Sunday, 1 October 2017

True Spring or Light Spring?

So, I thought I was an Autumn but I have been mainly living as a Spring for the past several months.  Finding the autumn colours a bit dark and attempting to lighten up, I accidentally wandered into the Spring palette.  I had been frightened of the Spring palette in theory, knowing that colours could be potentially too bright and saturated for me, I assumed that the True Spring palette would be this way.

Exploring True Spring

These colours don't look scarily bright to me, or overwhelming, they are colours I am attracted to.   I can really see the clear, juicy effect of the many citrus colours here, the bright blues of sky and water, the golden browns are plentiful to appease my love of brown.  I am fairly certain my own colouring is equal to this level of saturation and clarity and note that I currently own and have previously owned many items in these colours.

The greys are warm and warm greys are not something I have much experience with, not do they seem as available but I am interested in looking out for them.

No, I have not been draped officially and while it is something I would hope to experience one day and I may be shown how I am wrong in my conclusions,  for now this is all I can do. I can wear the colours I like, which is mainly warm ones,  and attempt to determine which of them are best by looking for commonalities. 

It was in noticing how well flattered I am by a clear peach or coral colour, and a certain type of blue, bright, not yet turquoise, that lead me to realise these colours were warm but not True Autumn warm.  They are Spring.  So is my one orange shirt and the ivory coloured blouses.  While my hair colour may have thrown me off, I began to realise that my eyes are very Spring, though finding examples and descriptions online is a bit tricky and eyes are not a determining factor but more of a supporting one.  My hair is darker than that of the dyed blonde or strawberry celebrity examples of Spring but probably similar to the natural colour of many of them.

I wanted to take some photos to see myself in some colours I'd not worn in a long time or perhaps ever, as is the case with the yellow.

The lighting was pretty good, which never lasts, so although my hair wasn't even yet dry and I  didn't remember to smile, I took a few selfies with some colours I am currently in love with and which I also think belong to this Spring palette.  They don't have to be an exact match, just a good fit.

I have worn a lot of green in my life.  Always most attracted to yellow-greens of varying darkness.  I remember buying this scarf.  There were many beautiful colours and I wanted several but restricted myself to just one and my heart said, green.  It was clearly a yellow-green seen amongst all of the other colours and yellow greens like this have always made my heart sing.

No matter how many times I tried, I never managed to wrap this shirt around my shoulders enough to cover that bit of my shoulder where the tee shirt shows except once and that photo was out of focus.  This is Jim's other yellow tee shirt.  It's probably a True Spring colour whereas the other I showed a few posts back is brighter and possibly darker.  This clear medium yellow seems to be making a connection with my natural colouring.


Both the yellow and green look absolutely right with the coral tee shirt I am wearing.

I am now madly keen to own something in this yellow, though I doubt I will find anything over the winter months.  Clothing manufacturers do attach colour palettes to seasonal merchandise and in addition to that cool and bright colours paired with black is very popular so if there is a downside to belonging in this palette it could be the difficulty in finding the colours year round. 

However bright or dull a colour looks on it's own or in comparison to others when it is on the person whose colouring it matches it looks just right and in balance.  Soft season people do not look dull in their soft colours, they look softly radiant.  Bright season people look radiant and balanced in their colours too.  It has taken me awhile, a lot of trial and error and a lot of looking at images of people who have been draped by PCA to see just what balance looks like.

At this point the True Spring colours look best though I've not absolutely ruled out Light Spring. My experience tells me I can wear darker colours than Light Springs do and that there is some coolness in that palette that doesn't quite work for me.  A Light Spring's first and most important property is lightness in the colour palette followed by warmth.  I still think my first one is warmth.  I don't imagine myself looking stunning in an outfit entirely in shades of cream and sand colours and pastel colours.  I have a light blue summer top that looks like Light Spring and I think it's a bit blah on me.  I keep intending to dye it something brighter.

 Examining Light Spring

So of course I had to explore this in my way, knowing all the time that only draping is the final word, trying to think my way through it anyhow.


Is Light Spring plausible for me?  This is a neutral leaning warm season, and I'm quite doubtful about pink and true red.  Peach and coral are much better and even though I see some pale peach here I think it's less dominant than bright pinks.   This is a person who might be mistaken for a summer just by looking at her, which I don't think happens with me.  I also know that many lipsticks probably good for Light Spring read as too light on me and look odd, a bit chalky or frosty if it's too cool and just erased lips if it's warm like my skin tone.

I've made this mistake a few times, buying cheap lippies I didn't test first just because the tube colour looked good and the darker or brighter colours scared me.  I'm looking at you Revlon Super Lustrous Demure and even Coralberry, often suggested on Pinterest as a True Spring colour.  

There is definitely such a thing as too light for me as well as too dark.  Lipstick choices are more personal since the natural pigments of our lips vary and affect the outcome. 

Light Spring can certainly have dark hair, as shown here.  The article notes that her real hair colour is more ash than it appears in the photo. With darker hair she balances a deeper lipstick well though I notice it's quite sheer.  I don't see obvious warmth here.  This is a neutral season and this gorgeous woman looks neutral to me.  Some Light Springs might look warmer, more golden, leaning closer to the True Spring palette.  I know from experience that these colours below are rather yucky on me and not stunning as they are on her.


While some Light Spring colours get darker, there is very much a sherbet, pastel-mint candy feel to it and it seems quite a bit like True or Light Summer.

Here are some Light Spring images taken from a themed Pinterest Board.  Here.  They make me think of sherbet of Easter eggs in a basket of plastic grass, and candy.


Next to these colours I begin to look earthy like the Autumn I thought I was.  I can imagine Light Spring makeup colours would looks as much like candy smeared on my face as the Summer makeup does and the pink next to my face would make it look sort of muddy.


But I think not Autumn.  It's easy to look at the Autumn colours and see them with my hair, but it's the skin tone they need to harmonise with, not the hair.  And in practice, when I wore the mid to dark colours of the Autumn palette I had a strong urge to lighten up, no matter what the weather or the season outside.

According to Truth is Beauty, a Light Spring will look good in a light khaki colour and I am sure something like the one shown in that post looks quite blah on me.  You can see this colour around 4 o'clock on the circular colour fan above.  True Springs can wear an olive/kahki/army green sort of colour worked into a whole outfit of mixed colour and all the more so if it has obvious yellow tones.  I have a jacket like that which I once thought might be a Soft Autumn colour.  I now know it's too yellow and not greyed enough to be Soft Autumn.  Once again an example of my unknowingly choosing a True Spring colour for myself, I think. 

I still think True Spring is the best of the Springs and probably better than True Autumn. 

One Last Thing...

If you think this post was long, trust me I cut it in half. I tend to start explaining everything I know about all of the colour systems I've explored online and my personal opinions of them.  I definitely have opinions.  There are good colour analysts and bad ones, good systems and poor ones, just as there is for anything.  There are lots of style and image consultants online promoting their system and I have criticism for some of them which I tend to insert into blog posts and then delete.  There are others giving a simplified explanation of the seasonal categories and misrepresenting them.  In a nutshell, it is my opinion that some are too simplified and others have added too many too similar palettes to make a larger set of categories.  My bigger beef is with the simplified ones but I sense there is a market for that, just as I am getting the idea that some people just don't see all the nuances of colour that exist. 


  1. Really telling. That yellow of Jim's is much better than the other one. Looking at that photo I am amazed you spent so many years running from yellow! It sings!
    I too love Spring Green as I call it. I am usually attracted to it in Spring, but not so much this year. But I would like some more greens, especially olive/khaki which suits me quite well.
    Happy yellow hunting! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I guess I never hit on the right yellow and got scared away. Now I have to refrain from cutting up Jim's tee shirt and carrying a bit around with me so I can match it. Good luck in your green hunt. I love olive/khaki too. It's a great neutral for summer shorts. The cool weather clothing coming into the local shops now looks mostly very cool coloured. I think your versions of pink paired with khaki/olive would look great. Happy Spring! xoxo


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