite different!
    You have a lot more red in your hair than I do, but mine is still present. I was intrigued to see my Mum recently who at 79 still has more black hair than my sister!! She was a lot more ashy toned and definitely suits cooler colours. Funnily enough I have always used more yellow in decorating than she has. Does our subconscious know?

    Just an unrelated question based on something I'm exploring...have you ever been described as gifted?

    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I had very reddish hair as a child and it has gotten darker and cooler with age. My eyes have also gotten cooler looking because they are losing pigment and getting bluer. They used to be sort of olive-green with gold. However, according to the 12 tone colour analysis systems it is only skin that really determines palettes and hair and eyes can be outliers. I ran to neutrals as well when I was overwhelmed and feeling that my colour choices were wrong but I didn't know why. I am not doing that this winter but I am wondering how I will translate these colours into summer. I might end up in a lot of cream and coral pink because often summer clothes are offered in pastels or brights and usually cooler versions.
      As I think you know, I've always loved the autumn colours in my decor and thought that was the only way I would be able to live with them. Rusts, burnt orange and yellow ochre are favourites and I favour the warm and mossy greens.
      About this gifted thing: When I was around ten years old I was tested for a newly developed gifted programme in our school district however I was not told what the test was about. I was pulled out of class during something that I found interesting and given a piece of paper with a bunch of circles on it and told to make things out of the circles. I was not impressed so I put smiley faces in all of them and handed it in. They must have thought I was an idiot. The boy who turned all of the circles into jet airplanes was sent to the gifted programme. Later I was put into a pull out programme called Productive Thinking which I found contrived and dull so I didn't put much effort into it. To the best of my knowledge that is the only time in my school career that anyone considered the possibility that I might be gifted. I grew up in the kind of family that would never have considered such a thing or thought it a good idea to tell a child they are gifted. What anyone says about me behind my back I am completely unaware of but I certainly don't think of myself as gifted. I am far too aware of my short comings and of what I do not know to ever see myself that way.
      I would love to hear the theory you are working on. xoxo

  2. I think that those golden and rusted colors suit your complexion nicely, and Marcia looks like an interesting example to look at, even if I prefer Julianne Moore, or even Tylda Swinton, which looks amazingly different in every picture or film.
    I'm considered pale, but my skin subtone is olive/yellow, which is very usual in the south of Europe. I have golden-green eyes too. So I think I'm in the contrary side of the color spectrum than all that beautiful ladies (that includes You!) but anyway I've taken some ideas from their styling. Because sometimes the colors which suit me are not exactly the colors which I enjoy wearing.
    Very interesting approach, as usual!

    1. Your colouring is warm and reminds me of the actress Debra Messing. She is naturally a warm brunette but suits the red shades her hair is often coloured. Her skin tone is warm and medium light and her eyes are warm green. Tilda Swinton sure can look very different but I think she is beautiful with her warm colouring. Julianne Moore looks very pale in some photos and tanned in others but I am pretty sure she has said she never gets a real tan. There is some interesting variety in warm skin and it can be difficult to find an example of another person who looks just like ourselves. We are all unique even though we can fit into a framework as described by something like the terms warm and medium. If I had to guess at your best colours I'd try the dark autumn palette because you seem to handle contrast and brightness much better than I do. Bright Spring is also a possibility. Not that you aren't already wearing colours beautifully, I am just guessing as to which framework you might best fit. I know just what you mean about not liking or wanting to wear every one of the colours that suit you. That probably happens to everyone but I find sometimes such a colour might sneak in as part of a pattern and because it works with the other colours I don't mind it at all. Keep on being beautiful and colourful, my dear! xoxoxo

    2. Debra Messing, nice example!
      I'm enjoying all those palettes, trying some different colors. I think that this kind of frameworks and classifications are something to play with!

    3. I agree! Playing with colours is fun but I do want a bit of framework. I can play with warm, medium toned muted colours and there are lots to play with but playing was only frustrating when I wasn't getting the colours that played well with me. xo

  3. It's amazing how different light can make us look. My hair definitely pulls red/brassy gold in the sun (when it's natural, right now I've dyed it with a more golden brown shade!). I think my eyes are looking cooler toned with age too, I never thought of that before! I love to wear white like Marcia, also like her I don't think it does me any favours! Seeing your picture with the books and plant behind you my eye is drawn to the green of the plant, I don't know how much (non teal) green I have seen you in but I think that sort of shade would like nice on you! :-)

    1. I read about eye colour and apparently the colours we see have to do with quantity of pigments. Blue eyes have the least pigment and some people do lose pigment with age which makes the eyes get bluer. This is happening with my parents and me and we all began with the same sort of of warm green eyes which are getting more greyed-green looking working towards blue. The green of the plant is definitely a colour I would wear if I found the right garment in it. In the past I've worn a lot of warm greens as they are my preference. I just cant' go to bright with them. The leaf is perfect.

      I think many brunettes have some reddish tint in their hair and purely cool hair seems less common in caucasians-or whatever the politically correct term is these days. xoxo


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