Thursday, 22 June 2017

She's a Day Tripper

I began this post complaining about what the motorcycle helmet does to my hair and how poorly the protective clothing fits me, but it did come across as a bit whiny.  Or more than a bit since I also ended the post on that note.  In reconsidering this wording I simply have to acknowledge that I enjoy day tripping with the motorcycle but I am vain enough to be disappointed by the same fit difficulties I might have with regular clothing.  I am, however, well padded against any close meeting with the asphalt, warm enough when riding at highway speeds, comfortable, and I don't have anything in black.   It's probably asking too much that these garments should also be flattering. 

We took a day trip to Denman Island and then Coombs, BC with plenty of photo opportunities provided by wild flora and fauna as well as the domesticated.  A day trip always involves a picnic and a picnic always involves ants.  Ours was no exception but we were determined to find a lovely, quiet, private place away from the noise of the power tools so beloved of human beings.  No pressure washers or leaf blowers, just birds, lapping waves and some very busy ants making off with bits of cheese or blueberry muffin three times the size of their own bodies.

                                   Our Ride:  vintage Honda named Rhonda

                                               Bill Mee Park, Denman Island

                                            Bill Mee Park, Denman Island

The Market in Coombs has goats on the roof.  It's a bit of a tourist trap sort of place but still fun to poke around and have a coffee there, which we did.


  1. So fun to see you've been somewhere I recognise. We have relatives on Vancouver Island and visited them often when we lived in Vancouver. We visited Coombs a couple of times. Mind you I didn't remember the name, just the goats on the roof! Method to their madness.
    And thanks so much for your comments on my post.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Looks like an awesome outing Shawna ... So glad you are enjoying the riding. Your photos are beautiful ... thanks for sharing.


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