Saturday, 1 April 2017

Green Means Spring

Perhaps it's the association I make with Spring, more green showing up in the landscape although where I live retains a good deal of green through winter.  The fresh green of new buds and leaves is always so uplifting.

Perhaps it is also the fact that my closet had become depleted of green, not only because I have passed along any greens I had that were cool toned, but also the few I had that were warm green have worn out from excessive love.

Yes, although I mostly avoided warm colours I have always been attracted to warm greens.  I think I told myself either that I was only marginally getting away with them or that green was essentially cool enough if one follows that cool/warm splitting the colour wheel in half idea.

With the very casual wardrobe I have these days, the best way to inject new colour is through tee shirts.  Since green is a favourite I would absolutely purchase something pricier in the right green but it's not abundant in the shops.  Olive and army greens are considered more neutral so are easier to find in the so called investment pieces such as winter coats.  I have two army-olive green coats.

Colour names are not always helpful, since what you imagine and what I imagine when I say 'olive green' or 'moss green' may not be the same, although typically those names do indicate some degree of warmth.  The moss and fern range of greens are among my most successful as they are more likely to be a very warm version of green.  I see the term lime green applied more loosely.  Chartreuse is good.

I recently purchased this tee shirt.  It's a gold-green, possibly deep chartreuse is an appropriate name.  I've discovered I love it paired with this muted rust cardigan.  This is a casual day and I am indoors so I've not got a scarf but at the moment I don't have one that would really work well with this shirt.  Chunky necklaces are just not me though I can see how one would really liven up this neckline.   The jeans that are not visible in this photo are a medium warm blue so the overall look is one of three colours.  Even though it's not a green that matches my eyes it still tends to bring out the green in them whereas a teal that matches them makes them look more blue.  I think this is perhaps an example of how wearing colours that suit the skin tone will automatically also enhance the eye colour and natural hair colour.

I've got on Revlon Toast of New York lipstick very lightly applied here-sort of dabbed on.  It has become one of my favourites.  It's one of the browns from the 90's brown trend but it doesn't really look brown on me.  It looks like it belongs on my face and is quite natural.  I always knew a browned lipstick worked but I mistakenly tried pink browns and red browns first.  They are sort of second best.  Orange lipstick looks natural on me.  What a strange surprise.  Toast of New York and Abstract Orange are my go-to lippies now.

                            Some deeper green is injected into the outfit with one of my bracelets.

A bit of a digression....

This is later on, hair is now pinned back and a bit messy because real life happens.  But I decided to swipe on the Toast of New York full strength ( and at least three swipes ) to show what it looks like.   It's not really my style to wear intense lipstick but this colour works for me so well that I can definitely pull this off.  Also, while it's an orange-brown lipstick for most people it's a red for me.  It goes well with the rust colour of my cardigan and as a complementary for the gold green.  Fun with colour!

I over-dyed this tee shirt with yellow as it was a cool sage-green left over from last summer when I tried out the Soft Summer palette.  How far I've come in a year!

The other experiment that happens with an shift in wardrobe colours this significant is that I am now pairing and wearing combinations that re not familiar to me.  Because I wear a cardigan almost daily for three quarters of the year, I am gradually increasing my cardigan collection, but for now a rust one and a peach one are my staples and generally either one of them works with everything I have.  A cardigan in a golden brown colour would be useful and I think a green one would too.  An olive type of green. 

For those curious, the lipstick in the above photo is Revlon Rose Velvet.  It's a brown-pink which reads terra-cotta on me and works well if there is no orange or red in my outfit.  It also has a bit more of a my lips but better look.

This top and the scarves with it have always appealed to me.  I don't think the model is an Autumn and if these colours aren't True Autumn they are probably Deep Autumn.  I would wear them.  The model looks like she is one of the Winters, though Bright Spring could be possible.


       The source is a Pinterest dead end, but I am fairly sure this is a Gudrun Sjoden image.

So the warm greens I love are limited in my wardrobe right now but having satisfied my burnt-orange and peach passion I'm on to my next favourite, green.   A scarf would be great although there are only a few more months left in which I'd be likely to wear one.  I've still got an image in my mind of a lovely warm green scarf I passed up in the a shop last summer when I believed I was supposed to AVOID warmth in my colours.  So sad.

But, spring is here and later this month the leaves on the trees will be unfolding and I will get my green fix that way if I need to. 

And my collection of green beads is beginning to grow too.


  1. I am drawn to lime green in Spring too. Spring green and peaches(the colour)...although peaches the object says Summer to me!
    I love your overdyeing and these two colour combinations are lovely.
    Aiden is trying out makeup with nail polish and tinted lip balm so I have been at the makeup section recently. I should try some lipsticks but find myself ambivalent.
    I love your expression "my lips but better"! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Lipstick is definitely a face brightener but you feel it when wearing it so it can be uncomfortable. I am very picky about texture, flavour and scent so many brands are out for me. I also don't have access to a lot of makeup brands as I've only got drugs stores where I live. I once sampled a Nars brand and thought it felt really nice on compared with many. I stick with Revlon Super Lustrous because it doesn't have a scent or taste that I notice and I can find shades that work. I like polish on my toes in summer but not fingers. With your deep eye colour you don't really need any eye enhancement. Is Aiden seeking natural colours or something a bit wild and unexpected? Spring green looks funky on nails.

    2. I have all the wild colours (surprise, surprise) but he likes natural colours. He tried one blue nail and back-pedalled fast! So funny. I'm proud of his self confidence :-) xo Jazzy Jack


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