Friday, 24 November 2017

Possible New Blog

 A new blog is a strong likelihood and I am testing it out. 

As I suspected, it is likely that I am beginning a new blog.  This one feels done and I needed to find out if I wanted a break, an end or a fresh start.  There are things I would like to do differently but in the end I am always the same old me. 

If and when I make one, and I am working on that now, I will post the link here.  If you have followed this blog you may or may not enjoy the new one.  I cannot help but be myself though in some ways I have also held back on this blog and I need to change that.  This blog was very much focused on self-exploration.  A significant life change, a bit of a lost feeling, many new doors to open, all lead to this exploration and then I reached a place that feels mostly settled.  Not that life isn't about change.  It unavoidably is.

I may indeed repeat myself at times though I hope not to be too repetitive.  I am still me, with the same interest, opinions and writing style.  I've got no desire to post selfies or outfit of the day posts, and want to write with more of a consistent focus on lifestyle, continuing to include the fact that I live with chronic illness, am passionate about colour, love to explore systems, read, write and paint, cook and eat low carbohydrate, gluten free meals, evolve in my personal style, home decor and relationship with my partner.

I am also a strong atheist, pro-science and anti-pseudo-science, an introvert who at times loves people and at times loathes them,  a lover of psychology and philosophy, particularly Buddhist philosophy but NOT Buddhist religion, and somehow intrigued by the minimalist lifestyle movement even if upon entering my home you would not see any obvious minimalism there.

There is a possibility that I will eventually delete The Director of Awesome blog.  I really dislike how frequently I encounter my own face in a Google search due to all of the selfies posted here.  I naively had not realised that would happen when I began this blog.

Perhaps some readers from this blog will join me on a new one and perhaps not.  I just know that I still need to write, and writing tends to seek an audience to give it focus.  Perhaps I am just one of many egos all wrapped up in my own ideas and words, but there it is.  I have a new blog name so I suppose that's a good indicator that the new blog is likely.

I don't expect anyone who read and commented on this one to show up at the new one.  I'd hate anyone to feel obligated.  But if you do you will certainly be welcomed and appreciated.

Best Wishes,

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  1. Hey Shawna ... I will definitely show up at your new blog. It is awesome to keep in touch with you and see what is happening in your life ... No explanations needed about what you are going to do on your new blog ... Just write!!!!!

    Have a stunning weekend!!!


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