Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Light not Soft and Brighter Than You Think

 Finding your best colours is about wearing them, not taking quizzes online or determining what your own colour qualities are and thus concluding you fit with the matching palette.  That may or may not work.  It's a process of looking at colour near your face but I cannot do anything without a great deal of thinking my way through it.  I intellectualise everything including trying to figure out my own emotions.  In the case of finding my best colours it's not totally ridiculous.  I am synthesising what I learn, trying to understand what I am seeing, and I am sharing that on this blog for others who might be on the same path or who just like watching another person's journey.

At one point in my colour exploration I thought I was soft.  People who wear the Soft Season colours are often muted, blended and have a very medium contrast value.  This isn't a given as not everyone shows obvious signs of the qualities of their palette, but I thought I was seeing softness and I felt fairly certain about medium values so I tried the two Soft Seasons eventually concluding that they were not enough on me, not warm enough, not strong enough.  I now think that what I was seeing might be what is described as delicate and applies to Spring, more specifically the Light and True Spring seasons.  I don't think of myself as delicate or even light, so those words would not have resonated with me before.

I had dabbled in beige when I tried Soft and then abandoned it, figuring I needed something more like camel.  True Autumn and True Spring do both wear camel colours but slightly different ones.  The Spring camel is lighter and more golden.

Recently I purchased a wool coat that seemed made for me in terms of colour, unless I am deluding myself. When I put it on the colour just seemed to belong on my body, as though it was in imitation of colours already there.  I would describe it as a camel that has a golden peach quality which doesn't show up to maximum effect in this first photo.

Here I am in the coat and once again I can see how I might have looked at this photo and seen a soft person. 

I'm not wearing any makeup except for a tinted lip balm and there is good natural light.  There is a slight bleaching/cooling effect going on though which I notice happens to yellows and golds when I photograph them near this large kitchen window. 

 A hint of my shirt is showing and reminding me that a Spring is best in a mixture of colours I would wear this coat with a scarf.  Where once I would have read this photo as soft I now see clear, light and delicate.  Remember we are talking about my skin.  I know my hair is not light and it doesn't matter.

This is a better photo of the coat colour and I've paired it with a scarf that I am pretty sure is a True Spring green.  It's not yet cool enough to wear these but I am looking forward to it.

These other two scarves are autumnal looking although they could still potentially be True Spring colours.  The more muted looking one is a little less muted in reality but it does look more drab near my brighter green scarf and that multicoloured one.  If you look closely the skinny stripes in it are actually Spring-type orange and turquoise.

It's not a given that a True Spring will look light and delicate as not everyone appears as a match to the descriptors of their palette.  I would not have described myself as 'light' if asked though I realise my skin is.  I do tan if exposed to lots of sun but it's a slow process and going from very fair to lightly tanned doesn't make a very noticeable difference.

I also get freckles in somewhat the same colour as my new coat.

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  1. It is now your freckle coat in my mind forevermore!
    True the first photo looks quite soft, but by scrolling quickly back and forth I can imagine your face above it and it is lovely on you. Like the sand in my BeautyScope!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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