Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lipstick Tests

I took advantage of a sale and expanded my lipstick collection, knowing I was experimenting and would probably not be happy with all the colours.  The down side to the sale was that it was in a large supermarket where there is no cosmetics counter person ready to sanitize the testers so you can try before you buy.  I often find that in these larger stores many testers are missing anyhow.  So armed with a list of colours I'd explored on Pinterest and wanted to try, I purchased three new colours and am really only happy with one.  I've got some recent purchases from earlier this summer which have made an appearance in other photos on this blog but I thought I'd do a little colour review.

I know from my own experience that what colours look like on other people doesn't tell you  much about how they will look on you, and accuracy of swatches and images of the lipstick itself are not much help either.  People's attempts to describe the colour can also be wildly off.  So this blog post is probably of no use to anyone except me.

                                               Revlon Super Lustrous  Coral Berry

This one is taking a bit of getting used to and I alternate between loving it and not sure.  It seems to depend on the lighting I see it in.  

TLDR: I think I like this one

                                     Revlon Super Lustrous Kiss Me Coral

This one is really quite orange, which seems to suit me but I'm more inclined to favour a natural look so I'm not sure about this one. It's brighter in reality than this photo shows and I might look a bit like I've just eaten some spaghetti sauce.  It might be more suited to Bright Spring or a True Autumn with darker natural lip pigment. Again, if I lean back and view my screen from a distance it looks a bit neon but I don't think that is the normal effect.

TLDR: Not going to work for me as a lip colour but I'd wear this colour in a dress.

                                       Revlon Super Lustrous Ravish Me Red

I know this photo is cropped a bit strangely but as you can still see I had a bit of a showing bra strap issue.  Story of my life.  Anyhow, this colour is my attempt at doing a true red lip.  I feel uncomfortable in something this bright but that might be me and nothing to do with whether or not I can pull this off.  It's a warm tomato red and I usually blot it but here I didn't.  Blotted, I love it.

TLDR:  Yes, to this one.

I wouldn't normally pair this next one with a coral shirt as it's a truer pink colour.

                                        Revlon Super Lustrous Teak Rose

                      This one can  look like a very pink-red when unblotted.

My favourite, easy to wear, no need to blot colour is Abstract Orange.  It's very dark in the tube but sheer enough that it's not dark on my lips.  As you can see, I've given up about the bra strap.

                                            Revlon Super Lustrous Abstract Orange

The lighting in the above photos is a little sun-bleached but the effect is the same, since stonger or weaker lighting changes my appearance along with the lipstick.  Still, if the lip colour looks bolder to my eye it tends to make me nervous.   In some ways, the above photos are like the blotted effect even though I wore the colours full strength.

Two of my lippie colours are also, strangely, gold pearl finishes.  I have mixed feelings about that as in some light the pearl is noticeable and I am not a fan of glitter. Some clouds had covered the sun by the time I got to this photo, and  colours are not so sun bleached.

                                           Revlon Super Lustrous Peach Me

This last one is a dud and I'm annoyed that I grabbed it on a whim.   Revlon lipsticks on sale are very affordable, though.  It looks better on me in this photo than in reality, as  it's too cool and pale. 

                                           Revlon Super Lustrous Demure

I can't bring myself to spend what a Mac or Nars lipstick would cost unless I've spent it experimenting with several different colours.

Overall, my favourite every day options are  Abstract Orange, Peach Me despite the gold shimmer, and Ravish Me Red blotted.  I am waffling on Coral Berry.  Just when I think I like it, I see it in different lighting and it looks too pink.   My favourite more dramatic looks are Teak Rose and Ravish Me Red less blotted but that's  pushing my comfort zone and I rarely, if ever, wear a dramatic look.

I think it's time to stop spending money and make Abstract Orange my signature lippie.

For the most part I end up with too pale, too dark, too bright, too orange, too brown or too pink, too frosty or too thick.

Am I a True Spring or am I a True Autumn who looks best in the light end of the palette?  I still don't know and this experiment didn't tell me, perhaps because I don't know what to look for.  I suspect the ones that don't work for me might be  Light Spring and Bright Spring.  The ones that do work might work on both True Spring and True Autumn depending on the person.


  1. What a cool review. My two cents worth from these photos is: Coral Berry - too pale, Kiss Me Coral - too spaghetti sauce, Ravish Me Red - good colour but wears you may be better blotted, Teak Rose - perfect, Abstract Orange - perfect, Peach Me - old fashioned with the shimmer, Lustrous Demure - you borrowed someone else's lipstick
    for the night.
    I have copied down some names to have a play. Thanks! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I agree! I think the corals are probably Bright Spring but I'm not sure. Ravish Me Red probably is too but it's good blotted and becomes more of a stain then. Teak Rose is probably my darkest MLBB. Good luck with your experimenting! xo


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