Friday, 29 September 2017

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon

Sometimes my attraction to or disinclination towards a lipstick can be entirely due to it's appearance.  I like them to look simple and high quality, so I am attracted to bullets in black cases, not clear plastic or bright colours.  Speaking sternly to myself I attempted to overcome this unhelpful bias and I picked up a Burt's Bees Lip Crayon from a sale bin at the grocery store, on a whim of course, because the colour appeared to have potential, as a bright coral-pink.  I knew that the Burt's Bees lippies tended to be sheer and not densely pigmented which is often considered a sign of poor quality but I am better off with a sheer look so can perhaps disregard this pigment issue.

It has the strange name -Niagra Overlook and with my luck it's probably discontinued.

This is how it looks on me in bright, natural light but overcast sky.  And for the record, this shirt probably isn't a True Spring colour ( might be the darkest yellow in the swatch ) but it works okay being relatively warm and bright.  I suspect yellows are the easiest colour for a Spring to fudge, maybe oranges and yellow-greens too.

I think I have found a winner here.  The formula is sheer and feels light and not drying, though not quite moisturizing either.   I can scribble this colour liberally all over my lips and build up the colour without getting the too heavy look that happens so easily for me. I don't have to blot.

It has no added detectable flavour or fragrance which is a must for me and rules out many other drug store brands.

My lips tend to skew lipsticks extra pink so it might look more coral on another person whereas it's warm pink on me.   It appears to harmonize with the colouring in my face, looking a bit like I am wearing a matching blusher, so if I am actually a True Spring this might be a True Spring potential for others to try.  I have no makeup on other than this lippie so you can see it without the influence of other facial decoration.  And because that's how I do it.

It's as good or better than the Revlon lip crayons but I have never tried the Clinique brand.  The price is roughly the same as Revlon.

At the time of this post I can say that it lasts on my lips for a few hours but it does transfer onto a wine glass quite readily.   After two glasses of wine and some cheese I still had a bit of colour on my lips and a fair bit of grease and wax had transferred onto the wine glass, which I kept self-consciously wiping off with my thumb.  By the time I'd eaten a few shrimp it was gone.

Here are the pros and cons by my standards. 


Nice texture and feel,  good colour, no fragrance or flavour, reasonable price


Not long lasting, packaging is not elegant

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