Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What IF? Nah

Ruling out Bright Spring for myself was as easy as ruling out Light Spring.  I know colours can get too cool and bright for me and that I don't suit pastels. 

Looking at Pinterest can mislead, as many people pinning images are only making guesses or choosing images based on their misconceptions.  I am sure I do that too. I use my boards as a learning tool as I practice seeing what colours belong in which palette.  I notice that many people with True Spring Pinterest boards cannot distinguish between Bright Spring and True Spring, perhaps because True Spring can seem very bright without comparison.

I think that seeing colours might be a bit like hearing music.  Some people are tone deaf and while it's not the same as actual colour blindness ( such as seeing red when something is green ) some people don't see colours for what they truly are, don't see undertones or distinguish readily between warmth and coolness.  Many people like a colour and so when they see it on a person they think it looks good because they like the colour.  They don't see whether it harmonises with that person or not, or recognise that perhaps what is seen first is the garment and not the person.  Such people are not the ones you want to take shopping with you.  My mother and my partner are like this.  Mum likes cool colours and Jim likes bright colours.  I think they would dress everyone in the world in these colours if they were in charge.  It works for them however, because their bias seems to be towards what suits them.  They think they are just dressing in what they like best, but I wonder if there is something else involved.  If our favourite colours are colours we are likely to recognise as the colours of ourselves.

My own relationship to the colours I wear has been more complicated than it needed to be because I had troubles seeing myself accurately and instead of trusting my gut I allowed other factors to lead me astray.  I've learned much about colour and particularly about personal colour analysis.  I've tried wearing almost every palette, definitely one or two from each of the four seasons.  Some are more obviously unflattering than others and until you see yourself really glow in a colour you don't really know what you are looking for.  The two Bright seasons overwhelm me and because of that I assumed True Spring would also be too bright. 

This is What I Know

Have you ever bought some off white paint, not just the plain white as it comes initially but something with a name that the paint store mixes for you?  The recipe they follow to mix up something called Cloud White will contain a small amount of colour, often colours you wouldn't predict, although they don't show, you just see a particular type of white.  Some people don't see the difference between all of these 'whites' readily.  Others, like me, can spend hours, days, years, trying to find just the right white paint.  Put it on the wall and you will notice that it changes in the light.  Undertones show up and it may read as a bit blue or green or yellow, perhaps a bit pink/purple.  This is how it works with the colours that are selected for the different palettes in a 12 tone personal colour system designed by Sci/Art.  This is a guide to finding your very best and most compatible colours, although in reality, shopping for them is less precise.

So, the Bright Spring palette is a different mix in all of the colour options and because someone who suits the Bright Spring palette is neutral-warm there is an aspect of coolness in this mix and I only understand this slightly as I am not trained in colour mixing or colour theory. 

 The Sci/Art system of PCA was developed by an artist and colour specialist and every palette has shared properties contained in the colour mixes.   Coolness comes from a touch of blue, but also black, grey or white. Grey also gives softness or mutedness.  The colours of Bright Spring are highly saturated and neutral-warm.  The sister seasonal palette is Bright Winter, which has colours that are neutral-cool.  The warmth or coolness of the neutral seasons isn't always as obvious without comparisons and having said that, all colour properties are best seen with comparison.

Some Comparisons

Bright Spring has a lot of pink, and with a touch of cooling blue added to it the Bright Spring pink is a bit purpled.  True Spring has just a little pink and it's coral in comparison, though it can read as pink on a True Spring person.   

It looks like this...



Charlize Theron, also typed as a likely True Spring, is not quite pulling off this purpled bright pink.  It competes with her golden tones. You see the dress before you see her stunning face and harmony isn't happening.

                                                  Source unknown to me

Christina Hendricks is often typed as a True Spring but I think she might be a Bright Spring.  She looks amazing in that slightly purpled bright pink as well as black mixed with brights and she pulls off a really red lip quite well.  Also the very bright red wigs suit her and look more natural than the super bright red does on Marcia Cross.



Black isn't the most exciting colour she can wear, but it doesn't fade her.  She is equal to it it's strength and the strength of that lipstick.


Too bad this photo didn't have a plain background, but even then Christina stands out against it.

 It could be difficult to tell if a colour is Bright Spring or True Spring just by looking at it but comparison helps.  Next to Bright Spring True Spring begins to look soft.  What I try to keep in mind is that 'bright' is not the adjective I want, clear is.  That is, True Spring colours are purely warm, but they are clear where True Autumn is muted.  Just how similar clear and bright are is perhaps still problematic, especially since Bright Spring is also sometimes referred to as Clear Spring.  Ah semantics!

 Compare Bright Spring test drapes with those of True Spring and some differences stand out while other colours seem similar.  In the real world of dressing, there will be colours that could go with either palette and the person works them into an outfit where they will end up looking like they belong if they have enough in common with the other colours.



Bright Spring PCA

This gorgeous woman was analysed as a Bright Spring.  She balances black quite well even though she shines more in colour.  I don't think I balance black and I think these colours are too cool for me. 


Not all Bright Springs look as dark and cool, though.  This woman is also a Bright Spring. 



Here are some images that convey the palette of Bright/Clear Spring.  They can all be found on this Pinterest board though that's not their original source.  I'm lazy.

I think of fruit candy, lollipops and jellybeans.  The mood is bright, fun, creative, and a bit Cyndi Lauper. 

I really do not think this would look right on me but it all looks very pretty with her skin tone.


And here are some images for True Spring by the same pinner on this board.

The colours are still bright, but there is a lightness, a sense of sunshine and freshness.  The palette has a fruit and flowers feel, lit by sunshine.  Warmth is the first criteria not brightness.

On graphics like these below some of the colours look the same but that's more a misleading effect based on the limits of a computer model.  Mostly you get the idea that Bright Spring is brighter and contains some colours in the palette that are cooler, like black and bright pink, which I've used as my guide to ruling out that palette for myself.  Also note that Bright Spring doesn't have brown in the palette.  A Bright Spring person might cheat some brown in if they lean warmer than some, but it's not a colour they shine in.  True Spring does well in golden browns.


The palest colours of the two palettes are also a bit different, with Bright Spring having somewhat icy colours and True Spring having softer more pastel type light colours.

For the most part, because bright pink and black drain colour out of my face and it is possible to put a colour on me and immediately think 'no, that's too bright, too much," I am fairly sure I can rule out Bright Spring.

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