Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Once Upon a Time....The End

One of the strategies I use in life is what I call 'to logic my way through things'.  It's my natural response and it works well sometimes but not always.  It doesn't work for things you really have to see, though I should qualify that in that one can use logic and vision together!

Personal style doesn't work well with pure logic.  I began this blog with no theme set in stone but essentially it coincided with a big shift in my lifestyle and a realisation that I felt a little bit lost about my personal style but sensed that personal style was important to well being.  While it is my nature to prefer to get dressed and think no more about it, it is also my nature to want to get it right.  For some people personal style is purely about what they like, end of story.  For others it is about experimenting, pushing at the edges.  For me personal taste and comfort are absolutely important and may even take precedence but what does not harmonise with the lines and colouring of the body is uncomfortable to my eye, so I am interested in aiming for perfection in that. 

I have explored personal colour analysis and style stystems to the best of my ability online in order to learn as much as I could and apply it.  Along the way I kept applying  my aha moments and my logical deductions to make decisions about what would work for me and when I felt a high degree of confidence I would logic my way into convincing myself, and perhaps blog readers that this was it, this is what will work best.

Of course in reality I am not certain and can only achieve a best guess after much trial and error.  Each time I think I've landed on it, I learn something new that seems significant. I think I'm in the right ballpark now, as they say, but still not completely settled on one colour palette or one set of cohesive design lines.   I believe I am in the right range though and my experimenting a bit more focused.

I am most likely a Spring of some sort, True or Light.  I thought Light was ruled out but am discovering that it isn't.  Not everyone sits exactly in the middle of their colour palette type, but rather they tend to lean one way a little.  I might be Light leaning warm or warm leaning light but I am playing with the colours that feel right.  I am not sure if I am a Soft Natural or a Soft Classic and they aren't really the same in lines but they are similar in that they are quite soft, or very yin if you will.  They have a lightness that feels right to me and if Soft Classic is the right one, I can use the design lines in casual form easily.  The minimal, clean but soft look appeals to me and Soft Classic is how I used to dress myself way back when I didn't think about it.  Soft Natural is who I want to be.  There are things to learn from that.  Much to my surprised Dressing Your Truth type one is a reasonably good fit and playing with that, putting my own spin on it which is generally to tone it down, is enjoyable and also feels like a good fit.

It feels like I am at the end for this blog.  It was a good run, as they say and I met some amazing people.  I appreciate all of those who lurked and read, and I hope you got something useful or enjoyable from it.  It was always my hope that my own floundering and learning might be of use to others doing the same thing, even just if it provided that feeling of kindred spirits.

I wish all the best for all of you as I continue my journey and you continue yours.


  1. Oh sweetheart! I will miss your thoughtful posts.
    I have been holding off writing until I know more, but I just want to say that your exploration of DYT and thoughts around Type 1, both of which I totally dismissed, have led me in a very helpful direction.
    Not to copy you or anything 🙂 But I think I am a Type 1 too!
    I have been finding life very heavy lately and decided to try to lighten up. When you mentioned Type 1 it twigged something inside, a possible solution. So although I take with a pince of salt or even a grain the advice that all people divide into four looks and all people within a type look alike, I do think energetically they are on to something.
    Anyway, I have found that I was working out of my probably Type 4 structure loving secondary but feeling life was a grind. Looking back in life and also paying attention to my flibbertigibbit nature, I've decided to run my life more with that energy to the fore. If something feels fun we do it type of thing. Early days yet, but so far it is lightening me up no end. Life feels more manageable surprisingly and much less of a drag!
    I'm also experimenting with the dressing side to help support my mood and remind me who I am. We'll see if that fits. Not sure about the colouring although Bright Spring might work.
    Any thoughts?
    I will keep in touch through Pinterest and email.
    It's been a lovely ride my friend. Thanks so much for all the insights you have helped me to this year! I really am so much better for it.
    If you feel like musing my way or need someone to bounce ideas off, I would welcome it.
    I am sad to say goodbye 😢 But wish you much fun and wisdom for the future.
    Much love,
    Jazzy Jack

    1. It was you I thought about as I began to realise this blog was over. I love that it is a way to stay in touch with you and that you have been so supportive and so often left comments. I will keep visiting your blog and we do have each other's e-mail. I do not want to lose touch. I'm glad my musings and explorations have helped you. Dressing Your Truth has some flaws or gaps, so I think just using what you can get from it and adapting that is a great idea. It's colour palettes are very generalised and the style direction can get silly or tacky, in my not so humble opinion. I think T1 could work well for a Bright Spring and in fact I think the colour direction for it is Light Spring and Bright Spring combined. I adapt it to True/Warm Spring but through it I am finding I really favour the lighter colours of the True Spring palette. I think that you could probably use the light colours of the Deep Autumn palette to the same effect. Purists would balk but the system does not consider colour harmonised with actual appearance to be important and I greatly disagree. Anyhow, I have joined a T1 facebook group and really like it. I know you left FB so that's no help. The people are really nice though I keep my mouth shut about my critiques of the system since I'd be insulting some of them. Joining this group is part of my effort to make my FB life lighter and brighter too. I love my T4 side. It's a very strong part of me, but the idea that I might live in it too much does seem valid. You know me-I love love love to talk about this sort of thing so e-mails always welcome. Also, I spend a lot of down time on Pinterest playing with colour boards so it's easy to message me there. Sending you much love and hugs. xoxoxo

  2. I wish you the best as well. It was great meeting you and having a chance to play when you came to town for the blogger meetup. Hugs.

  3. Hey Shawna ... Going to miss you in blogland!!!

  4. Shame,just come across your blogs they are great. Kibbe wise I would say you are a classic, ignore the height. Key things for you is you are symmetrical, well balanced and have great proportions. Classics actually are very lucky they can explore, they can wear both curved and straight lines as long as they don't venture into the extremes. The best word to describe a classic is beautiful, they always look amazing and timeless.

    1. Thanks for you kind and helpful feedback! I have actually dressed as a classic for most of my life, dabbling a little in the natural area since I'm attracted to boho. I think I pull it off almost but it feels a bit forced. I think I felt I was boring as a classic and this concept of beautiful is definitely a stumbling block! But as you say, I keep coming back to the fact that I seem very symmetrical and balanced. Also, look really dreadful in opaque dark tights-LOL. I can get frumpy really quickly. I'm glad you've enjoyed my blogs. Thanks again for leaving a comment. :-)

  5. Will miss your blog, insight and art. Your journey with ME/CFS is much like mine and I found comfort in your voice on your blog sharing the trials and tribulations of this life changing illness. You didn’t wallow in misery, however you faced it with dignity and shared that there were days that it was okay to be bedridden and listen to your body. Thank you for your stories and your fashion journey. It has been more instrumental than you will ever know. Best wishes for you as you tackle your next journey.

    1. Thank you Audra, this has really touched me and I am so glad I was able to contribute and help in some small way. A comment like this, seemingly from out of the blue can make me want to keep going with the blog sometimes but I mostly feel like I am now shouting repetitively into the void. I don't know that I have anything new to say, I don't feel interesting or inspiring. I'm sorry you too have to live with CFS/ME but I hope that you can find and experience the small joys in life and not let the illness define you. It's a constant struggle to not let that happen and yet also acknowledge the ways it does impact your life and to make it clear to others that you do have limits and it's not just all in your mind. I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey too.


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