Monday, 9 October 2017

On The Other Hand...

I mentioned that I had the Kibbe categories narrowed down to three and then finally settled on Soft Natural.  That's perhaps not quite accurate.  Everyone once in awhile I doubt myself and look at the other two and convince myself I am actually one of those.  This is the problem with the Kibbe categories and trying to put yourself in one.  We don't see ourselves accurately.  Even the women I know who confidently dress in their chosen style or a mix of styles may not actually be choosing their best look or the look David Kibbe sees as perfect for their lines.  That doesn't really matter though because if variety or sticking to your chosen look is what matters to you most, regardless of how it leads people to perceive you then that is what you should do.

My search is largely curiosity.  I just want to know, what is my best look, what do others see when they look at me and what clothing lines go with that.   But since I cannot afford a consult with David Kibbe it's just something I can play with and guess at.  I wonder what it would feel like if I had a consult and really disliked his recommendations.  It could happen.

But although I've got an impression of what the man is like ( a very kind-hearted, somewhat flamboyant and exuberant person who sees the lines of people really well in the way some people have perfect pitch ) I can't really assume too much about what he would see if he saw me.  I've got the impression my height would trump everything and that would lead me to one of the dramatic categories where I am very uncomfortable and just can't think that they'd be right, but perhaps that isn't what would happen at all.

Investigating the DYT Type One and how I would interpret it for myself has taken me full circle back to a rather classic style of clothing.  Classic is a style I ruled out for myself because I hate a defined waist, it's just not comfortable for me.  Nor is most type of tailoring.  I also thought that classic was a bit dull and formal and had too many straight lines that looked a bit bland on me.

But now I am reconsidering.  Maybe my dislike of tailoring and defined waists is more of a personality issue or physical comfort thing that is clashing with the lines of my body but one way around that is the fact that I've got no need for formal attire, no reason to wear a jacket or suit or tailored trousers but the casual version of classic  (the simple lines of jeans and top can be adapted to any body type and image archetype) actually works for me quite well and I often choose it.  As much as I love the boho look I find it hard to wear.  I keep simplifying my style until I seem to be heading into classic territory in almost observable daily steps.

Kibbe's classics are divided into three, although he has all but abandoned his central categories and believes people will fall into either the slightly more yang or slightly more yin version of each.  Dramatic Classic is definitely not me.  It is about sharp lines, angles and drama.  I have none of those things.  Soft Classic is a possibility for me.  The softness in  my appearance is so dominant that I thought I had soft colouring and the two style archetypes I am most drawn to are Soft Natural and Soft Classic. 

Here are the reasons I might be a Soft Classic

  • I am generally very symmetrical, crooked ears being the exception
  • I think of myself as a bit bland looking, features are balanced, feminine, average
  • I am very balanced in body shape, not at all a T, nor a pear, but not quite hourglass
  • I am soft and fleshy and rounded though not voluptuous 
  • I suit understated ( which I once was doubtful about but that was at a time when I was wearing the wrong colours so I thought the overall look was dull )
  • I have often been described by people as ladylike
  • When I was younger I looked great with a defined waist and was comfortable that way
  • Studying how I would use and adapt DYT T1 style leads me to a SC sort of interpretation of it and it's a better fit than with SN
  • My secondary in DYT is T4 which is very suited to a classic style, although a more structured and tailored one, more pure classic and quite Audrey Hepburn.

Here is how Soft Classic and Dressing Your Truth Type One could work

  • The main idea of T1 is light, bright and upward movement, light especially works with Soft Classic both in terms of colours and in delicate, feminine design
  • Type 1 can look very girly but a good adaptation of it is to something more ladylike
  • Soft Classic aims to look clean, fresh, slightly soft, yet it has some structure and crispness just as does T1  

My intention for using Type One is to avoid the costume jewelry and whimsy that is a popular interpretation of the style.   (Type One is also suited to Gamine styles)  I am wearing light, bright and warm colours, those of the Spring palette which also work as a T1 palette.  I am using light, fresh makeup colours rather minimally as that is my personal style.  I have switched from silver jewelry to gold and am very happy with how it looks.  I don't own many pieces but am generally happy with a few earrings for variety.  I have some small, textured gold hoops ( circles are T1 ) some small dangling hearts ( hearts are T1 ) and a pair that are gold shepherd hooks with green crystals ( not T1 in shape so much as the fact that they sparkle and the colour is right ).  I have a few scarves and a couple pairs of flats that are appropriate for T1 and Soft Classic.  I stray from both the styles when I wear my hiking style boots but I wouldn't want to completely follow a formula.

I love having a bit of a uniform style.  It's simple, easy to get dressed and think no more about it and know I look polished, pulled together but not fussy.  If I wear my hair in a softly fluffy sort of tousled bob I look both Soft Classic and T1 and growing it a little longer to shoulder length would work for both also.  I have learned that I can push the boundary of cute in the style of my clothing but by keeping things simple I stay in my comfort zone, stay looking classic and understated but in my own way.  I have learned that I can wear a lot of colour when it is the right colours and that I glow when these colours are light, bright and warm. 

A little goes a long way on me and that is very Soft Classic.  Type One style is often presented as busy but it doesn't have to be.  That is just one version of it.  The overall impression is about lightness, an uplifted feel, a youthful look.  This might mean girlish, whimsical and fun but it can also be a softly bright, light, ladylike and simple style.  That's where I am going with it.

This isn't the best photo but it's the only one I've got.  I had not checked for tee shirt lumps before taking the picture and ran my hands through my hair at the last minute, creating funny sticking-out bits.  I have to admit that is all very me though.  Chances are I'd look just like this if you encountered me.  Earrings aren't very visible and lippie is wearing off.  I'm also wearing a pair of straight leg jeans in a medium blue wash and mary jane flats.  I'm often astonished that in such simple outfits people have always complimented me on looking great.  Why wasn't I listening?  I thought I had to be more.  I thought I had to wear more stuff but more just weighs too much.  

Lots of people would like to put a statement necklace on me, I know.  They are popular.  I hate them.  I tidied up my hair, put on a pearl necklace ( both Soft Classic and Type 1 appropriate ) before going to dinner at my parents' later that day.

Keep it simple, go lighter.  Those are my key ideas and they are working.  I feel comfortable, I feel like myself and I look better than I've looked in a long time if not ever.

I may or may not be a Soft Classic or a Soft Natural.  It doesn't matter that I will never know.  Exploring them is taking me in a good direction.


  1. Hey i think you might be an ethereal dramatic like cate blanchett.

    1. Well that's interesting! I did look at that a little, especially when I was looking at the concept of style type blends. I think I have that sort of dreamy far away gaze aspect of the ethereal, perhaps I could convincingly play an elf-LOL but I find that I don't pull off drama, even when it is highly simplified. I get lost. My facial features are not strong enough unless viewed up close. I think I know what you are seeing though. Thanks for the feedback!

    2. no problem! You could possibly also be a soft dramatic with ethereal if the dramatic alone doesn't work. I wish you didn't close your blog. I love it.

    3. Thank you, Anastasia, I am glad you are enjoying it. There will be a new blog but I am finished with publicly exploring my colours and personal style so the new blog may not be to your liking. I am working on it now but it could be a month before it starts up. I did explore Soft Dramatic at one point. It's perhaps an almost fit for me. The lines of some of the clothes work okay but not the recommendations for makeup and accessories. Thank you for reading and commenting. It's a pleasure to hear from you.


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