Thursday, 2 February 2017

Coming Home to the Right Colours

I am excited to be dressing myself in the same colours I love to decorate with.  While it's not a given that our favourite colours or our decor choices will match our personal colouring or dressing preferences it is certainly a possibility and it is the case for me.  If it could be described as earthy or spicy I probably love it and my colour choices tend to line up with all three of the Autumn palettes in the 12 tone systems.

If it's a bit faded, aged or muted or could perhaps be described as looking a bit dirty, then I love it.  I'm not sure I'd want to live with walls this rustic-looking but the effect is appealing in a photo.  The colours of the chair aren't quite doing it for me but the walls, the golden glow of the light, the brown tones of the accessories all give me a feeling in the pit of my stomach that is probably only produced otherwise by chocolate or the sight of a loved one.  I want a mossy green chair here, maybe with some teal-blue. 

                                                   Source: Anthropologie

                                           Gorgeous collages on this blog.

There's more darkness in this collage than I can balance on my person but I use this level of contrast in my home decor. 

Often when looking at colour palettes I find myself on blogs or Pinterest pages dedicated to wedding colour schemes.  



The pink of the dress on the top right isn't quite working with this palette.  It isn't quite warm enough but it's not competing for attention either. The orange in the photos is perfect but in the colour squares at the bottom of the collage it might be a bit too bright and clear for Autumn and looks possibly like Spring.


Not my Polyvore!  This blogger has explored her own colouring and ended up happiest with an Autumn palette.  She puts together some really great polyvore collages that inspire me to find the colours shown.



I love colour and can get excited about a variety of palettes and combinations but the warmer colours really have a much stronger emotional pull for me.  I once thought that these colours didn't flatter me so I contented myself with decorating in them and wearing cooler colours that I honestly didn't love as much. I love the Soft Autumn palette but as I began to experiment with it I discovered it wasn't quite enough.  Not enough warmth, not enough saturation.  Finding out that these are the right colours for me after all really is like coming home. When you get there it seems really obvious that you should have been there all along.

Here is a good visual example of coming home by wearing your best colours.  Actress Mariska Hargitay in purely cool colours just doesn't look right.  I've seen myself looking like this, as though I had been decorated with cool coloured frosting, the makeup, clothes and accessories just sitting on me just the way they are sitting on Mariska.  This image is from the fantastic site Truth is Beauty and along with this picture Rachel says that when a colour is so obviously wrong she looks to the opposite to find what's right.  Perhaps I would have gotten to purely warm colours sooner if I'd taken that approach when I realised how wrong the purely cool colours were for me.  Instead I waded slowly into slightly warmer colours before finally ending up with the purely warm ones.

Here is Mariska in warm colours and looking like the clothing and makeup all belongs on her.  It looks like she found home.


Here is another example from Dressing Your Truth.  In the DYT system this woman is a type 3 which fits with any of the  12 Tone Autumn types.  The wrong colours just sit on her face and even a small amount of makeup can look like too much.  When you get the colours right it's difficult to make it look like you are wearing too much because the colours blend with you.  I get a big kick out of this miserable looking 'before' photo and the happy 'after' though if I were here I would be happier about that makeover too.

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  1. Ahhh autumn colours, so pretty! Pretty sure I pinned that pic of Julianne Moore as well at some point. I love that depth of colour she can pull off, gorgeous!


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