Thursday, 16 March 2017

Addendum to the Last Post

 This links to a site promoting Personal Colour analysis and arguing that it's best to have a proper one done and not try to DIY it.  I don't disagree with that but as I have said before, it's not within my reach.  I will be the first to admit that trying to do it yourself is difficult and my previous post was meant to outline that.  While I am happy with my final results it did take me long time and waste money. Still, it was less than it would have cost me to travel to an analyst and pay for the analysis, travel, food and accommodation.

This site is a really good visual example of how difficult it can be to just look at yourself and know how colour will work with your skin.  It shows how two people can look very different and wear the same palette and how two very similar looking people can wear different palettes.  I recommend a peek at it for good visual explanations.

This example shows a True Autumn on the left and a True Winter on the right.  Without the drapes they would appear very similar in colouring and in general you can say both have blue eyes, brown hair and fair-medium skin tone.  I think this is why my 1984 analysis ended badly, with a diagnosis of Winter.  I am certain the analyst was not skilled or well trained, perhaps just couldn't see what she was supposed to see.  The four season Colour Me Beautiful system had guidelines that would lead someone to assume a brown haired, fair skinned and light eyed person is a Winter.

These two are Dark Autumn, showing that it won't work to assume that a Dark Autumn palette only belongs on someone who appears dark in colouring.  That's actually why I prefer the alternate term for it which is Deep Autumn.  Deep implies a richness and contrast level that I think is more accurate.

Take a peek at this site if PCA interests you and for further understanding of what can baffle you if you are trying to figure it out for yourself.

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