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Dotty for Type One

 I can fairly easily dress T1 without the cuteness already, based on what I am wearing regularly and my lightened up colour palette for clothing and makeup works with it.  It seems to me that as long as the overall vibe is light, bright and uplifting, some of the clothing might look a little like other types but rendered in T1 colours.  One aspect of T1 that I generally don't use is crispness and I have very little pattern in my wardrobe at the moment.  It's easy enough to give my hair a bit of lift and it is naturally random.  I am considering trying out wearing polka dots though I think I specifically will want them in low contrast and larger dots or randomly spaced dots.  Those appeal to me more unless the dots are so tiny they read more as texture in the fabric.  I also like dotted texture in fabric and dotted swiss has always appealed to me. 

Transitioning T1 and also True Spring colours into cooler weather is a bit of a challenge.  My favourite cardigan is a summer weight one, very fine knit and creamy ivory in colour.  It works well over sleeveless tops and dresses.  My other cardigans are more of a T2/3 type which might explain why I love them in theory but don't feel completely right in them.

I am very drawn to denim jackets and leather jackets but struggle to make them work.  I also tend not to feel comfortable in them.  Being a T1 might explain why.  Some T1s do make denim jackets work and I think that for me it's not that I look wrong in them but that I find they feel restrictive.  I need to move my arms freely to be comfortable.  The right jacket might exist for me but I've not found it yet. I bought an ivory coloured  soft and seemingly flexible denim jacket but never wore it.  I loved the idea of it but couldn't make it work. 

Maybe I will just have to turn up the heat and stay home in order to dress like myself but stay warm!  Hah!  

My mission is to figure out how to do ( and where to find and buy ) the right sort of layers.

 Other T1s talk about loving everything and not being able to choose what works for them.  This is an experience I really relate to both in colours and styles.  There are things I don't like but I love such a variety I can't use my taste to really narrow down what works on me.  I have to admit I've even gotten frustrated and gotten rid of clothing I now regret getting rid of, though it's possible memory is making those items seem better than they were.  Carol also tells T1s that they are highly adaptable and this is part of why they see themselves in any type.  Adaptable is a word I have always used to describe myself and so have others.  In fact it's usually something I feel good about.  Adaptability and flexibility are good but they have gotten in the way of knowing who I am and how I want and need to present myself.  An every changing persona is not what I want at all. 

Here Come the Pictures if you are scrolling through this...

Here is something else I love the idea of but am not sure if I could actually wear.  Polka dot cropped skinny jeans!  These appear to be black and white, which I would not use though it works really well with the coloured shoes. 


  The blogger in the link/photo above is really obviously a T1 and also a Mormon so she quite likely has done the DYT programme.  I've not read enough of her blog yet to know that for certain but she dresses T1 and uses the word fun in just about every third sentence.  In some ways it is women like her who made me rule out T1.  I am not this woman.  But she is the stereotype, the 'norm' and within T1 there is variation.  According to Carol Tuttle there is a great deal of variety and this makes sense because randomness and flexibility are associated with the type.

Sometimes though, I do find myself identifying with it.  I catch myself wanting to wear something because it is cute and then telling myself no I can't because I am 'big' and 'big' people can't do cute.  Yeah, self-shaming is my thing.

And yet, what is the feedback I get from people most often?  I am told how young I look, I am told how light and bright and cheerful I am. I am told that I make people feel good.  Sure people also see my secondary 4 and then I get told I am too serious, too intense.  Perhaps I confuse people with this mix.

Sometimes I feel sad that 'fun' is not a word people use to describe me but usually I think that's okay.  I am not aiming to provide others with fun.  My own ideas of fun are usually very private and solitary.

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this blouse.


Perhaps some would wear the blouse with the dotty jeans but that would be too much for me.  My jewelry and accessories would be somewhat restrained too.   While I admit I almost love these earrings....


 the sparkly jewels on them and the fact that they face the same direction so one bird would look outwards and the other would peck at my head, rule them out.

I still have the love-it-but-can't-wear-it problem.  Necklaces irritate me unless they are quite light and fine textured.  I thought that my larger body prohibited delicate jewelry but I may be wrong.  Perhaps my energy type demands it.

It is consistent with T1 to keep embellishments higher on the body so earrings work well and I would happily wear these too and keep the earrings simple.


 I love these earrings from Anthropologie- no longer available though and the link is gone.

A couple of Dressing Your Truth Videos that interested me and helped me see that I am a T1 are these.  Not only just in watching the people and taking in how they look, how they've dressed, and how they move, but in this first one, there is much information about a T1 that gave me some aha moments.  Carol gives some great feedback and support that could have been tailored for me and almost everything the T1 woman said could have been said by me.

 In the second video I've linked there are four women each representing the four types and they are great examples, very true to type and showing how distinct each type is but comfortable in her style.  Type four has chosen a relatively dramatic outfit in this case, Type one is quite subtle, not girly/childish in the way I fear T1 might be.

 In this third video, Carol Tuttle tries on the different types outfits and makeup, showing how wrong they look.  Some people are better able to pull off other types than others, so this gives a very strong visual.  She also shows and speaks with a woman of each type looking fantastic in the same outfit.

I don't know how long these videos will remain on Youtube.   Previous videos have been deleted after a few years.

More Thinky Bits in Summary

No system is perfect for everyone or perfect overall.  I think there is something to learn from most of them and I am interested in what I am learning from this one.  A mistake I probably made at first and which I see others around the internet making is taking it too literally.  It isn't personal style if you follow a prescription and that isn't what is intended.  You use guidelines and make it your own.  Sometimes you just break the rules and sometimes you bend them.  A chin length curly bob is the epitome of T1 hair but not everyone has that hair.  You make the hair you have suggest the T1 upward and light energy by finding a style that works for you that suggest lightness, movement, an upward feel or randomness. 

Dressing Your Truth is a system built on the concept of energy.  It's about your vibe, baby!  Find your vibe and then find ways to represent your vibe in your appearance.  There are suggestions, tips, guidelines.  Use what works for you and discard the rest.  Personally I mix and match system tips.  I use what works, and what feels right and the very reason I've looked into this so much is because I've had troubles finding what feels right.  I know I'm not the only one.

Systems are helpful for people like me who don't want to work too hard at getting dressed, who don't find it a form of play or creative process, but just want to get dressed and feel good, look like themselves and feel like themselves.  Systems are also great for people like me who need to amuse themselves diving deeply into something not too intellectually heavy while bedridden and exhausted. 

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