Friday, 5 May 2017

Coral Red Lips and Growing Out a Pixie

I've never really experimented with the colour coral before, but for anyone with a bit of warmth in their colouring there is a flattering coral.  Peach and coral are better on me than pink, or one could say they are my best versions of pink.  When coral is deep it can even be a coral-red.  The sweater I am wearing is a coral pink and I've got a new lipstick that looks coral red in the tube and is named Rich Girl Red, but it looks more like a deep warm pink on me.   Where does pink end and red begin?  Sometimes that's difficult to say.

Really true red lipsticks always seem a bit overwhelming on my face and I need a bit of a muted effect, warm and earthy, not warm and bright.  That's why I go for the browns.  Revlon has lots of reds and some of them are obviously warm but  although I have a couple in mind to some day try,  a bold lip isn't really my comfort zone.  

                                           Lipstick:  Revlon Rich Girl Red

This lipstick is a sheer, creamy texture which I like.  The lipsticks I have felt quite heavy for warmer weather and lighter clothing and this morning I wasn't happy with any of them.  I have one in this same sheer formula that is a lighter colour and a bit more of a nude but I found myself wanting a colour with a bit more punch.  Revlon is my go-to for quality, price, availability and no strange taste or fragrance.


Growing out a pixie cut yet again.....

I didn't get past the awkward ear-muffs stage a couple of years ago and I gave in to the people who like a pixie cut on me.  I MUST NOT DO THAT anymore.  I feel the need for hair.  While I love a pixie in theory and I like the way it looks on me from a front view, I am generally not happy with it overall and don't feel flattered by it.  In part that is because I feel like a pin-head on a larger body when I have very short hair.  But growing it out is difficult and the awkward stages along the way have made me give up more than once.

The photo above goes back to summer, and is already a growing out pixie.  It's a month or two since the haircut and there are so many whispy layers at the side it's no wonder it has taken 10 months to grow them out to something that resembles a bob.  The hair is shorter around the ears than the bits you can see at the front. so growing that out into something with a more even length takes time too.

I'm in a reasonable stage right now but awkward stages are coming again because once the the length gets down to jaw level it's not as flattering.  It drags my face down, emphasizing and enlarging the lower half of my face.    I have to get past that stage for that effect to end so must remember it's just an awkward stage, just as I've already been through one or two of those. 

Some more layering might help take out some of that bulk so I am telling myself that I will see a pro in six months.

Speaking of layers......

My hair is very fine in texture and there is a lot of it.  This means that when it's cut short it is cut with a lot of detail, a lot of thinning, and this also makes growing it out awkward.  I was wondering if my hair grows particularly slower compared to others.  There are images and blogs all over the internet on how to grow out a pixie and most people doing so get to a layered bob within six months.  I've been growing out awkward layers for ten months and only now have something that sort of resembles a very short, layered bob.  I've had to do lots of little trims  to avoid the mullet, but also evening up layers a little bit.  It seems some people have hair that can be cut quite simply and it grows out easily.

So this is where I am at with my growing out pixie.  My last professional haircut was July 2016 and I've been doing my own trims to cope with strange shapes, mullets, thin or thick spots and the inevitable situation where one side of my head grows faster than the other.

Bangs, fringe, whatever you call it there is the question of do I keep it or grow it out too.  I can never decide.  Most people think I am best flattered with bangs and I generally worn them for the past 40 years regardless of whether or not they are in style.  I will probably keep them.

Hats, headbands, hair pins..... these come in handy when growing out hair and the hairpins certainly prove useful when I can't decide about the bangs.  If I let them grow too long I need to pin them off my face.  I have grown out some of the bangs and left a smaller section short, so using the hairpins helps with that process too.

Hair spray comes in handy.  Sometimes I just need to plaster sections of hair back off my face and there is nothing like hairspray for achieving that.  Stiff hairstyles are not my style preference but over the next year style preferences are not always going to be achieved.

I haven't got any magic tricks for growing out a pixie and there are plenty of sites online offering advice.  All I have to offer is the reassurance that for those of us who find it a laborious, it is possible.  I've done it a few times before and intend to manage it again.