Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Wardrobe

 At times I wonder if I am on a journey to minimalism but then I have several thoughts.  If I am, it's more of a return trip, at least in terms of my wardrobe.  I'm not comfortable with the term minimalism but mainly because I think it needs a whole lot of qualifying and I like precision.  If you've got any interest in minimalism the different versions of it are all over the internet, with blogs, vlogs and various articles to help you find what works for you

There is also de-cluttering advice, Marie Kondo being the latest guru for that.  De-cluttering is related but not quite the same as minimalism. 

Both are aiming for a live-with-less stress, strain and complexity result.  All are adaptable to your own needs.

Winter has transitioned to Spring though where I live it is still not warm and it is usually raining.  By mid-April I am usually ready to switch to a lighter coat, change boots for shoes at least part of the time and there is no need for gloves anymore.  I don't put away my clothes seasonally as I don't need to do that to make room or to reduce visual clutter. Most of what I have works for three out of four seasons and given all that overlap I prefer to just have it all handy.

The highlighted items are unlikely to be worn in the next 3 months though one of the reasons I don't do seasonal capsules is that April can be cold but May or June can bring a heatwave.  The pull over sweaters may be worn and so might the shorts.  Never say never. 

My Basic Wardrobe

6 pairs jeans-could  have fewer but will keep all of these until they wear out. 4 are slim boot cut style and 2 are straight leg.   Boot cut is more flattering on me but sometimes not practical. One pair of my bootcut are the pair I consider my formal, dressier jeans.

4 pull over sweaters

1 knit top

1 sleeveless summer cotton tunic 

1 long sleeved tee shirt (3 others have been relegated to the lounge wear pile as they each got a small hole in a prominent place)

6 short sleeved tee shirts ( probably don't need this many but am having fun with colour variety)

4 cardigan sweaters-I live in cardigans and variety is nice

8 blouses- 4 long sleeve, suited to cooler weather, 4 short sleeve, summer/ warm weather

1 fancy blouse that works for all year but not really hot weather

2 dresses suited to mild-warm weather-one is my summer semi-formal dress

1 warm weather knee-length skirt

1 mild-cool weather midi skirt

3 cotton tank tops for layering

2 pairs shorts, casual not athletic


Suede western style-may not keep.  Love them but only wear them a few times a year.

A possible reason for these boots being problematic is that they are thickly lined and rubber-soled for cold weather but suede is not good for wet weather which is what we have here most of Winter and early Spring. I end up wearing these for about two weeks mid spring and a couple weeks mid Autumn and only if I wear my brown  midi skirt. The up side is that it's very comfortable to have bare feet in these boots.

Leather casual hiking-style ankle boot, worn frequently in Autumn and Winter

Leather chunky heel granny-style boot, a big favourite and worn October-April unless there is snow.

Leather lace-up oxfords, flat heel, people think they are boots when I wear them with my boot cut jeans.

Leather mary-jane flats, when the strap is covered by my jeans they resemble ballerina flats.

Leather sandals-Clarks slip on

Leather sandals-toe thong style Birkenstocks which I love but have to accustom my tender toes to each season.  Probably wouldn't buy this style again although I like the look.

Leather low heeled mary-jane style shoe great for skirts/dresses

                       I recently altered the colour of the shoes on the right a little bit. By using brown shoe polish I changed them for this taupe colour to something more like the shoes on the left.  It works better with my clothing.  


1 casual parka-style winter coat
1 casual rain jacket
1 cotton coat for Autumn or Spring ( dry weather )
1 light weight leather jacket
1 thin quilted vest
1 off white denim jacket (not sure about this-I like it but have only worn it once or twice )


These have been whittled down to favourites in coordinating colours. My most typical accessory is earrings, which I wear daily, and if I go out I wear a scarf thought that also disappears by late May.

                     I switch from a larger, bulkier bag to a smaller one as my outfits also get less bulky

Quick count- 6 pairs earrings, 6 necklaces, 10 bracelets, 2 rings, 1 watch, 7 scarves, 2 hats, 3 handbags


2 pairs pyjamas
loungewear- sweatpants, sweatshirt, 4 older tee shirts (which is too many but I can't let go yet because I like the colours) 1 zip hoodie
socks, bras, underpants, tights which I don't wear because I've not got a winter dress or skirt, gloves, wooly hat, fleece socks for really cold days.




Camel coloured cardigan
Shorts-just above the knee, not too baggy, not too tight, camel, khaki or olive green; Summer casual dress, cotton
Dressier looking sandal
Sweater-dress or heavy jersey dress for Autumn/Winter

 The want category is where things get trickier.  These that are difficult for me to find or difficult to fit.  My wardrobe is lacking in the dressy-casual area and if I did get that sweater dress I desire I also don't have the right footwear for it.  I love the idea of tall boots but the only thing I'd wear them with would be that one dress.  It doesn't seem worth it to create that outfit when it might only be worn once a year.  I rarely attend events that require dressing up, even in casual dressy, though when they do come around I tend to be caught with nothing to wear.  More often than not though, that happens in warm weather.  Two recent examples were my inability to be stylish for a weekend in Vancouver at the Blogger Meet Up I attended a couple years ago, and my 30th High School Reunion which also happened that same summer. 

My basic uniform works for me 99% of the time and I have a very casual lifestyle.  Jeans can be dressed up or down and that is usually all I need to do.  If the weather is too hot for jeans I'm in a bit of a pickle, though I could just choose to be too warm.

Is it worth seeking out the LBD equivalent for cool weather and warm weather, along with the appropriate shoes and keeping those on hand in the event that I may need them or is it better to rush about in a panic trying to buy something if such an even arises?  I honestly do not remember the last time I needed to wear anything other than jeans and a nice blouse in the cool weather season. 

Keeping only what I love and truly use, settling on my personal style and keeping that fairly simple, finding my best colours and discovering gold looks better than silver, have all made this process easier.  Also, I find that I want less, I don't go shopping because I am trying to fix something or create something.  I still enjoy shopping and enjoy something new, but I am much pickier and choice is not abundant. 

Totals for those interested:

Minimalists count their clothing when they are aiming for something radically reduced and want to be able to say that they only have 10 pieces of clothing, or 20 or 30.  Capsule wardrobe makers count in various ways, often not including lounge wear, exercise clothing or pyjamas unless they focus on that group itself as a capsule.  This sometimes leads to a nice pared down seasonal capsule but a hugely cluttered bin of pyjamas or exercise wear.  Capsules are usually seasonal so we get totals like 33 items or 37 items per season, and that may or many not include shoes, outwear and accessories.  If rules help you then you can invent your own or borrow another person's.

Main clothing- 41
Shoes/Boots- 8 stylish, 2 weather/functional
Accessories/Jewelery/Handbags-37 pieces
Extras (pyjamas/lounge)- 9
Socks and underwear not counted but pared down to a what I actually use.

It would not all fit into one suitcase but it takes up less than half of the available closet space, is not a visual clutter, I can find everything easily, I can see it all and in fact I can probably recall from memory most if not all of what I have. 

Some minimalists and clutter-busters impose a one in-one out rule.  I haven't imposed that on myself but it often does work that way.  If I purchase something it is either replacing something that is worn out or I have found a better version of something that is part of my typical uniform. 

This is where I stop otherwise I will just keep going.  That's what I do.  You know that.


  1. Seems similar to my wardrobe, although I have more leggings and less jeans.
    I too struggle when a dressy occasion appears. We have my Mum's 80th coming up and I am flumoxed. Difficult when my sister is sooo glamorous! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I definitely can't do leggings as pants, can't easily get tops that are tunic length and don't have the shapely bum to show off. I came close to getting some jeggings and was actually impressed with how curvy I looked in them but I don't trust them not to just bag out after a couple hours and start sliding off. My advice for the birthday event is to get yourself something you love, simple, so it doesn't get outdated easily, use this occasion as the excuse and then you will have the outfit/dress for another time. The next fancy event that I encounter I am definitely going to do that. Glamour is usually simplicity with accessories. A raw silk shift dress and some funky jewelry? My main struggle is not giving myself permission to get something for the situation. I think I will just make do and then end up feeling like a shlump. My Dad's 80th is this year but my family doesn't do events.xo


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