Friday, 17 March 2017

A Day in the Life...

Some mornings I can't hide how tired I am no matter the effort I make.  I've applied a lot of makeup by my standards, perhaps not by another's but I've attempted to give some colour and definition to a pale and slightly puffy face.  I look a little paler in this photo than the version of me that looks back from the mirror but this face will have to do.  I am going out for a few was not particularly cooperating but it could be worse.  Growing out does mean there will be days when one resembles a mushroom.

I'm wearing a new-to-me cardigan which I over-dyed to a deep gold colour.  It was a green-beige when I bought it at the thrift shop.  My scarf is a pashmina shawl, fine wool, one of two I bought years ago in warm golden tones mixed with blues and paisley patterns.  The other one is draped over the dresser in my bedroom.  The orange, long sleeved tee shirt is a bit oversized.  I bought it on sale and the other option was too small.  I live in it and am rather tempted to go back to the store and buy the remaining one now marked down.  Does a woman need two oversized orange tee shirts?

I'm going out today, nothing exciting just to get some errands done and meet my parents at the cafe for lunch which I am not going to have.  Controlling gluten exposure when eating away from home is tricky and sometimes it seems I've been exposed too much and need a break from it.

For the past few nights I have slept quite a lot, easily ten hours at a time.  Yesterday I was feeling so good I enthusiastically tackled household projects.  I washed a mountain of dishes that accumulated after a cooking spree that provides me with a week's worth of cooked meals.  I did some laundry.  I spent five hours tackling much neglected paperwork, filing and filling out forms, preparing items to be mailed, making phone calls that had to be made and updating backup copies of my computer contents onto a USB.  Today I need to do a few things to complete these jobs and I can't wait to check them off my list.

Perhaps only a few people in the world know this is a very exhausted face.

Perhaps I can distract people from my face with my  colourful scarf and bracelets.

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  1. Hey Shawna ... Even with your exhausted face you look gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed your time out and lunch with your parents. Love these colors on you!!!


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